Twitter 2.0 Now Available for Download


It was previewed this morning, but now the real deal is here. Twitter has been updated to version 2.0 in the Android Market. The new release brings along speed optimizations and a revamped UI, making it a better experience than ever. If you already have Twitter expect an update prompt, or simply navigate to the Android Market and download it now.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. …yet, still no multiple account functionality.

  2. love it! especially the pull down function to refresh tweets

  3. Twitter is for pussies.

  4. i am a Android fan, they should do the same thing with Facebook because Android Fb app is sucks compare to Rim and Iphone

  5. It has a pretty big bug: tweets from users w/ private profiles are not appearing in lists.

  6. Meh, still doesn’t remember timeline position. I’d definitely switch if it had that. The new UI is great.

  7. And now that the Market’s on the Web, you can just put the app’s URL in, for Twitter that’s


  8. If contact sync for the droid1 isn’t fixed, then they wasted their time.

  9. what’s wirhbthe lack of color? faded grey? ..ack.

  10. still prefer TweetDeck

  11. I second dat facebook app request twitter’s new update is great I have no problems yet

    HTC Evo

  12. Sorry but this app is made by iPhone fanboys. If I wanted iPhone UI conventions I’d have an iPhone. Seemsic for Android is far superior.

  13. Well seeing as TweetDeck is still half the size, supports multiple social sites, and looks better, I’ll stick with that.
    Why can’t Twitter make a good app?
    Why can’t Facebook make a good app?

  14. Still prefer Plume to this.

  15. Hootsuite kills all

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