Silver Motorola XOOM Spotted, Wi-Fi and GSM Versions Confirmed [VIDEO]


Motorola’s got a silver version of the XOOM tablet out in the wild, it looks like. If all black isn’t your thing, it’s another option that may end up on store shelves alongside the device’s WiFi-only release, which the gentlemen in the video confirms will happen.

He also confirms that a 3G version that uses GSM technology is in the works, so folks on carriers other than Verizon and folks in Europe can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to at least import the device and use it on your network of choice. He gives us a tour of the silver version, but other than its color, it’s nothing we haven’t already seen. Video is above.  [tBreak via Engadget] [Thanks, Jdog!]

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  1. A week about a month ago said the xoom would come in 4 different color options

  2. Look I could make a retard first comment! Lol. Anyhey this sounds really coolish

  3. Leak about a month ago, not “a week about a month ago”.

  4. I hope they make one in periwinkle.
    I’m just glad they appear to be making a wifi only version.

  5. A 3g version and a wifi version? Zomg fragmentation.

  6. Where are all the cry babies now?

  7. Enough with the teasers… just tell us when we can get it, what our options are going to be, and how much it will set us back. How long are they really going to drag this out?

  8. How credible is this video? Anyone can say it. Doesn’t make it confirmed. Would be nice if true though.

    Also, Mensah, you obviously can’t :p Second would be more appropriate.

  9. I have iPhone and I will buy Xoom on the day of its launch. It looks so sexy!

  10. I don’t think some guy in the desert claiming something, is quite equivalent to being “confirmed”.

  11. I am going to buy one for myself and one for my brother and one for my boyfriend. Also going to buy the new motorola Atrix phone. Can’t wait.

  12. Glad there’s going to be a wifi only version, but the more I see of this device, the more I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong – I love Honeycomb and I’m confident that I’m going to be getting a Honeycomb tablet, but I don’t think this will be it. I really don’t like how small the bezel is. The iPad’s bezel is wide, but it’s just the right amount of space for my fingers to hold it without covering the screen. One thing I hate is how this device practically begs you to use it in landscape. The logos on the bezel, along with the FFC, make it look awkward if it’s not in landscape mode, not to mention your hands will be covering the FFC. The volume rocker again begs you to use it in landscape. The headphone jack, I feel, is in the worst possible place. IT’s smack dab in the middle of the top. With my iPad, the headphone jack is in the corner in portrait mode, and if I put it in landscape, it’s just resting on the side, under or over my hand, which I like. If you’re trying to watch a movie with the headphone jack in that location, the wire’s either going to be dangling down the front of the screen (which seems like the only option if it’s in a portfolio case resting on a table) or you’re going to have to swing it around the back, which is going to compromise cord length, especially if you’re resting the device in a case and watching something leaning back in a chair. Not to mention trying listen to headphones while holding it portrait mode, which you actually couldn’t do because the headphone jack is right where your hand would be. The last thing that I can’t stand is the power button on the back of the device. Why would they put it on the back? If it’s lying down, you’ll have to lift it up and feel around on the back to turn it on. My with my iPad, I either hit the power button on the top or the home button on the front, and neither of those positions requires me to move the device at all. I really hope the G-Slate has a reasonable price or that HTC shows something a MWC, because I wouldn’t pay that much money for something so poorly designed.

  13. I might have an iPad, but I want this tablet more than I wanted anything else in a long time. This tablet will crush this iPad I have with things like front and rear cameras and the ability to play flash player vids (which is the biggest drag of this iPad). Don’t get me wrong, this iPad does most of the things I need it for well, but it is obvious that it is missing some things that I still want in a tablet. I want the xoom sooooooo bad.

  14. I really want to buy a XOOM. I just wish Motorola would stop putting up roadblocks between them and my money. If the 3Gv XOOM had been a much more reasonable $650 I would have been there minute 1. I know it’s only like a hundred dollar difference, but I look at $799 and think no way I’m willing to pay that. I just hope the wifi one has a decent price…$499 seems fair to me for the wifi model.

  15. @presto: color me impressed. Good points.

