Motorola XOOM Super Bowl Ad Airs, Site Goes Live: $800 On February 24th


If you’re watching the Super Bowl, and if you live in America you probably are, you also probably saw the Motorola XOOM commercial. If you didn’t, check it out below:

The Motorola XOOM minisite also went live which offers a pretty in-depth look at the device:

Lastly, Engadget spotted a BestBuy ad for the XOOM and it’s listed at $800 plus a $20 fee for 1GB of monthly data and $80 for 10GB of monthly data:

If it comes out on February 24th as they’re indicating, will you pick it up for the $800 + plan or will the price prevent you?

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Android Honeycomb Boot Animation [VIDEO]

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  1. $800?! What a joke. No thanks.

  2. $800 !?!?!

    That means…around £650- £700 in the UK (if it ever gets released here..)

    *shelves any ideas of buying a Xoom*

  3. Getting 2. Can’t wait!

  4. 800$ ffffuuuuuuu moto.

  5. 800 dollars and a suck ass data plan? Not going to be one on my desk.

  6. $800??? Heeeeeeeell no!

  7. $800. No go!!!

  8. $800 + $20/mo? WTH? Oh, WTH means Welcome To Honeycomb.

  9. $800.00 wtf!!! i want it but 800.00 i can get a alienware mx11 for 599

  10. Same thing as Galaxy Tab.No contract,so you sign up for service and then disconnect. Not that big of a deal. Price might be steep

  11. 800 is way too much! I can buy a desktop or even a laptop for under 500!

  12. Seriously mis-leading headline. You make it seem like the website actually announced that info.

  13. $800 is way too much!
    I’ll stick to my rooted nook color for now.

  14. The site has been live for weeks…

    Also, it is ridiculous that have to buy data to use wifi

  15. anyone else notice it says to “activatitve”?

  16. The screen is just like a mirror !!

  17. As long as no one says it requires a 1 or 2 year contract, because I am sick of hearing that.

  18. @stang68: In any sort of journalism a comma is generally used instead of the word and. This is a carry over from news papers that could save gallons and gallons of ink every day by putting “,” instead of “and”. With that in mind the title is much less misleading.

    On topic, HELL NO! I will not buy one for $800. I was thinking of getting my wife a tablet for her graduation present. I was thinking of getting her a Xoom if it turned out to be as good of a hardware software combo as the iPad, since no android tab is up to that level yet. However $800 is ridiculous. I have been android all the way, but unless a decently equipped android tablet comes out at an affordable price and WIFI only before the iPad 2 comes out, I will be getting and iPad 2 for her.

  19. By the way, I am seriously surprised that it’s actually going to cost $800, but I’m still getting it. Because I can.

  20. At $800?! No way in hell. I’ll just continue to tote around my laptop (which was $200 less than that and does WAY more).

    Moto and/or Verizon are out of their friggin minds! Way to go guys, just continue to drive more sales to those fruity guys.

    Also read the fine print in the ad, you have to pay for at least ONE month of 3G in order to activate WiFi.

  21. $800?! As everyone else has said wtf is that? Most average people aren’t going to want to be early adopters of this anyway bit for $300 more than an i*ad only the most hardcore android fans are even going to consider buying one. I hate to say it, I really do, but the i*ad 2 is looking better everyday

  22. $800 is fairly expensive, but since the 24th is my birthday, I’m still going to get one.

  23. About the wifi activation, its weird to think google will partner with moto and verzion When they pull stunts like that! I mean not much open source there :s


  25. Second thought… Screw this noise… Gonna get a Nook Color, root it and load Honeycomb. Moto and Verizon can kiss my big fat hairy arse.

  26. I got a feeling this is just VZW being greedy. There’s going to be a WiFi only version released in April…

  27. @JRDroid Yeahhh but the headline has colons, not a comma, making it look like the website says the release date and pricing.


  28. I can build a pretty sweet render machine for 800 bucks. I’ll pass thanks.

  29. A fair price for the beast of a device. I’ll be getting one. All you people bitching about the price compared to the iPad… the cheapest iPad is only a couple hundred dollars cheaper and is basically a crippled retard compared to this beast.

  30. All I can do is laugh at $800…………LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  31. While $800 is costly, it is on a MONTHLY service agreement. This means that you can buy it, use it for one month, and cancel without paying any fees, technically. The Xoom will, I’m sure, like all other android devices (Including the Galaxy Tab) be able to be used on WiFi only, even on the 3G model. You just need to bypass activation.

