Motorola: XOOM to Have Unlockable/Relockable Bootloader


Motorola said they’d be trying to meet developers half way when it comes to encrypted bootloaders on their devices. Many interpreted this to mean that most or all of their future devices would be encryption free: this moderator at Motorola’s support forums says to not assume that and to wait for official word from Motorola as any announcements will be device specific.

Today, though, they’ve tweeted that the Motorola XOOM will indeed be hackable as it’ll employ a lockable/unlockable bootloader that’ll allow developers to access the hardware however they want.

We all assumed this would be the case considering it’s stock Android 3.0, but now there’s no question. And while I’m sure this wasn’t what you folks had in mind in your initial uproars regarding Motorola’s encryption practices (we’re sure you were talking about their MOTOBLUR phones), it’s definitely something. Let’s see what else they’ll hit us with as the weeks and months move on. [Thanks Trident, Adam!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wish they would do this on their phones also. if they did this on the Bionic I would def get it as it seems like a great phone just dont want to be stuck with a locked bootloader

  2. Why not the Atrix? Good move on MOTO’s part though.

  3. I agree with Chris. Moto if you do this for the Bionic, I will gladly be a repeat customer.

  4. ….although, just put Pete’s Gingerbread stock build GPA12 on my OG Droid and it’s never run better…WOW!!

  5. Awesome news Moto! Now give me a wifi-only version ASAP please!!

  6. now if only the atrix was like this then i would be all over it

  7. So maybe the bionic? Didn’t I read that the Bionic was stock Android? Wouldn’t that be a slap to At&t; take the iFail, then one up the Atrix? Should have been called the btrix or At&tricks. Is 1 gig of RAM really that important?

  8. any signs of supported video and music formats. Specifically MKV???

  9. I’m… completely surprised by this. Good job Motorola. At least you got something right about this tablet’s launch.

  10. My fear is a repeat of the OG Droid and subsequent phones. OG Droid is open and the rest were locked. Hope this trend doesn’t follow Moto’s Tablets.

  11. What exactly does unlockable/lockable mean? Does it mean the bootloader is unlocked and then locked again? How does this work in the real world?

  12. And yet they still won’t tell anyone where the US WiFi only XOOM is.

  13. @ Dave. I would guess it means that when you purchase the hardware it will be locked, and you will have to pay a fee for the unlocking of the bootloader. Just my guess.

  14. @Dave, with the Nexus One it was locked but you just had to enter bootloader mode and type:

    fastboot oem unlock

  15. Isn’t the Xoom a Google experience device? I think that’s the only reason this is happening. If it were up to Motorola, I can’t help but think that it would be locked.

  16. As was mentioned by david, as a google development device it will have fastboot oem unlock and fastboot oem lock. Motorola will continue with its current shitty bootloaders on everything else lol. HTC FTW.

  17. Amen #15

  18. This actually has me reconsidering getting one…

  19. So Xoom is going to be high secured phone ?

  20. @sef You read incorrectly. It’s not stock Android. It’s some new version of Blur.

  21. Seriously, Moto deserves ZERO praise for “unlocking” an $800 device that YOU own. Do we give bonuses to people for showing up to work on time? No, because that would be utterly moronic – just like giving kudos to Moto for allowing you to do what you want with YOUR device.

  22. at least we’ll have flash on launch then

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