Woz Says He Was Misquoted, Android not “Better than iOS by any Stretch of the Imagination”



If earlier reported remarks by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak damning iOS in comparison to Android seem out of character, it apparently is because the Dutch publication quoting him did so out of context and without a lack of misinterpretation. You see, Woz says he never said anything remotely close to the attributed words “Android phones have more features,” though he admitted he may have in an off-handed way said that Android would become a dominant phone platform.

But, no, don’t expect that statement to read like it does on the page. In a clarification for Engadget, Woz further stated, “I’m not trying to put Android down, but I’m not suggesting it’s better than iOS by any stretch of the imagination. But it can get greater marketshare and still be crappy.” The statement harkened to the current state of Windows — a platform that is clearly holding a great deal of market share but that Woz doesn’t seem personally keen on.

You can hear the man himself talk his way out of the corner over at the source link below.

[via Engaget]

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  1. What a fat, fat man,

  2. Santa should just stick to flying his reindeer ….

  3. Steve Jobs probably threatened his life.

  4. maybe apple can use some of those big profits to buy this fat fuck a razor.

  5. Who gives a crap…I mean the man dates Kathy Griffin…nuff said about his taste. Anyway he is part of Apple so of course it would be out of context if he straight out said Android is better than iOS.

  6. Yeah, it really is crappy to not have to pay for the right to develop software for my own hardware, or to not have to seek steve job’s blessing to be able to deploy apps.

  7. It’s a good thing he corrected his comments, for him at least. Apple might of stop sending him all those checks in the mail.

  8. Jobs threatened to take away his segway.

  9. Lol @ Joel, and Quentin hit the nail on the head, but
    the comments some of you people leave is disturbing.

  10. just because there are porn apps for android makes it better? android is far, far inferior to iOS in many ways. deal with it.

  11. Hahaha rofl. Wait!!!! stop…. hahahaha you guys are nuts.

    He knows that Apple is done, but still I love the comments.

  12. I don’t think Woz really thinks Android is crappy. If I recall, didn’t he say he had a Nexus One phone in addition to his iPhone (maybe he needed a phone that didn’t drop calls)?

  13. I think Steve Jobs threatened to take away his lunch

  14. @Jeez. Get a life people. Such venom. Did this man do anything to you? It’s a competing OS for chrisssssake, so what. How many of you have started a major international technology company when you were a kid, made enough money to never work again, and then go about enjoying you blessed life as a rolly polly over 50 braniac. You guys should be so lucky. It’s a god damn phone OS.

  15. who ate all the pies
    who ate all the pies
    Steve Wozniak
    Steve Wozniak

  16. Woz is a gadget lover, and loves Apple’s way of designing things(which make sense since he helped form so many of the early products) He’s not a mindless Apple zombie like so many. And I doubt Jobs has any pull over him any more. The guy had to stand in line to get an iPhone just like everyone else. And as has been said, he also has and likes a Nexus one. He just likes toys!

  17. @Jeez. Get a life people. Such venom. Did this man do anything to you? It’s a competing OS for chrisssssake, so what. How many of you have started a major international technology company when you were a kid, made enough money to never work again, and then go about enjoying you blessed life as a rolly polly over 60 braniac. You guys should be so lucky. It’s a damn phone OS.

  18. g8d, joel, amd domino. thanks for making me lmao

  19. “without a lack of misinterpretation”? That’s never not awkward.

  20. Only time Will tell, and time is us…

  21. Jeez, stop bashing the man! You make rude comments why, because he helped start a multi-billion dollar empire or because he tried to set straight a news story in which he was misquoted? Come on, show a little more class. I was amused by all the fat comments though, since over 60% of our population is obese, it’s safe to say ones making comments like this have no room to talk.

  22. He looks likes a oversized apple and his head is the stem!

  23. i’ve just got one question..
    where the hell is his neck?

  24. Steve Wozniak is responding to people’s comments on Engadget his name says stevewoz.

  25. Same here, thanks for making me lol. I feel like i’m on reddit ;)

  26. Its too bad the both of them didn’t get cancer :P

  27. The vast majority of the commenters on this post are horrible, horrible people. You should feel horrible about yourselves.

  28. Awwww…. Poor fanboys. Did wozy hurt your little feelings ?

  29. I was reading his comments as well jdog. He actually seems like a pretty cool guy, and brave considering he’s posting comments there while trying to dodge all the idiots flaming him.

  30. Been happy with my Android device since I got it…would never switch to iOS

  31. hope he think the same way in about a year from now.

  32. I have no hate for Woz, he’s a man of intelligence. He also owns an android phone and an iPhone. He’s a phandroid just like the rest of us. He may not like android more than iOS, but he works for Apple so he may have to pretend to like iOS better. Anything Woz has to say I’d listen to, as would many that are in the tech sector like Eric Schmidt and the big dogs at google. He was misquoted, give the guy a break.