  32. I love android, but 800 is way too much. If the wifi version of the ipad2 is 499 like the current one, I will be getting that.

  33. Damn I wanted this tablet so bad. I could’ve stomached $700, but now my only hope is that the misspellings in the ad mean that it’s bs.

  34. Your welcome for all three links.

  35. I will be getting one, it’s only $70 more then the ipad but it way better. The 1 month data plan is a little outrageous though

  36. $800.. forget it..

  37. ouch. guess i’ll be getting a g-slate

  38. Not for no $800 bucks + a plan. im waiting for either a WiFi only version, or a competitor to undercut them. I can care less about Motorola, I just want a Honeycomb tablet and I know there will be plenty of competitive alternatives at a much cheaper price in the coning months

  39. Sorry, waaay too much. If I wanted to spend $800 I would just buy a laptop and call it good. Personally I would not go over 500 especially with a data package. I also believe these data pricing models are ridiculous. Wonder why they don’t come up with some deal like $20 for 1GB and it expires in 1 year. I would mostly use on WiFi but would like a deal like this, probably would still end up going through it in a couple or three Months.

  40. That thing better blow me for 800$…

  41. Unless this goes down a BUNCH, I will not own one. Darn, I was really wanting a XOOM but this is NUTS !!

  42. Loooks like ill be getting an ipad 2 instead. Stupid move motorola

  43. hmm, i wonder if this means those dates BestBuy leaked on facebook about XOOM and ThunderBolt are true then or if this is just an ad that might get corrected, they apparently can’t spell “activate”

  44. The $800 price point for the entry-level and only XOOM available in the near future is pretty high. However, comparing that to its closest competitor, the 32GB 3G iPad priced at $729, it’s completely reasonable.

  45. @terrence – It’s pretty clear that you don’t need a contract, just month-to-month data that can be canceled at any time.

  46. People are getting so worked up about the price! Look at the specs and compare it to the the most expensive iPad which still costs more. There is going to be plenty of other Honeycomb tablets that are WIFI only with lower specs. The XOOM is a high-end device and rather than complain to MOTO about the price you should be letting them know how much you want a WIFI only version or one with lower specs.

  47. Hope the 32GB G-Slate on T-Mobile is priced more competitively. If it is thats where my moneys going.

  48. Motorola, I love you! Verizon, I always hated you! I’m sorry Motorola but I have to say, F*** YOU!!! No way I waste that much money on your tablet. I’m ashamed to say that but I rather get an iPad or wait for apple to announce iPad 2!!! 800 Dollars?!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? !!!!

  49. Despite the fact that compared to the competition this is a fair price I’m not getting one simply because I can’t afford it. Thats the problem here, the price that motorola deserves for this fantastic device is simply too high.

  50. Sure. If this price is true, it will cost around ~$1400 where I live. Not getting one.

  51. Motorola can kiss my ass. I would much rather buy the G-slate, because it’s cheaper and HTC doesn’t encyrpt the bootloader

  52. What….800 bucks! This will not kill the ipad but help it.

  53. it’s not $800 folks, its $820. you have a mandatory 1 month data plan which is going to get them sued eventually.

    I think Motorola doesn’t want the xoom to succeed, that’s about the only reason I can think of having the price even higher than an ipad.

  54. Yes it does have better specs than the iPad, but that doesn’t change that the minimum price of admission or an iPad is $499, which is much more stomach-able than $800. $500 is an affordable splurge for the lower end of the middle income and doable for some lower income people. $800 is a much more serious investment. My laptop cost $840 and it does way more than this can. Moto has relegated this product to obscurity. Cheaper Honeycomb tablets better be close behind.

  55. I think the fact that the Wifi won’t even work without a data subscription means I’m not going anywhere near this thing. f@$#ers.

  56. Greedy motha fuu i was looking foward to this but the price ruins everything

  57. $800 plus a minimum $20 monthly fee? Fail!

  58. Well, a laptop or desktop might do “more” but not in the same way a well equipped tablet will do “it”. Tablets are a specific types of computer; very light, very lean, totally touch-input. They are focused on website information and media devices. That’s different than a laptop. I don’t think it is reasonable to assume a tablet would be lesser priced than a laptop, simply because the laptop has a more powerful processor, more memory, or a bigger hard-drive.

    That said, $800 is too much for me. I would love to get one of these, but $500 is my limit with wifi only. Going to get a tablet, but not at that price. I can understand why some folks have no problem spending that much, but I simply cannot. I can’t (or won’t) afford it.

