Pocket Legends Exits Beta, Win an Exclusive In-Game Android Costume


You may have caught some of our coverage of the release of Pocket Legends for Android in beta form, but one week and 125,000 new accounts for the MMORPG later the development tag has been shed. Pocket Legends is a full-scale, full-3D multiplayer gaming experience than spans across platforms and is the first of its kind for Android. In celebration of the release, Spacetime Studios, makers of the game, put together the following fun little video:

Think that in-game Android costume is pretty cool? Well if you are one of the many registered users for the game you are in luck, because Phandroid (along with a limited number of other Android-related sites) has one of these permanent character costumes to give to one of our lucky readers (hey, Rob can’t have all the fun). You will be hard-pressed to find another wandering the Pocket Legends realm. For your chance just leave a comment (and be sure to include your contact info in the e-mail address field) below. Entries will close in 24 hours. Go!


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  1. Do want!!!

  2. Love this game! It is a ton of fun!

  3. Sweet Android suit!

  4. Woot! I love Pocket Legends. My bro & I play it together. Hope more games like this start to come out for Android! Go go Android!

  5. Sweet!!! I want one!!!!

  6. <– This guy.

  7. Pick me!!!

  8. Want it!

  9. Sweet, I want an Andy costume

  10. Nice! Love this game and would love to win!

  11. Oh my gawd!

  12. I absolutely want it. Love Pocket Legends.

  13. Gotta represent the Android!

  14. comment

  15. Awesome. I’ve been looking forward to this game on Android for a while, ever since I heard about it for iOS. Heck I’m just glad it came out finally. I was even contemplating getting an iPad for this (well not strictly for this, but it was a factor). I’m just happy I don’t have to now. And if you give me the costume I can show support for my favorite Mobile OS in game as well.

  16. Yes! Sweet tooth is needing more dessert love!

  17. Now I can dress up as my favorite robot! Yay!

  18. Most awesomest thing ever!

  19. One more time

  20. Gimme!!

  21. I want that Android Costume Because I Do FIST PUMPS and Bust Punks, Pocket Legends Makes me feel alll gooooey inside…

  22. ^— is a douchebag

  23. I NEED it!

  24. Nice, would be fun to run around in :D

  25. This game is like crack. I hide in the bathroom at work to play it!

  26. I didn’t want to like this game, but fortunately it won me over! Top that off with the Android costume? Epic.

  27. sweet fun game was lvl 10 not long ago.

  28. And what do the iOS users get? An Apple costume? Haha xD

  29. I love pocket legends. It would make my year to have the android costume!

  30. Hooah! hate that they added the Verizon add. slogan in there. there is nothing wrong with Verizon but they have allowed the public to believe that android is something of Verizon…

  31. Wow sick! I want one

  32. If I don’t win I am totally going to punch this ice cream sandwich.

  33. been playing this a lot since I found out about it, I would love to be able to play as andy!

  34. Amazing game with great support as well!

  35. I need a new phone. Jeeze.

  36. Win for me?!

  37. I think green fits me well. :)

  38. ME PLEASE?! I love this game!

  39. this would make this awesome game even better!

  40. I would love an android costume for when I get to kill all the apple fanboys playing on their iphones/ipods lol. I’m not really a hater of apple, just thought running around as an android would be awesome.

  41. Just got it after browsing the market on the way home and stumbled across it. It’s pretty sweet.

    …so when do I get the costume as i’ve clearly won already.

  42. do want! i love this game

  43. sweet android

  44. Send costume to Slovakia, send it to me!

  45. Droid me!

  46. I will dominate if given this character, pick me!

  47. awesome

  48. Doubt this game would work well on a G1 no matter how much performance I squeeze out of it. But my renewal is next month, so sign me up as an entrant!

  49. DRRRRROOIIIIDD! Representing! Pick me I never win anything…

  50. Me too :)

  51. Enchis, level 11 enchantress
    Plz for me:)

  52. I would totally pwn with andy as a character

  53. Man, it’d be awesome to run around as a little android sorcerer. I hope I can get one.

  54. Yes!!!

  55. I would like to win this.

  56. Shiny!

  57. love this game, tons of fun for a mobile device!


