LauncherPro Update Arrives with New Screen Transitions, GMail Widget in the Works


A little birdy just told us that a new update to LauncherPro has gone live in the Android Market, bringing right along with it some new fancy-pants screen transition animations in the same vein as ADW Launcher EX. There are four transitions effects to choose from currently, including Scale, Rotate, Flip, and Cube, with more to come in future updates.

The LauncherPro guys are also hinting at some things to come, including an update for LauncherPro Plus users possibly dropping next week and a new GMail widget. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned.

For those of you new to LauncherPro or just trying to figure out what all the fuss is about, you may find it worthwhile to check out AndroidForum’s user Eris Ed’s LauncherPro FAQ. It is pretty extensive and should answer all of your questions.

[via LauncherPro | thanks, JDog!]

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  1. Yessssssssssssssssss

  2. I don’t know which transition I like the best. They’re all awesome!

  3. Just about to try it now. I’m actually excited, in a geeky sort of way. But I have to download the damn thing over 1xTT. Argh

  4. I’m a huge fan of rotate and scale, but scale it is. Too awesome.

  5. I love it, as a pro user, can’t wait for widget update next week. I love the pro widgets, so much smoother than anything else out there.

  6. I’m rocking the cube effect right now, love it! I was really close to getting adw ex last night to get the transitions…glad I didnt

  7. I like the changes, now to decide which one I like
    (Scale, Rotate, Flip, and Cube,)

  8. I was worried the transitions might be slow but fear not they are silky smooth. Nicely done.

  9. Nice,
    Just wish theming and a transparent app drawer would come along soon.

  10. Gmail widget will be nice. But I’m desperate for a Mail (i.e. my work exchange mail) widget, like the HTC Sense one.

  11. Aahh, the best got even better!! Love eyecandy like this…a real show-off!

    Glad I paid for this long time ago! Really pays off to support good developers!!

  12. my homescreen transitions aren’t working… just scrolling as normal, no difference betweek Cube, Scale, Rotate, Flip, etc! any ideas??

  13. Two words… OS UM!!!!!!!!

    I love the new transitions, now I feel this app is worth paying for, you got my money today Carnales!

  14. i was hoping this was the new rebuilt version. wonder how that is coming along.

  15. @ImRuss247 don’t be afraid to contact the dev :)

  16. @danboy: Wasn’t the last update the rebuilt version? That was my impression, but maybe I’m wrong.

  17. Update just been release.

  18. @ImRuss247: I didn’t really notice much of a difference at first. Then I paused between two screens and saw the difference. Take it a little slower and you’ll notice a difference. Or do what ChaosKiller said and contact the developer.

    I’m glad I bought LPP. Fredrico really puts the OEM launchers to shame.

  19. Having got used to the transparent widgets from XDA I can’t bring myself to update to this until the themed version is released :P

  20. I love the new homescreen transition effects :D

  21. I’m in the small minority that still didn’t use this until it has a 3d Landscape drawer. Adw ex for me.

  22. Is the screen transitions the only new feature? I don’t want to give up my theme’s LP just for that.

  23. FYI – The transitions are pretty neat. **Note though… I didn’t think so at first. If you have ‘Elastic scrolling’ enabled in the advanced options, you will most likely want to disable that. By itself elastic scrolling was great, almost an animation in and of itself, but I don’t really think it plays well with the new transitions.

    So, if you didn’t like the transitions check to see if you have that enabled and give it another go

  24. AWESOME! Love it!

  25. Really cool app. Been using it for a few months with no complaints.

  26. I want to download LauncherPro and try it out, but the application permissions (which I don’t normally pay attention to) are a little out there for my taste.

    They want access to: “Services that cost you money, directly call phone numbers,” and “edit SMS or MMS, read Gmail,” and “modify/delete SD card contents,” and “read contact data, read calendar events, write browser history.” I think these are somewhat intrusive.

    Does anyone worry about this stuff? Or do you just download it and say “forget about it?”

  27. Used launcher pro in the past, but for some reason it would freeze my folders, kinda prefer adw now, mytouch 4

  28. @ant: try the touchdown exchange mail client. its is worth the $. try for free for 30 days. I love it. it even protects my personal contacts from the “wipe” command that exchange can send!
    the default android mail client wipes the whole phone. I have a very upset so worker who found that out the hard way. (yes, you can wipe the whole phone still it you have to. its just a separate command)

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