  59. Waiting for the Asus Transformer and Slider…which should be less. $800 is too much. $20 for data is reasonable…except that I don’t want to be on Verizon, so I would end up not getting it for both reasons.

    Yes, the main competition (iPad) is more expensive and crappier, but I don’t think this tablet is worth the money. It should come down in price once competitors appear. Maybe then.

  60. This device was tops on my list to purchase this year…but at $800 going to have to see what LG and the rest of the competition will do!

  61. 800 dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan? I said that is the most expensive tablet in the world!

  62. $800 better be a bad rumor …. because a full blown PC/laptop tat can do 10x as much can be had for that kind of money and there’s no ties to a cell carrier to boot.

    Seriously needs a wireless-only version, and a price comparable to the iPad (read:$500). This is over 50% hike for “unproven” tech (marker isn’t ready, honeycomb is in all honesty a 1.0 product as it’s never been officially released, etc).

    I just went form excited to see this to extremely disappointed.

  63. $800 = Major Fail

    At that price it will not sell and about the time the ipad2 comes out there will be a glutten of xoom inventory laying around getting dusty until nobody can remember what a xoom is.

    The thing is not worth more than $400

  64. Do people really think the other tablets being released are gonna be any cheaper….eggo n your face.

  65. $800 is crazy but the competition(iPad) is not much less. Apples Ipad 32GB model with a 3g Modem is $729. And the iPad does not come close to the features (lower resolutio no cameras, etc…) as the Xoom. So basically I think Moto is missing the boat by not offering a lower end model with less Ram and no 3g Modem etc… for sub $500.

  66. Not worth it, getting a book color. For $250 I don’t feel bad throwing it in the back pack and bring it to the beach. An $800 Zoom I don’t think id take out of the house.

  67. there needs to be a 500 dollar wifi version, lol


  69. Not a chance. But give me a wi-fi only version for $599 and I’m in.

  70. I’ll tell you one thing, if they want to sell a lot of those at $800 or even $700, they better come up with better ads than the Superbowl ad, which was such a letdown. Who needs or wants to think of a tablet as a way to deliver “virtual” flowers. And the guy seemed like a total dork anyway. What a waste of money that commercial was, IMO.

  71. only 800.00? I’m getting 2, one for me one for my wife….c’mon guys, it’s valentines day soon. Get her something nice for once besides flowers, chocolate and jewelry…anyway, you want to stick it to Apple right? right? LOL LOL LOL

  72. Not only no, but f know.

    got me my nook color, already loaded honeycomb… And its 250. Might not be a zoom… but for 550 less, it’ll do.

  73. Where is the Verizon fanboy when you need him. So I can laugh at him, LOL.

  74. @Gekko, it’s clearly NOT a subsidized price. Nowhere in the ad is a mention of a contract. It’s a month-to-month data plan. _If_ Verizon offers a contract on this, expect it to be a _lot_ cheaper than $800.

  75. Man I love my $550 Notion ink Adam. FUCK MOTOROLA

  76. @spaceknight keyword, “contract” we don’t want a fucking contract for a tablet.

  77. Anyone else notice Motorola tried to claim this as the first Honeycomb tablet? especially when the G-Slate is to hold that title very soon? kinda odd.

  78. $500 wifi version and Im in. Otherwise, fuck you im going with g slate or nookcolor

  79. I am android fanboy but 800 bucks. With data plan? Have you lost your freaking mind moto? I am getting second gen ipad long. Gready ads moto

  80. They also claimed it was the first Tegra2 tablet, that title belonged to the viewsonic gtablet.

  81. Just got $5, 800 income tax. Planned on buying two for me and my wife. Android due hard fan. But, this price is F-in ridiculous! Motorola WTF! Are you thinking? $ 600 was ideal. Sorry you lost my purchase!

  82. I thought since Android is free it was supposed to drive down the cost of these devices? $800 plus a data plan is bullshit. No thanks

  83. people are this poor? Damn America is doing bad

  84. Wouldn’t you spend $1,000 on a desktop? The Xoom is arguably the most revolutionary device on the market… why should it be sub $600? The Moto Xoom is badass, which is why we all want one, it’s no surprise it’s priced accordingly.

  85. Okay hell with that ur honestly better getting the ipad with that price tag. Wtf is moto thinking. Its going to be a matter ov time before it kicks out and companies make one cheaper and better. But I wanted it bad but its not worth the price tag and 10 gb for 80 bucks sorry moto u messed up. This is not the way to go to get it into the masses.