  58. This would be sweet.

  59. Love it. Great game and Andy the Android is one of my favorite things ever!

  60. If I get that Android costume I’ll be forced to play a lot more! O_O

  61. LOL do want :-D

  62. win

  63. Amazing! You guys rock!

  64. Mmmm, Andy in combat!

  65. That would be nice!!!!

  66. PL is a very well polished game and a great way to kill time here and there as time permits.

  67. These are not the droids you are looking for.

  68. Would love this on my Pocket Legends!

  69. Then I could pretend that all those little armored knights are Steve and run around crushing them with Andy!

  70. The Android costume is pretty cute. I’d love one.

  71. Oooh! Shiny! Can Has?!

  72. I want one!

  73. Phandroid is awesome! You guys always have the best stuff!

  74. Really addictive and easy on the battery thankfully. Long live legends and Android.

  75. this is the best game I’ve played since angry birds. a Droid suit would differentiate me from iPhone users

  76. I want.

  77. wonder if the iphone players could see Andy kicking butt :)

  78. Lulz I would like 1 please :-)

  79. Lovin it…

  80. Give me the costume and and my mission will be to preach the good word of Android whildst performing inquisition on nonbelievers. :]

  81. Best game ever, send me my costum…I win!

  82. Awesome its my mascot lol

  83. I would look great in green.

  84. Glad to have an MMO on the Droid.

  85. I’ll enter. Very fun game!

  86. This game is gr8. It would be better if I was green!

  87. Incredible game, for the most HTC incredible phone!!!

  88. An Android suit would be awesome!

  89. I wonna rock the faces of the iPhone users as Andy! Another win for Android!!

  90. Sweet.

  91. I’d love one too!

  92. Oh, oh! Me, me! :)

  93. Awesome ! We want more games like this one. And I would like to win this costume.

  94. hellooooo i want a droid yea

  95. Make me an Andy!! Pleaz pleaz!!!

  96. want and need

  97. ARTERRA btw ouyea

  98. Costume plz plz plz! :)

  99. winrar!

  100. Awesome! I would love to have this! What a great idea.

  101. pocket legends has combined my two favorite things: mmorpgs and my droid and the result is AWESOME fun :)

  102. Andy tearing it up in AO3…epic!

  103. Please pick me. Master says I’m not allowed to eat until I get an Android costume for Pocket Legends.

  104. <—— This guy needs the Andy costume!

  105. I command you to give it to me!

  106. Give it to me or the kitten gets it!

  107. love this game, this costume would be badass

  108. Do want. I really enjoy this game.

  109. DROID!!!

  110. I wants one.

  111. Nice! I was tired all day at work today because I was up playing pocket legends until waaaaay later than I should have been…

  112. It’s taking all of my time at work. Please help me.

  113. awesome game, awesomer droid.

  114. I want! :)

  115. Nice avatar!

  116. He’s going to eat our bones!

  117. Me want!

  118. I want to slay some baddies with the mighty Mr. Andy

  119. Dress me up in Android love.

  120. Don’t give it to that male with female emotions above me. I’m obviously the better pick, yo.

  121. its gonna be SWWWEEEEAAAATTTT!!!

  122. i hope this is real and i get one if not im going mad…

  123. Love this game

  124. that has got to be the cutest little bloodthirsty tank i’ve ever seen

  125. I want one!

  126. Lurker steps out of the shadows for shiny costume. Me me me!

  127. WANT++

  128. Better than a shakeweight!

  129. Andy FTW!!!!!!!!

  130. It is my birthday…


  132. I want one! Weeeeee! Im still lvl 15 tho

  133. I love ANDY!

  134. Ooh! A shiny green android costume to kick booty in. I would definitely rock that in Pocket Legends.

  135. Sounds awesome! :D
    Hoping to finally win something ;-)

  136. I would like an Android costume please!

  137. this is the future of gaming…now when is sc2 coming to android…lol this game is great though!

  138. Looks like fun!

  139. Butter

  140. I want it!! So cute. <3

  141. this really shows the potential of what android can offer from media to online games. Simply amazing from where android was 2 years ago.

  142. I want this!

  143. Please give me that costume!

  144. I CAN HAZ PLOX?

  145. Awesome!? quick beta, hope they start a tablet version soon. Would be a great tablet app for the tablet wave near the end of the year.

  146. Please please please

  147. Gimmmmmeeee!

  148. Wow-o-wow, that would be super-sweet! Thanks, guys!

  149. Me me me! That Android costume would be sweet!

  150. Gotta get me an android costume!

  151. sounds awesome too bad i can’t get the game. wont show up in the market for me.

  152. Interesting

  153. I would love one. I have been the biggest Android supporter for their game so I hope I win.

  154. Do want Prease!

  155. I want this!

  156. i like bacon

  157. Droid Does! You guys are the best!

  158. I wants one!

  159. Droidz! I can haz?

  160. just lovely…

  161. Is this a vanity piece that any class can wear or an additional character

  162. yeah I want that costume!