  16. @presto

    Your entire comment is basically the same, tired, oft-repeated assertion that if it’s not like the then it’s not good or “wrong”.
    -The Bezzle on the iPad is too large in many people’s opinion. Mine included. The Xoom is a noticeably smaller device than the iPad, yet yields a larger screen. Too me, that is a good thing.
    -Landscape makes sense in plenty of scenarios on a tablet. Especially on the most important tablet app (IMO); The Browser (With tabs!). The reason the iPad is mostly portrait is not because it’s necessarily better or correct, but because it’s iOS. People are just used to it from the iPhone/iPod. Honeycomb is very much rethought for the tablet, and I believe they are correct to make the default position landscape. If you disagree, just turn it 90 degrees. Fixed.
    -Your criticism of the power switch location I happen to agree with.
    -I also see your point about the headphone jack, though honestly, it barely registers as a nit-pick IMO. Headphone wires are always in the way on devices like this.
    iPad was first and you are clearly (and understandably) biased toward it’s use pattern. Though again, the OS was designed first for a phone/one handed use case. HC is made for tablets.
    My advice? Think different.

  17. *…if it’s not like the “insert Apple Product here”…
    .Apparently comments don’t allow the “”?

  18. @Bizzlee9

    – I stand by my point on the bezel of the iPad and the Xoom. I’ve seen pictures of people using the Xoom and their thumbs are either covering the part of the screen or their thumb is practically dangling off the edge of the device. The second I picked up an iPad for the first time I took back everything I said about the bezel, because I originally thought it was too large, but it’s, in fact, necessary. The G-Slate has a wider bezel for what I’m guessing are the same reasons the iPad has a wide bezel: It’s practical.

    – Many, if not all of my iPad apps look and work much, much better in landscape mode. I just prefer to use the device in landscape if I’m reading a website (like Phandroid), a comic book, or drawing. Portrait is also more comfortable for me to use when I’m standing because I can hold it easily with one hand. I have no problems with the way Honeycomb was designed, just the way the Xoom was designed. I can use Honeycomb fine in portrait (I’m assuming based off of videos and pictures), but all my points still stand as for why I don’t like the design of the Xoom, portrait wise.

    – My headphone jack comment, for me, is still a major problem. I use headphones all the time on my iPad, and no matter if I’m holding it in landscape, portrait, or if it’s propped up in either orientation on a table, the headphone cables have never gotten in the way because of the location of the jack. The headphone jack on the Xoom seems like it will always get in the way no matter what. On the G-Slate, the headphone jack may be in the center of the top (while in portrait mode), but at least the headphone cables won’t get in the way of viewing/user experience while being propped up in landscape mode to watch a movie.

    – I’m not impartial in any way to iOS. I own a Galaxy S (rooted running Gingerbread, which I couldn’t love anymore) I think iOS is sufficient for a tablet, but what really makes it, for me, are the apps it runs. iOS by itself on the device is boring. Honeycomb, on the other hand, is a fantastic OS for tablets all by itself. Everything it does impresses me and gets me excited. Now that Android is the second most popular phone OS in the world, I’m confident all the apps I use will eventually come, and like I said, I use my device in landscape constantly, but when I don’t want to, then I use portrait. The only problems I have are with this specific device itself. A lot of the design problems I listed seem to be fixed with the G-Slate, but Motorola would (understandably) be a company I would trust more with build quality and support because I have zero experience with LG and how they treat Android.

  19. 200 words to say you like the ipad more. In two separate posts. Wrong site for you.

  20. @Presto

    You and I disagree on the bezzle size. That’s fine. I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, only that it’s not a universal, incontestable fact that the iPad’s bezzle size is “necessary”. Again, I think the iPad’s bezzle makes it look and feel silly. Another thing, given how the Xoom has a button-less design with the navigation “buttons” always on the bottom left, more bezzle means more travel for your thumb. I think minimizing this repetitive travel distance was an intentional design choice.
    The headphone issue seems like a problem for you. Ok. It isn’t for me and I’d guess it isn’t for many others. (I can’t imagine even using headphones with a tablet often to be honest). However, I think even this is predicated on your bias/preference for using portrait apps. Why not just use the Xoom in landscape as intended and route your wire behind the tablet? (and I believe this is Google’s intention, not just Motorola)
    I think Google designed Honeycomb to be landscape-centric. I think they want the experience to be more like a desktop and less like a phone. (This is the right call IMO.) That’s why the camera and headphone jack is where they are. The volume rockers, speakers and rear facing camera too.
    You seem to think or hope that these decisions are from Motorola. Well perhaps, but I don’t think so. Remember, this is Google’s reference platform for Honeycomb. This is what they designed it with. Also, look at the software. All of their core apps (GMail, Browser, Youtube, Maps, etc) are made to take advantage of landscape “fragments”. My point is, I’m not convinced that the issues you lament will be limited to the Xoom.
    I hope you find what you’re looking for. :)