  86. Wow, $800? Absolute failure. iPad 2 or Adam for me.

  87. Fail with a capital F.

  88. 800? No. 80 a month for 10 gigs when I 3g smartphone is only 30 for unlimited? Double no.

  89. I dont understand u people? Go get a iPad or wait until it gets cheaper or wait new, ceaper devices will be released… I will buy me a xoom…

  90. 800 dollars? Really motorola? Looks like ill be getting the ipad 2.

  91. @chocoberry “WTH means Welcome To Honeycomb.”
    ahahahahahahahaha.. im stealing that from you. =P

    and looks like im getting the Galaxy tab 2! none of these tablets seem to be coming out with google navigation. maps wont do good for me if i install this on my cars dashboard.

  92. Too high. Yea its has better specs than the similar priced iPad version….but its too high.
    Me, I woulda priced it lower to entice more buyers.

  93. F this. I just spec’d an Alienware M11X to my tastes for fun and ended up at $894. I ended up ordering it! I just snapped back to reality thanks to Motorola lol!

  94. im never going to pay more for a tablet than for a netbook.
    i mean come on.
    netbooks got:
    – faster intel processor
    – bigger battery
    – more complex chasis
    – keyboard
    – wifi
    price 300$
    xoom got:
    – slower processor (and cheaper if im correct)
    – smaller battery (i guess)
    – simple chasis
    – no keyboard
    – wifi
    – 3g
    – gps
    – barometer (wtfbbq?)
    price: 800$ + contract
    so i pay 500$ more to get:
    – smaller battery
    – simpler chasis
    – no keyboard
    + 3g
    + gps
    + baramoter
    am i the only one who thinks they have margins of 200% or something?
    and since its motorolla this thing is probably locked down as hell.

  95. $800 never. maybe $250, plus tax, for the best tablet available; no mandatory fees, no 3G, only fastest wifi possible.
    gave thumbs down to video: that woman had a huge head; ouch. poor thing.

  96. Way. Too. Expensive.

    I’ve wanted a tablet / slate for so long and I’ve waited and waited. When the iPad came, even thought it is really awesome, I resisted because I’m Android user. I didn’t want to go to iTunes and have to purchase apps through 2 different stores. I didn’t want the Apple lock-in and control. I like Android.

    When the XOOM and Honeycomb was announced I was so excited finally a proper Tablet version on nice hardware – plus it’s a Google experience device so no crappy skins or other manufacturer crap. Then came the price. Frankly it’s too much.

    I know when you compare like for like it’s the same price basically as the equivalent iPad but it’s not equivalent. iPad was there first. It has massive momentum. It is a household name. Plus there are cheaper versions – there are no cheaper Xoom versions.

    Motorola needed this to come in at $650 and $500 for the wi-fi version. Better than the iPad and $150 cheaper – what a marketing message that would be.

    I cannot imagine why anyone who is not an Android fan would buy this. I’ll wait to see if cheaper Android tablets come but it makes me sad to say I’m seriously considering the iPad.

  97. Yet another gadget for people with more money than brain.

  98. $Rozza $800 is £497, not £650-700. Where have you been the past 10 years? :)

  99. Way to kick your consumer in the arse. That is way to much. I see Moto stock dropping rapidly. Way to frak the regular guy. Been using Moto products for a long time now, guess I will move on to something else. Wait and see what happens with the HTC and new Samsung tablet, hopefully they won’t try to rape us like Moto is.

  100. Thankfully, i already got the girl. Nookcolor for her & netbook for me. G2 in back pocket for virtual flowering needs.

  101. Erik,

    VAT and Import duty on a Xoom would come in at approx £120, which would but the ABSOLUTE minimum price of one at £615 and since the UK is usually ripped off when it comes to exchange rates I’d consider ourselves luck if we saw it for less than £650.

    Frankly I think at this price the Xoom is likely to fail bdaly.

    The last thing you want to do when trying to take market and mind-share from an entrenched competitopr is actually charge more than it, but Motorola seems to have learnt nothing from Samsungs problems shifting the Galaxy Tab anywhere the ipad is available.

    If Google are serious about making as big a splash in the tablet market as they have in the phone market they might well be best concentrating on getting Honeycomb rolled out ASAP to the low-mid range tablets like the Viewsonic G and Advent Vega where the products can have an edge against the ipad.