  163. I need that costume!!!!

  164. the game is great. But the lack of being able to get past the second level without paying $5 is a massive hindrance. Whack in a few ads and let us play on for free.

    And give me the costume! Yes please!!!!

  165. This would be awesome! Count me in! Thanks for the opportunity

  166. Yes please

  167. I need me an Andy android!

  168. That would be awesome to win this! I love my D2, love Pocket Legends and love reading Phandroid!

  169. I love virtual goods!

  170. Andy in the game….suh-weet. Me wants!

  171. Omg that costume is to die for pick me please!!!!!

  172. woot! i want one!!!

  173. woot woot! its a fun game

  174. awesome costume, would be cool to rock in game

  175. Repping Android with the Andy costume would be the best privilege, considering the game is multi-platform. Take that Steve.

    please pick me

  176. Give me one or Ill kidnap your first born!!

  177. I want. That would be sweet!

  178. Looks neat.

    That is all.

  179. please please please!!!!!!! captivate running cognition with pocket legends on a 4″ super amoled… with andy running around!!! sweet!!!

  180. I would enjoy this costume very much and it will express my love for android. And apple cos I am gonna play on both. Thanks! IGN xwyvernx

  181. Looking pretty epic…Count me in…would love to have one of those :)

  182. That would be absolutely wonderful! I’ve been wanting to finally test something like this out on my phone :)

  183. I really enjoy playing the game. I wonder if it is still free after it comes out of beta.

  184. Does anyone know if accounts work across different devices? I imagine they would, but say I had an Epic or something and an iPad, could I play this game on both?

  185. with the same account*

  186. I’d love it.

  187. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME! I would love to play with this Android costume. Definitely one of a kind :)

  188. me me me >.<

  189. I would love that!

  190. Yeah, my generic bear would look much cooler as an Android!

  191. Wow thats actually cool and I like this game. wonder if ill win.

  192. I won’t mind gettin some , gimme !

  193. Love the game, would love to get the costume :D

  194. Awesome game! would love to get the custome as well :)

  195. Please!!!

  196. Awwwh epic! :D I want 1 plz

  197. I can has robot?

  198. Oh man. My friend spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get andy as a playable character when the beta first opened up. I want this so I can rub it in his face sooo bad!

  199. OMG… to be the lil’ green man in-game would absolutely be the most amazing thing EVER!!! I would promise to represent the Nation of Droids properly, always!!!

    Pleeeeeeeze, please, pick me!


  200. I can has andy costume?

  201. i ILke! :D

  202. Gotta have…..

  203. I want one, please!

  204. MEMEME!

  205. Great game, wish i could just pay for an app rather than in-app purchases of additional content.

  206. love this game

  207. Am loving the game so far, would love to have this cool costume. Thanks

  208. ooo…I want an Andy the Android!

  209. mememe, i got matching antennas!!


  211. Holla @ me!

  212. I’ll bet every 3 posts is a multi, to up chances of it.

    check IP adresses.

    for this info, pls give it to ME.

  213. I am the ultimate phandroid

  214. I is want!
    Andy anything is <3!

  215. I have been playing this game on my ipod touch for a while now so happy it came over to my phone. And all my account info came with it.Yay!!!!

  216. How does this contest work cos I really,REALLT want the costume

  217. Holy awesome.

  218. Ooooo this is awesome!!!

  219. Awesome, I’m in :)

  220. am I too late? :O
    plzzzz costume owns!

  221. ♥ Would heart this ♥

  222. Wanna have one :-)

  223. A is for Andy, not for apple!

  224. It would be nice to have this!

  225. great game, something to make my dx’s overclock sweat ;P

  226. FIGHT ME 1v1 DROID NO MERCY ! ;)

  227. I love pocket legends! And android gives me a semi chub so pocket legends+android costume = money shot!!!!

  228. Droid you loo like little green marshmellow can um I turn you into a smore and eat you?

  229. Hell yeah! Want!

  230. That character is awesome!

  231. I’m game! Lets do it!

  232. pick me!

  233. <– This guy wants one!

