Android Honeycomb Boot Animation [VIDEO]


How’s the weekend going? Are you preparing Android-style for the big game? Trudging through winter weather? Well grab a very small cup of cocoa and pull your seat up for this 10-second video showing what Honeycomb looks like when booting up:

Pretty sweet! And now back to your regularly scheduled weekend Super Bowl weekend.

[Thanks jdog25!]

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SOLVED: Android Market Website Says “There are no android phones associated with this account.”

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  1. That’s sexy.

  2. Pretty cool. Just watching this make me want to get one, however, they should have focused more on making it boot up faster. Seen this video yesterday.

  3. sweet

  4. funny enough this has been getting bashed around the internet by the iFans/Android haters which is hilarious because it’s just some cool eye-candy and that’s all their devices are about. I think it’s killing them to see that Android is now getting a lot more eye-candy and polish while their device(s) are really no different than when release several years ago–rows of icons. . . . it’s gotta be frustrating.

  5. Want me some honeycomb like the cereal.

  6. Come on guys, give credit to tech crunch. You just linked to their video, after all.

  7. No prob Rob :)

  8. Pretty badass, now if we could only get a firm date of when the Xoom is coming out. I’m still hoping the Super Bowl ad says the release date at the end.

  9. @ckeegan well we have seen a Feb. 17th and Feb. 24th date so that is only 2 weeks away.

  10. JOYGASM!

  11. Hot and sexy!!!

  12. Yup, that pretty much blows any boot animation I’ve seen out of the water.


  14. @JOSER,
    It cold booted in less than 9 seconds. That is lightning fast man. What more do you wnat?

  15. Jdog, so how is this “nexus” tab idea of yours holding up?

  16. @Nlsme A Nexus Tab sounds awesome powers!! That would be straight up perfect for me!! But HTC has to make the hopefully-to-be-thought-of Nexus Tab. But first it needs a name. Nexus Tab? Nexus Slate?

    I got it!! The HTC Nexus Upgrade. Yes!!

    It’ll be all like, “you got the upgrade?” “hailz yea!!” LoL!!

  17. The LG G-Slate for Tmo still sounds like my first Tab, so unless something else gets announced, like the Nexus Upgrade. LoL!! Then I’m sticking with the G-Slate and it’s 3d capabilities.

  18. @Nlsme Move along loser and troll somewheres else.

  19. Yo Rob! Podcast???

  20. To answer your question, I never said I was 100% right (it is called an opinion), I just said that it made sense. If they give away the Xoom at IO then there will be no “Nexus Tab”. Google has said before that they know that carrier and manufacturer control is an necessary evil but they really don’t like it. I’m pretty damn sure now that there will be no Nexus Tab because they are already giving a lot of people the Xoom. OK now continue trolling you known Verizon Fanboy or girl.

  21. You said you were right 90% of the time. Yet, 90% of the time, you are wrong. And, it is just you talking out your a$$.

  22. LMFAO, so then you are saying that Google is not going to give everyone who attends IO a Xoom. You are a very sad and confused troll.

  23. I love how you like coming to an Android website and obviously don’t want Android to progress unless it benefits Verizon. I like Android as a whole and if something seems like it slows Android down then I don’t like it, I don’t care if I’m talking about a carrier or manufacturer. I can’t prove that I’m right 90% of the time just like you can’t prove that I’m not, so what it is called the internet, get a damn life. Yes your are a troll because I saw you spam the same comments multiple times on other Verizon articles and you just leave stupid comments to get a response from people. I know your not stupid as you act because acting retarded is what trolls do best.

  24. @ jdog hey why not.. They gave everyone evo’s last year.. The tab in only wifi is prolly about the price comparable to the evo retail.. So here is to hoping.. Moto Xoom will be a door prize at IO….

  25. I feel like I’m entering the grid on Tron

  26. Damn!

  27. I don’t get it. Why are we so impressed by some boot animation?

  28. ^Cuz it looks nice? Cant some of us appreciate something that looks nice?
    And I wonder if this can make it to phones….

  29. Come on, give me a system dump so I can port that animation! If honeycomb isn’t coming to phones, I’m gonna make sure that boot does!

  30. This is going to beat the pants off the iPad!

  31. Never said anything about the xoom not being given away. Just wanted to point out to YOU that it isnt a nexys. Like you claimed it would have been. And, trolls go in threads that have nothing to do with them(YOU in EVERY vzw thread). You are just a clueless tmobile fanboi.

  32. @Nlsme WOW LMFAO I can’t comment on a thread that says “thanks jdog25”, it is official you are an idiot. You seriously just don’t get. I hate VZW so I tip VZW related stories, LOL. If I am a fanboy of anything it is of Android and You think I only post comments in VZW threads because those are the only threads you read but guess what you buffoon this is an Android website so I can give my opinion in what ever thread I want. Of course you have already proven that you don’t know what Android is by saying you have a “droid” phone so I can kinda understand that it is not your fault you just have a low IQ. So one more time I like Android and I do contribute to my favorite Android website unlike you who only trolls VZW threads, read any other thread sometime and you will see me giving an educated opinion. I do understand how your pea sized brain thinks that what I say sometimes is ridiculous because you don’t read other threads so things aren’t as obvious to you as they are to me and others. Not everyone can be intelligent, some people are just destined to do yard work their whole life, thats cool people got to make a leaving. Now go play outside little kid, yes I know your a kid because your thinking and your typing is like that of an uneducated child.

  33. WOW! Superrrr hot!!
    Can’t wait for Honeycomb tablet computers. Xooooooom is my dream gadget:)
    Waiting is the hardest thing%)

  34. Jdog, I agree with most of your comments and foe the most part you are right. The one thing I wouldn’t do is hate on Verizon. Its easy to say that android wouldn’t be what it was without Verizon, and the Droid 1, it was the first legitimate enemy to what was then the iPhone 3gs. Without the millions, if not billlions that was the “Droid does” campaign there likely wouldn’t be the xoom, or EVO, or epic, or any galaxy s. So be thankful that Verizon pushed the Droid like it did or there may have never even been a nexus 1 to push android hardware into what it is today. Again I agree with you. Just keep these things in mind.

  35. @ksizzle9 there would have been a nexus one because it was nearly done with production by the time the droid launched

  36. why is everybody trppin?its cool but it not amazing!

  37. Need this ported to the OG Droid.

  38. HERPES!

  39. Full Motorola Xoom Super Bowl commercial:

  40. Android HoneyComb boot time: 10 seconds

    Apple boot time: 5 years

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