  102. Dont forget that to enable WiFi on this junker you have to sign up for at least one month of Verizon data, otherwise its disabled. Another Motofail

  103. Maybe I won’t be selling my iPad in order to get a Xoom. $800 is definitely a bit steep.

  104. Forget that. I just got a laptop for $550 yesterday.

  105. 500 dollar wifi or I’m getting an apple….

  106. I love all the idiots thinking this should be cheaper then most phones. Jdog, laugh at yhe fact you were wrong. I’ll take 2.

  107. you know i never wanted the xoom because i hate motorola.

    but amidst all the raging. am i the only the one that thinks this girl is insanely cute?

  108. you know

  109. $800? Motorola, your out of your minds. Price point must have been decided at a drinking party.

  110. I like toys. I can afford two. But, $800? I don’t want one THAT bad. Way to blow it, Moto. I’ll take my $800 and exercise my 2nd amendment rights. It’s an investment that will last a LOT longer. And that toy will be just as fun.

  111. guns are bad, apple brainwashing is good

  112. Motorola, perhaps Verizon forced your hand on this one, but you’re idiots for accepting these terms. Nobody cares about data plans with tablets and being locked in for 2 years. Start making Wi-Fi only versions ASAP! Also lower price as much as possibl on it, at least under $600. And next time think “What can we put in a $500 wi-fi only tablet to be competitive” NOT “How advanced can we make this tablet, with no regard for the price…”. Tablets need to be $500 or less. They are not worth a buy no matter what you put in it after you reach that price. How can you be this stupid and not realize this? Didn’t you know Apple gained most of its sales from the $500 tablet?? Cmon! An if Verizon doesn’t agree to all this then screw them, and go through regular retail channels and Amazon.

  113. It’s a FAKE add…”lighting” fast? “Octivative…?”. And placing “Honeycomb” in parenthesis after Android 3.0. Come on guys, how are you falling for this?

  114. Hell no.
    I’d rather upgrade my computer and keep using my rooted nook color.

    Eff you Motorola.

  115. Unless they waive the activation fee, don’t forget about the extra $35 on top of that data plan for the month…

  116. I got a Notion ink Adam LCD wifi model,which i’ll tether to my rooted Droid x for 3g. I paid $420 shipped to my door step, no contract, I paid $550 for my dx without a contract.

    Don’t tell me it can’t be cheaper. Go to and look at the specs and tell me there not impressive. Oh yea and my Adams already rooted with custom rom and android market, honeycomb coming soon. Fuck XOOM.

  117. As a number of people have said above this compares really well to the ipad, it’s simply not that expensive in relative terms.

    It’s not cheap for sure but they are the first to market with a Honeycomb tablet, what did you expect?

    @Rozza C, I wish you’re guesses were right but based on other products price translation across the pond I would expect it to be more like £750-£800 when it reaches the UK unless there is some serious competition before it launches.

  118. Really was interested if this thing could be the killer, but nope, just another piece of shit.

  119. waiting for the wifi only version.

  120. All I have to say is that we will all have to wait and see about the official pricing when the Xoom tablet goes live with Verizon. I am sure that not even they are that dumb to make a Motorola device almost double what one Apple product is. I am not sold on this 800 dollar price tag. As I have read no one is so I am sure even if it is 800 after no one buys them the price will start dropping!

  121. 3 words: Motorola is fired.

  122. does anyone here really need a tablet computer, or you just want them cause they’re in fashion?

  123. @Alex… Does anyone really NEED hald the sh*t we buy? Doubt it. But, if you’re on these threads, chances are you like buying gadgets. The Xoom is a gadget. And it’s a pretty cool one, at that.

  124. Absolutely not. 800 bux for a tablet is crazy. they will be lucky to sell a few units at that price. when it hits 6, im interested, until then, i will just buy an ipad…

  125. Doesn’t matter how nice it is, $800 is too much. The iPad is only $500.

  126. I’ll stick with my $600 iPad with no Flash, can’t see paying $800 and still have to get a 2yr plan WTF???

  127. First the Galaxy Tab for $600 and now the Xoom for $800? Eff no. I am getting an used ipad for $400, even though I like the openness of Android.

  128. $800 seems like a lot and is too much for me but if this is really a better and more powerful tablet than the iPad wouldn’t you expect it to cost as much if not more?

  129. the nookcolor rooted sounds better and better everyday

  130. I think you only have to purchase one month of data to own a “wifi-only” XOOM, not a two-year contract.

    However, $800 is ridiculous.