  21. Who the F*ck do they let play with these Xooms? This guy is a retard, i’m sorry. U gave me a sweet device like that i’m gonna make a good video, shit my grandma could do better.

  22. The tablet can be rotated 360 degrees. There is no problem with the headphone jack – just rotate the tablet 180 degrees so it’s on the bottom.

  23. So some dude in the video (who nobody knows who he is) says wifi only is coming and Phandroid calls this confirmation? IMHO, it ain’t confirmed until it’s on Motorola’s or Verizon’s website.

  24. @Nlsme Way to go dude, your first comment in a article that has nothing to do with VZW. Welcome to the rest on

  25. Yeah jdog, I tend not to go into threads that have nothing to do with me. Nor do I like to pull shit out my ass and claim to be right 90% of the time. Unlike one person in particular.

  26. Yay your second comment, your on a roll today. Someone is a big boy now. Now I can’t wait to see [Thanks, Nlsme!] at the bottom of Phandroid articles.

  27. I have yet to see “thanks jdog” at the bottom of phandroid articles.

  28. Ohh wait, this one. That has been pointed out is weak comfirmation.

  29. Scroll up buddy. There are more than one since I am not a noob to this website, I have been commenting for 2 1/2 years to be exact. Oh I get it you comment before you read the article, now it makes perfect sense. Those Xoom ones the other day also said Thanks, jdog at the bottom. I know what your thinking “OMG he sent in a VZW related tip”, your welcome for my contribution to this website.

  30. Your contribution? Some guy who doesnt work for moto is hardly anybody I care about. It is much confirmation as your claim it will be nexus branded. Plus, it says Verizon on it. Plus, it is from Dubai. Your contribution is something phandroid should have never published. Yeah, you showed them another website. GJ there. Big pat on the back, and an “atta boy” going straight to you.

  31. LMFAO, provide just one link where Phandroid thanked you for contributing to their website otherwise you are just a troll like I have said many times. Even if you don’t think you are you fit the description perfectly.

  32. Why, because I’m not impressed? And if you don’t realize, you posted a comment directed at me. If anything, YOU should have kept YOUR mouth shut. Instead, my favorite idiot just had to say something. You are a sad, sad kid.

  33. Nlsme won :P

  34. hey samsung, take notes! this is how you make an android tablet! =]

  35. jdog25 TROLLS FOR NIsme. We see it everywhere. Me thinks he has a crush on you, NIsme. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  36. @Colonel Mustard Its called trollin a troll. Since I can’t make a comment without that retard having something to say about it. All he or she does is go on Verizon related articles and begins to troll me and other people mocking them and then he gives no reason why.

  37. @Colonel Mustard This actually started just because I “suggested” that it was possible that Google might want Motorola to sell the Xoom WiFi only version as a Nexus branded device. Just so that developers wouldn’t have to worry about any slow downs in OS updates. Someone got extremely butt hurt and now I have a damn stalker.

  38. I didnt say anything to you. And the threads you are talking about, I stated what I pay, because everyone was talking about how expensive vz is. Well, I have 5 vz phones for 204 a month. People also like to say vz sucks. But, you tmobile fanboys always fail yo mention, there are 140 million people that tmobile doesnt reach. If you look up the definition of a troll, you fit it better.

  39. Your the one who claimed to be right 90% of the time. And, yoou claimed a wifi only xoom”would be nexus branded”, not “could” be. Now, how many nexus devices are wifi “only”. I pointed out you were pulling shit out your ass, and since that thread, EVERY TIME I post in a thread, you have some immature comment. Just like above. I think you got butthurt, and now I have a stalker.

