Fancy Some R2 Droid 2 Live Wallpapers?


A Verizon leak wouldn’t be a Verizon leak without some cool live wallpapers and boot animations. That boot animation part was already taken care of earlier this morning, but if you want something that’ll last a bit longer (and will do just as well to feed your addiction to R2D2), then you’ll want to check out these live wallpapers that have been ripped right from the hands of one of the R2D2 special editions of the Motorola Droid 2.

Jump To Light Speed (Download):

Millennium Falcon Asteroid Field (Download):

Those are just a couple to get you started, but the rest can be had from today’s benefactor, Android Police.

[Cheers, Jdog!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Rapidshare links? Noooooo!

  2. Does Jump To Light Speed have wrong sound bit?

  3. All of them are pretty crappy and disappointing.

  4. Like the concept and is pretty cool but to choppy for me on my Droid X. Uninstalled.

    Thanks for posting.

  5. LMAO the R2D2 scream is priceless

  6. @ChazClout – it’s MultiUpload – pick any of the 6 or whatever sites that the file is uploaded to. Can’t get any easier than that to create mirrors really.

  7. I tried all the Lightspeed downloads and only one of them ended up working. And the one that did work provided a corrupt file. I appreciate this blog’s reporting, but would hope that you guys check these downloads before sending everyone there for a bunch of malware.

  8. Tried the Falcon and just kept getting FC’s.

  9. Yeah… none of the files worked for me either. I got parsing errors.

  10. So how do you install it after u download it?

  11. @Josh, Download Astro from the market open it find the file and install….

  12. its pretty cool. how do install please tell me. Thanks for this post.

  13. Constant FCs with CM6 on a N1. That would have been some cool wallpapers to show off.

  14. The Millenium Falcon LWP looks awesome!

  15. The “Jump to Light Speed” did nothing on my N1 running Foyo, it appears to be a static image, even though i shook it like crazy.

  16. Yea, all but the hyperspace one force close on my Droid1. Running UD eXtreme 8.0.

  17. Tried all of them. The best is the R2-D2.
    A bit disappointed however. They could have made it look sharper. Looks like it was meant for a phone with lower graphic capabilities.

  18. p.s. tested and all worked fine on the galaxy s

  19. Falcon FC’s on rooted Desire (DeFroSt) and other doesnt go to light speed .

    Pity, would be very cool ‘show off’ wallpapers.

  20. Anyone know how to get the sound to work? If I disable the sound in the settings, this works without force close but if not then well, it does fc.

  21. Just downloaded the jump to hyperspace and it woks fine on my EVO. What I am wondering is if the background is a static dark image until you shake it, does it conserve more battery than an image that is constantly moving? Oh, and the whole Rapidshare thing sucks. I know its free, but man talk about jumping through hoops. I almost gave up and rather than feel like looking at an add I found myself hating every add I saw and the company they represent.

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