  131. @ 2 Rozza C, 800 dollars works out at a little over £500. Which actually isn’t too bad. It’s comparable to the 32Gb iPad, and considering the Xoom’s specs it’s not that bad a price (if the thing launches in the UK, and Motorola don’t bump the price up for overseas versions)

  132. I’ve been eagerly reading all the Xoom news and I’ve been excited for its release. I’ve been an Android convert since I bought my G1 on release day, and I’ve been dying for a real Android powered contender to my iPad. I find my iPad incredibly useful and spend probably 80% of my computing time at home on it because it’s so small and easy to tote around. It’s unbelievably useful for travel and is the perfect combination of portable and useable. I know that an Android based device would be even more useful with the additional capabilities the OS brings, but I think $800 is ridiculous.

    It’s not about affordability, the price is easily within my means, it’s about VALUE. I’ve got a 16GB WiFi iPad because the extra 16GB and 3G capabilities did not warrant the extra price. I accomplish all I need on my iPad with Wi-Fi and media sharing capabilities mean I don’t NEED 32 GB of space on a tablet. The fact that my phone is my portable 3G/4G wireless hotspot means I don’t want or need to pay for ANOTHER data plan on the off chance I need data service on the go. I’ve been looking at netbooks in case they did follow the Galaxy Tab route and price it out of it’s usefulness. In the $500-$600 you can find much more value out of the mentioned Alienware M11X netbook or the Inspiron Duo if you really like a touchscreen experience.

    These Android tablet manufacturers need to understand their market better. The iPad price fits within Apple’s market niches perfectly. The Apple netbook equivalents start at $999 so to move to a netbook within the same genre means an increase in price. To move to a more feature rich PC equivalent of the Xoom you actually get to save half your money. The pricing structures make sense on Apple’s website. If you go to Best Buy or Verizon’s site you can either get the less feature rich Xoom tablet for $800 or you can get a more powerful and very portable netbook for half the price.

  133. I’m still going to get one. Not to happy about them forcing me to sign up for a data plan right off the bat thou. Apple didn’t do this with the 3g ipad i bought then sold, so i might hold off until the ipad 2 comes out. I’m sure the xoom will drop a little in price then as well.

  134. @Alan and Erik

    As Matchstick posted above (comment 83) it wouldn’t arrive in the UK at that price, a straight currency conversion doesn’t work.

    Compare the prices of the iPad or the Kindle in the UK and in the US and you’ll see the conversion rate isn’t near 1.6. The difference is that the UK price already has tax included, whereas in the States the price doesn’t include it and the percentage differs by state (but you can shop tax free from Amazon in most states).

  135. Why is everyone so surprised with the price? This was already known somewhere halfway in December.

    Although the forced G3/4 plan to use WiFi is something that really surprised me…

  136. notion ink adam ftw! of course the xoom looks bad ass but for 800 i could get 2 adams almost. i don’t care how much money they waste on advertising they will never make it appealing enough to spend damn near a grand on a tablet that will be outdated in a year.

  137. Will wait for wifi only version. Oh, and for the shit ton of bugs you know they are gunna find in this thing. They couldn’t even do the app demos for the event last week on the same one. They kept swapping them out. That doesn’t spell confidence in my book.

    I love Google but they release Beta software too often.

  138. NO friggin way. Give us wifi only please .. $500 range. Talk about pushing people towards the iPad! Please, HTC .. save the android tablet.

  139. Motorola has put themselves in a bad position. The superbowl ad was a joke. Stop bashing on iOS people and focus on what makes your product great! Jesus is that such a hard thing for you to do? People don’t want be told they are idiots/sheep for buying X product. They want know what you bring to the table!

    I refuse to beleive when the xoom was created they had no idea what the price point of this product would be. People have had so many different figures since CES. If motorola would have just put this to rest rather than wait they may have saved themselves a lot potential buyers. IF my price point was 700 and I read it’s 800 I may just stop looking at the Xoom news all together.

    iPad has a different flavor for every type of person. Since motorola can’t or maybe doesn’t want go that route they need price this thing middle of the road. The tab hasn’t been a heavy hitter, and with all this going on with Xoom it’s very possible this won’t be either.

    People HATE subs, and making someone pay for even one month is going rub people wrong way if this is true. Some people who may have bought at 800 will simply say FU just because of this alone. I like the xoom and I have the money saved to buy one if this ends up being true. BUT I’m not so sure if this is true that it’s worth it. Especially when so many other android tablets are coming.