  234. Is it wrong that I’m strangely aroused? Well, then I don’t wanna be right.

  235. Do Want It!

  236. I saw andy running around in the game. I gave me an android antenna. Pretty Cool!!

  237. I wish to be entered into your drawing

  238. Say What?

  239. Entered!

  240. woohoo that’d be awesome

  241. Comment. Lol!!! Yeah legends!

  242. Woo! I want that costume. I love Andy :)

  243. Halloween all over again but in android, hooray! Give me!

  244. Cool… Thanks!

  245. I must have that costume pls~!!!

  246. I want it for my elf!!!! hehee

  247. Pretty please?

  248. Pocket Legends for Android,….Cool! Pocket Legends for Android, on my Nexus One,….Awesome!! Pocket Legends for Android, on my Nexus One, playing as “Andy”,….Priceless!!!

  249. Mesa wants!

  250. Looks like a nice skin :D

  251. I would like one, please! I hope I entered in time.

  252. I heart android. Want.

  253. Definitely want. I just tried it for the first time and I’m loving this.

  254. THANKS!!!

  255. do want

  256. Love it!

  257. Cool, sign me up too please. I was happy to find this game was finally available for Android. ;-)

  258. YES MAN !!!

  259. I’d love that costume.. especially if the Ipad freaks got an Apple one… Droid Smash Apple! muhhaaaaaa

  260. oh let me win this if nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. I would love to own this costume. It is just the ultimate droid mmo experience if it was completed with this!

  262. Cool, I doubt I’ll actually get this, lol. But is this selfish? I feel bad for posting this…

  263. ME me me!!!

  264. yes, i would very much like to win this please.

  265. That’s fantastic. I’d really love to have an avatar like that.

  266. Coool!!.. I want.. no.. need one! ;-)

  267. niceeeeee a must for any android fan

  268. And Apple players won’t have a costume…unless they want to walk around as an Apple. :D

  269. Holy Android Phans Maniacs Batman thats a lot of comments…. Sign me up for entry

  270. Me please!

  271. ME ME ME ME!!!


  273. Will be cool. Once dell releases a 2.2 update for the streak.

  274. I NEED THIS!
    As the biggest nerd ever this would be amazing :3

  275. it would be quite sweet to roll around as “The Android”

  276. Ok, that would be cool, in a uber geeky kind of way…

  277. This is my entry : ) That costume looks so cool!

  278. 236 entries already but I guess I can get lucky!

  279. DoEZ WANT!!!111!!! Andy FTW!

  280. Hope it hasn’t been 24 hours yet…

  281. It’s a bit simplistic, but I’m having a good time with it on my Vibrant. Hope it scales well when I get an Android tablet. :D

    Yes, I’m here for the costume, weighing in at #239. :D

  282. I want one!!

  283. Love the game, and love my Droid.

  284. Hope i’m not passed the deadline

  285. rollin

  286. awesome, this is just one more reason i know i’m a nerd.

  287. Sweet Android duds. I would like a pair thanks.

  288. want!!

  289. DROOOIID!!!


  291. Oh gosh! I’d love this!!!

  292. May I please have it?

  293. hook it up!
    love the dx, addiction growing for the game

  294. I can haz?

  295. wow…. i want one.

  296. mad sweetness,

  297. Hit me that that Android skin! I would love to ease my ip4 toting roommate!

  298. Awesome! Green android suit ftw!

  299. cripes that is cool!

  300. i would love to have this! :P

  301. haha cool lets do it.

  302. I’m down for an Andy anything, but especially this since I can’t stand the only caster being female!

  303. Haha I love it

  304. Definately glad that more powerful Android offerring are out there, especially with the ability to multiplay.

    Now I have to buy a second or third battery!!

  305. Put me down for one.

  306. Would love the android costume.

    Wonderful game

  307. If this Android chr is going to the person with the coolest comment it should totally be me for working that out! Phandroid for lyfe!

  308. WANT WANT WANT! This game rocks and has quickly become my most played android app period.

  309. I want the costumee!
    I play pl. ign: skellerkrunch

  310. WTH I’m in

  311. I’ll snag one if able!

  312. Android FTW

  313. Go Android!

  314. Can haz?

  315. Hook me up!!!

  316. Gimme please!

  317. I love this game platinum gets you so much nice stuff. I want a droid so bad in-game.

  318. this would be very cool

  319. Do want!

  320. meeeeeeeeeeeee or i will cry!

  321. Giiiiiiive iiiiiiiiit meeeeeeeee it is sooooooooooo cooooooooool i love pocket ledgens i play it every day!!!!!!!!

  322. iiiiiiiiiiiii looooooooooveeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiit sooooooo muuuuuuuuch it isssss soooooo coooool i willl have it ;)

  323. I want it!

  324. last :) mine

  325. Pick me please!!!

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