  40. @Nlsme Wow just wow “yoou” got some serious issues my friend. How is it that second after I post a comment to someone else you have already begun to troll me for the day? Do you constantly hit the refresh button all night long just to see if I’m going to respond? I don’t care what you pay because for “me” Verizon does suck in my “area” and yes T-mobile is the better choice here. Yes I did explain about my Nexus Tablet “theory” after you said it was impossible. If you like Verizon then ok I’m happy for you because if they had the best service in my area then I would also be on Verizon. Currently I wouldn’t switch because they don’t have the phone I want, the coverage, speed and I save $600 a year on T-mobile compared to the same plan on Verizon. How about for now on I will admit that I was wrong about the Xoom being the Nexus Tablet (which already did)? Like I said before you don’t if I am right or wrong 90% of the time, I wasn’t born yesterday and if you knew me personally you would not argue with me about that. Well 90% about technology, actually you are one of dozens of people including my friends and family who all try to prove me wrong constantly you I’m used to it. I already know that this means nothing so continue doing what you do.

  41. Xoom is clearly the best tablet computer to buy.

    I want its 4G version. Thank you, Motorola, it’s what we were waiting for.

  42. Xoom is clearly the best tablet computer to buy.

    I want its 4G version. Thank you, Motorola, it’s what we were waiting for. Perfect screen, perfect specs, perfect design.

  43. Xoom is clearly the best tablet computer to buy.

    I want its 4G version. Thank you, Motorola, it’s what we were waiting for.

    Perfect screen, perfect specs, perfect design.

  44. Whats that? Responding to you?

  45. Xoom is clearly the best tablet computer to buy. I want its 4G version. Perfect screen, perfect specs, perfect design.

  46. yes, wifi version, now we just need pricing

  47. @Bizzle9

    – The less travel room for the thumbs is actually a pretty good point. I never considered that.

    – Like I said before, I use my iPad very often in landscape mode, and I only watch movies in landscape mode. My problem with snaking the cord around the back is that it would give me a lot less cord length and this would be harder to do if the Xoom is in the portfolio case that Motorola makes for it. It just doesn’t seem ideal for me when I’m watching a movie on a plane with my tablet propped up in a case on the fold-out tray.

    – I have no problems with Honeycomb being designed with landscape in mind, but I have a problem with a device looking awkward in other orientations. The back camera is perfectly understandable to me. The thing that always grinds my gears is when people wi smart phones record Videos in portrait mode. Forcing the camera into a more central location on the back of the device will hopefully force people to actually record in landscape, which is a good thing. On the G-Slate, the FFC is in the corner of the bezel, much like the back camera of a phone, so the camera is impartial to whichever orientation you choose, and I really like that.

    – A lot of the iPad apps I use are designed to be more efficient and accessible in landscape, and like I said, I use landscape quite often, but not all the time. I feel like most of my design problems with the Xoom are solved in the G-Slate, but like I said, I would feel more comfortable owning an Android device manufactured my Motorola.

  48. @Presto
    I see your point with the headphone jack/portfolio case. I am inclined to agree that the jack’s location is not optimal; especially for that case. I guess it’s just not an issue for me as I’m primarily interested in a “Couch Tablet” for browsing, etc. Still, I’d much prefer the larger screen real estate that the Xoom offers over the G-Slate. Also, I think 3D is a bit gimmicky at this point.

  49. LOVE the small bezel. I don’t have fat fingers and hate devices that waste space. If it were up to me I’d have the screen run all the way to the edge. Yes, you have to hold it somewhere…but I’m sure some programmer could come up with an app that toggles on/off the sensitivity of the screen’s edge so you don’t activate things by accident.

    But I do agree that the headphone jack placement is just retarded.

  50. Like this thing seems great for like 200-400 bucks… i’m loving android but on tablets its like running a nerfed operating system with touchscreen support. I really am excited about the xoom but its too pricey to be anything but an enthusiasts item. not mainstream at all

    Goddamn it i missed the troll wars
    Trololololo 0000h
    billy bee, honey tree, honey comb, ba ah ah ah

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