  140. $800??? what a fucking joke. This damn thing is too over price. Remember, the OS is free from Google. $800 is not justify for just a freaking piece of hardware. Moto will die with this price, iPad will kill this slate on the first day. Dumb ass motorola :)

  141. omg relax.
    800 is actually cheap :P
    I don’t know why you people are so angry about it.
    Here in Norway we have to pay 800 + 25% = 100 Dollars and some more for no reason = 1300$
    consider yourselves lucky :/

  142. by Nishit @

    Let’s say you bought a house. It is rumoured to have a fireplace, but apparently it has been covered up with boards. The builder claims that the boards are an essential part of the structure, and threatens to sic building inspectors on you if you remove them. You are frustrated because you know that the builder will sell a similar house next month at a higher price with an uncovered fireplace.

    Also, there is a garage attached to your house, but its door is locked till the time you lease a car from the builder’s friend’s dealership. The friend is supposed to have helped install the garage door, so you’re under an automatic obligation to him.

    The analogy above is so absurd and illegal, it doesn’t seem to be apt. And yet, your devices continue to be constrained by their manufacturers and their friends, even though you have paid for them, and this is legal.

  143. ^ So true how can these companies sit here and say “buy this!” Then when you do say you can’t use it till you give me some more money “just cuz i can yo”.

  144. The price is a touch high, would have preferred to see it come in around $30 less than the comparable iFad and not $70 more, but not much of a big deal in either case.

    The Super Bowl ad though… ugh… if I didn’t know it was for the Xoom, nothing in that ad would have told me anything to want to own it. Even the vague 1984 reference was that… vague. Most general consumers did not get the point.

  145. The tablet has had me excited and I was hoping the price was just for the 3G/4G version. Unfortunately, that high price is the same reason I avoided the iPad initially. Yes, it’s an amazing device (both of them), but I’m not sure I can justify buying a tablet for the same price as a decent laptop when a tablet, while providing more portability, provides (ultimately) less power and flexibility (most applications are still for the desktop computer and require the power of such).

    The Xoom had me excited enough that if it were equal to the iPad price for a WiFi only model, I would have shelled it out in a heartbeat but $800 is about what I paid for my quad core laptop. As exciting as honeycomb is, I think I will wait until someone comes out with something more reasonably priced.

  146. To activate WiFi functionality a minimum of 1 month data subscription is required? REALLY?

    I love Android, but I guess it’s time to wait on the iPad 2!!

  147. @Nlsme Wrong about what that you are a loser, I think not my 13 year old friend.

  148. Ahhh…$800? Man…I really wanted one. I guess it’s not my time.

  149. Are you kidding me? 499 for an iPad and 800 for a Motorola Xoom? LOL…

    I mean I love Android.. but the OS is free! But the hw is still more expensive?

    More expensive than an iPad? Motorola pricing strategists obviously have gone crazy.

    Not buying this even though as much as I want it.

  150. It’s not $800… It’s $800+ Tax+ $20+ Tax!! Where i live that comes to about $877 out the door…

  151. I really want this for $600 I’d buy one but $800 geeze..
    priced themselves right of the market. But just like the galaxy pad the pric will drop

  152. Are you joking or wat? Does Moto really think that their customers are a bunch of fools to go for this price? I was really waiting for this but at this price range I can wait for a better tab @ better price point.

  153. Yeah right. Would buy a laptop instead. Anything over $400 is too much.

  154. $800 is a joke. People comparing the price to the iPad are idiots. You expect to get raped when buying an Apple product. The fact that this is more or even close to the cost of a iPad lets you know you are taking in the tailpipe. Hell no.

  155. I wonder how this thing is going to go outside of the USA. It seems weird to me that tablets want to compete with the ipad, but realise this. The ipad is sold worldwide. Yes it wasn’t sold in Australia or New Zealand straight away, but they did have announcements about it. You still can’t get Galaxy Tab here.

    $800 is too much, especially if you want to get the accessories.

  156. I forgot the $35 activation fee +tax= about $914.45 out the door..

  157. Okay its looking like most tech gurus say they wont pay no more the 500 bucks for the xoom maybe moto should be listening cause this device is going to flop

  158. Terrible pricing…who are they kidding?

  159. Wow, I WAS looking really forward to the Xoom, but $800!?! Thanks anyway. I’ll just wait a few months until the next big thing comes out (If it’s anything like android phones could be sooner) and grab one for half the price on ebay.

