In Light of XOOM Release, Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Only $300 On Contract at Verizon


The release of the Motorola XOOM is going to have a major effect on the Android tablet market. Sub-par offerings just won’t cut it anymore, especially at prices beyond what most are will to pay. This is not to say the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a bad choice for a tablet, but its new $300 on-contract price tag at Verizon should help keep it afloat a bit longer as Android slate interest peaks.

As you may recall, this is the first time Verizon is offering the Galaxy Tab on a long-term contract, but a lower price tag is necessary. For the original $500 dollar price, the Tab wouldn’t gain much traction next to the $600 XOOM. Still, if you are content on buying a Galaxy Tab, we’d say wait for the 10.1 model. Honeycomb makes an Android 2.2 tablet look antiquated.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Is anyone else having issues with phandroid feed not updating with google reader? This happens with both Android version as well as on the browser. Last post I see is the one from two days ago with title “AT&T no longer selling phones through several third part channels….”.

  2. @SP
    I am experiencing that problem as well.

  3. @SP – same here

  4. Same here, after a few days of wondering if there really was no android related news, I came here directly and found out that Google Reader isn’t updating this feed.

  5. It’s $299.97 at Costco, no contract required.

  6. @Wireless Fool

    It seems to be pulled from Costco/MembershipWireless website for now. The Costco site shows no price, and no tablets are available on their partner site (Membership Wireless) that it links to.

  7. @Joshua most stores sold out of them as a requirement to get the Xoom shipped to us. My store is a newer store and it is still fairly slow for us business wise so we still have 8 available. Most locations in my district are sold out.

  8. I still really like the Galaxy Tablet, I think it’s great. I tried a Xoom out today and actually didn’t like it as much (even though I have the money and I love new tech). It’s way heavier to hold on to and just feels like more “work” to use in that I have to use both hands more often. With the Galaxy tab one-handed operation is a cinch.


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