  33. Steven Jobs has a small peepee. I know firsthand..

  34. hey grant, call me dog. You were fantastic last night

  35. Wow, I’ll say up front I hate the iPhone and never really liked Apple much. I just can’t believe people are so hateful of Woz. Once again, I’ll admit up front I dislike Steve Jobs. But, Woz? Come on, he is about the only thing from Apple I can tolerate. He always seems like a nice guy. People need to relax. Anyone that thought Woz would’ve of said this is crazy. I mean the guy has a lot of shares of Apple stock still. Why would he say anything to sabotage his bank account?

  36. I wonder why this is such a big deal. When I read the first quote my first thought was, “whatever…” When I read that he had been misquoted, my first thought was, “whatever…” To me it doesn’t matter who someone is they just don’t influence my purchase decisions. Much the same way that although reviews are informative, I still need to use the product/service in question before I form a real opinion of whether I like or dislike it.

  37. Geez, quit with the Woz bashing, he is so not the dic(tator) that Jobs is. He is a fun loving techo-geek like the rest of us here.

  38. When they release OS X so it works and can provide same level of functionality on same range of hardware and run same range of software as Windows, and do it better, then they might be justified making ‘crappy despite market share’ comments.

  39. Woz was the brains for the first Apple computers, Jobs was just the marketing guy.

    And for those of us old enough to remember:
    Woz spearheaded and bankrolled the US Festivals in 1982 and 1983.

    Give the man some credit for what he did to break open a fledgling industry and then try to share with others his good fortunes and ideals.

  40. So he is either having his life threatened by jobs, or pretending to like apple since he worked there? Idiots, the guy is a praised genius icon any person with one braincell would respect. Calling him fat too? You phandroids are retarded and pathetic with the wit of a slow baboon.
    iOS- great hardware, more app choice for consumers, everybody gets upates not select devices, smooth fluid graphics, many more pixels per inch than the best android phone, admired for it’s design, 200,000 more choices for consumers, you don’t have to wait for netlfix, capcom, electronic arts etc apps, developers don’t need to customize their apps for each phone model. Clearly better for consumer choice and developers (netflix even complained it was a pain in the arse to develop for android).
    Android tablets- no market place app store. A joke..

  41. @Scblacksunshine
    Friggen right man, what kind of billionaire dates KATHY GRIFFEN!? i mean with that kind of money…something is wrong with that man

  42. @smartiboner: Some fair points. But more choice for consumers? Come on now. Should we start counting models and networks, plan choices? Choice of hardware keyboard?

  43. There are many things I dislike about apple, but to uniformly dismiss everything the company has done is just stupid, and in particular Steve Wozniak represents the part of apple that actually works on producing innovative technology. (though iirc he doesn’t work for apple anymore) He’s a skilled engineering and a decent person, and I really wish people could show him some respect, even if he’s not as big of an android fan as you might be. (Notice how he’s not even saying the Android ISN’T a good platform, he’s just saying it’s not better than iOS, could you imagine anyone ELSE associated with apple admitting this?)

  44. Big Woz. Proof that Kathy Griffin IS a lesbian.

  45. Chuck norris has an android!

  46. FYI the name callers here are not ‘techies’. No technical information is being discussed. And making fun of looks? I’m sure you all look like super dorks along with a lot of big phandroids, there are dorks with brains but you are dorks with little intelligence.
    For those people who say apple copied xerox, wikipedia says;

    Jobs and several Apple employees including Jef Raskin visited Xerox PARC in December 1979 to see the Xerox Alto. Xerox granted Apple engineers three days of access to the PARC facilities in return for the option to buy 100,000 shares of Apple at the pre-IPO price of $10 a share.[35] Jobs was immediately convinced that all future computers would use a graphical user interface (GUI), and development of a GUI began for the Apple Lisa.[36]
    When Apple went public, it generated more capital than any IPO since Ford Motor Company in 1956 and instantly created more millionaires (about 300) than any company in history.

    So Xerox LET Apple access their lab in return for being able to buy Apple shares. Is that copying or a mutual business agreement?

  47. I’m a phandroid, and I think Woz is a great guy. I don’t care what he said. Even if he supports iPhone. I have a lot of respect for the guy. He’s not a big jerk like Jobs.


  48. This is an Android site, if you don’t like the replies here then go away, we don’t want you here. Woz is a disgusting fat pos who’s doing his best to backtrack no doubt due to pressure from Apple.

  49. @Jerry
    I love Android, but your comment about Woz’s physical characteristics are out of line. Who made you God? Only people who think they are better than anyone else are disgusting.

  50. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! ohhh ohhhhh ok ok ok please stop…. You guys and your comments. I am pissing in my pants, this is by far the funnies post ever. Specially with post 1 & 2. hahaha ok ok aaaa

  51. Someone had a little bit too much of gingerbreads,cupcakes,eclairs, or donuts? LOL

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