  160. Guys, guys, guys…chill. It’s not $800. It’s $799.99.

    I’m like most of you guys, I was really excited about this, but I just can’t justify paying that much. There’s too many good laptop options for that price.

  161. That it isnt a nexus like you claimed. But keep trying. Now move along, tmobile fangirl.

  162. 800 is a more than fair price….
    People who expect it to be cheaper just because it’s an android tablet, QUIT IT.
    The price is comparable to ipad. If you compare the right items + the extras, motorala isn’t charging any more than a fair amount.
    It’s mpt cheaper or more expensive than ipads. That means xoom is overall a better device just because it runs honeycomb. At least to me it is.
    However, I really don’t need a lot of those features.
    Just because the price is fair, it doesn’t mean I want to pay for features I don’t need.
    Can you at least sell a wifi only version for less?
    I’d jump on it.

  163. Too big and too pricey if I still have to carry my laptop around to use for work and pay for another data plan in addition to my phone. That said, I’m sure there will be plenty of buyers willing to pay to be “first on the block” with the new device. Patience . . .

  164. I love how only one sad loser thinks that the price is good because he takes it in the behind from VZW reps, LMFAO.

  165. Jdog, lemme guess, you think it SHOULD be cheaper then a phone.

  166. Check and mate.

  167. Those who are saying that a tablet should cost less than a laptop: get a clue. You could make a tablet that costs less than a laptop, sure. It’d probably be as big and heavy as a laptop, too. Tablet hardware has different requirements for size, power, heat dissipation, weight, etc. Parts are more expensive. I, for one, would be curious to see what the materials cost on the XOOM is, and just how much (little) mark-up there is. If you don’t want to pay so much, get yourself a laptop and be done with it.

  168. Just get the ipad 2.0

  169. They are charging you for their ads lol.

  170. Hi folks. My name is Neil Jablanowitz and I work at Verizon as a technical advisor and on the financial/data plan oversight committee. I have been working for Verizon for 5 years and never even knew that Android-specific blogs even existed! My extensive studies of over 100 people (of whom I supervise) reveals that $800 plus a mandatory data service to activate wifi on a month to month basis which will still garner cancelation fees. I am also here to assure you that MotoBlur is the most capable ROM able to be produced by the human race, certainly more capable than some punk college kid sitting in his dorm, motivated only by a love of programming and looking to make a name for himself for a promising future in the industry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to smoke some more crack.

  171. @Fletch LMFAO good one sir.

  172. Whatever happened to Google wanting to put Android on affordable devices? I was under the impression that Google doesn’t charge Motorola or any other company for them to put Android on their devices. Then why $800? I’m really disappointed with Google and Motorola…this was Android’s perfect chance to really contend with the iPad in the tablet form. The $800 price point will steer potential customers away from Android and towards Apple’s iPad.

  173. I think the $800 proce tag just made the Moto XOOM go *putt putt putt sputter*

  174. price* tuckin fypos, ya know?

  175. Maybe some of you have that kind of disposable income, but most people can get 2(16GB) iPads on Amazon for the price of 1 Xoom. Xoom is out of the question at this price point. I’ll be waiting for the Asus Transformer in April.

  176. This thing is DOA…..

  177. How many middle men can you count here, bestbuy, verizon.

  178. Boycott it will drive the price down. We most can agree 800 + 20 + tax = Not worth it either buy a iPad or just wait. Then buy the time something else comes out Moto has no choice to lower the price once competition kicks in. Asus, HTC, and LG Tablets hit watch that price drop like a old person in the life alert commercial

  179. Just adding to the list…

    No Thanks! Even if its the same price as an Ipad.

  180. Moto will not be able to compete with iPad with a price like that. Truth be told, I still have no idea what the point of a tablet is and why would anyone want one. It has about same portability level as the ~$500 Asus EeePC T101-MT.

    The ad is weak. The guy is not doing anything that can’t be done on iPad. Heck, change the final title and it could be an iPad ad. But the girl is VERY cute.

  181. I have a feeling this $800 frenzy is being engineered by motorola so when they actaully announce a $700 price folks will grab the Xoom off the shelves. I seriously doubt with the kinda publicity the $800 price is generating (very bad indeed) they will opt to go with that.
    n’ll wait till April or May by then other tablets will be out and lots with Honeycomb and 10.1 and dual cameras. Even the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 on paper looks more awesome. I’ll probably wait for that

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