Feb 17th, 2011

The pricing of the Motorola XOOM wasn’t the only news CEO Sanjay Jha dropped while at Mobile World Congress. According to a quote from Guardian UK, Jha also let it slip that Google Music would launch concurrently with Honeycomb. Considering Honeycomb is launching on the XOOM, and the XOOM is launching at the end of this month, does this mean we will finally have the cloud-based music service we were teased with at last year’s Google I/O? We sure hope so.

Reports surfaced via Billboard confirming Andy Rubin’s involvement in the project as of late, with record label inside sources saying he has been personally approaching major music outlets to sell them on the benefits of Google Music. This service would function as a direct contender to iTunes, and has been influenced by the acquisition of Simplify Media last year and their  work in cross-platform music sharing.

Google Music could be many things, from a simple online webstore with the ability to install direct to device a la the new Android Market webstore to a cloud storage service that brings your existing music library to any device wherever you are. More likely, it will be some combination of the two.

The whole thing hinges on record labels getting behind the project, and it seems they have been hesitant thus far. But if Jha’s revelation that Google Music is just around the bend is true, it means all the pieces are finally falling into place.

[via guardian.co.uk]