Nov 18th, 2010

Not only was LG kind enough to send us a review unit of their LG Optimus One – a phone that has been crushing it in terms of sales figures – but they also wrapped it up in a cute little holiday box. And what a treat I’m expecting when I conduct the full review.

After playing with the Optimus One for a limited amount of time, I can say that it’s a phone I would probably recommend to a LOT of people if I lived overseas. And there are definitely comparable American counterparts such as the LG Vortex on Verizon. LG has a great formula here: build a solid, affordable phone that attracts first time smartphone users and saddle it with the most recent Android firmware.

That’s right ladies and gents, even thought the LG Optimus One isn’t among the top of the class in terms of hardware specs, it’s running Android 2.2. The combination of modest yet attractive hardware running the quickest version of Android currently known to man seems sweet indeed.

Keep an eye on Phandroid in the coming week as I’ll be putting the Optimus One through it’s full paces. We have a bunch of other reviews upcoming as well, so we’ve certainly got our hands full.

Bottom line: if you’re eager to become a first time smartphone user and you’re outside of America, take a really good look at the Optimus One- it seems to shape up as an Awesome introductory Android phone and don’t take “introductory” with negative connotations. The Optimus One might just be one of my favorite Androids overall. But you’ll have to wait until my full review to see if it lives up to my self-propelled hype.

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