Phan Giveaway: Android Tablet, iSteamAndy T-Shirt, Smartphone Coaster & Phan Gear!


UPDATED: entries end 11:59pm EDT on November 16th, 2010 and winner selected November 17th!

This is, by far, our biggest Phan Giveaway yet and we hope they only get bigger and better from here (hint: sponsors should contact us)! Today, one lucky random commenter will win a 7-inch Android Tablet called the Maylong Universe, an awesome DaVinci-esque Android Robot T-Shirt, a smartphone coaster and a bunch of our Phan Gear! Watch the video for more and check out details on the products and how to enter below:

Maylong Universe Android Tablet
maylongYesterday I did a quick unboxing and hands on of the Maylong M-150 Android Tablet… and now I’m giving one of the two I purchased to the winner! It only costs $100 at but it’s kind of a get-what-you-pay-for scenario. It’s a 7-inch tablet with a resistive screen running Android 1.6, no Android Market and a bunch of other gotchyas. BUT, I was pretty impressed with this thing since – let’s be honest – it’s only $100.

iSteamAndy T-Shirt
isteamWe told you folks about the iSteamAndy T-Shirt earlier this month and I’m not gonna lie – it’s a pretty cool concept. Take Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous sketches and imagine if he were to dissect our beloved Android Robot. Now take that imaginary sketch and slap it on a T-Shirt and you’ve got the Exploded Android T-Shirt seen to the left (and in the video). If you don’t win, you can always purchase this bad boy from for $19. And oh yeah, they have a bunch of other cool Android-related T-Shirts so check out their full collection!

Smartphone Coaster
circle-smartphone-coasterMaybe a complete dock with a charging station and expensive price tag is a little much. Maybe you just want a nice looking and sturdy smartphone stand that you can lean your Android on for perfect viewing at your desk or bedside. If that’s you, then check out the smartphone coaster at You can snag one of these for only $4 and they make great stocking stuffers… but the winner of today’s Phan Giveaway will get one for free!

Phandroid Gear
phandroid-gearAnd as usual, we’ll hook the winner up with Phandroid Gear including a Phandroid drawstring bag, Phandroid stadium cup, Phandroid pens and Phandroid mints. Stay tuned for that Phandroid T-Shirt… I promise we’re still working on details and it WILL exist at some point in the near future. Promise!

Today’s winner is guaranteed a lot of awesome stuff, and it doesn’t take much at all to enter. Glance over this very short list of things you need to do:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 16th, 2010

We’ll contact the randomly selected winner on November 17th for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. First?

  2. yes please, let my android fanism grow!

  3. Umm, I must comment by Nov 2?? That has already passed! Just sayin……

  4. Yaaaa First to Post lol.. I was planning on buying one now I may not have to

  5. This is me, submitting a comment! (Come on, tablet….)

  6. Lol @Dustin.. faiiil but yeeeeers i want dis.

  7. Hurray! Im thrid?? Btw you put November 2nd when I think you meant December 2nd, no?

  8. OOOOOOHHHHHH, I want that tablet and that t-shirt and….. Please pick me, please pick me.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I think you meant December 2nd!

  10. Crap waited to long to post lol ohhh well

  11. Stuff for me?

  12. Please pick me!

  13. Thanks again for the chance.

  14. Poor Canadians get no love. Check your dates in the post; you say the contest ends Nov. 2, 2010, and draw is Nov. 3, 2010. Today is Nov. 16 =P

    Love the site, keep up the good work.


  15. I’m guessing that the November 2 is a mistake, unchanged from copy-paste from an old post?

  16. Oh my, I must have. If I won this I wouldn’t even have any Christmas wishes. My family would be happy not to shop for me.

  17. Yay, I’m the first to comment! Wait…I was supposed to comment by November 2nd? Did I miss the contest? I hope not!

  18. I’m in!!!! Would really like that tablet for my son!

  19. me me me!!!

  20. Oh…phandroid giveaways are getting ever juicier.

  21. What… No OJ gloves?

  22. No whammy no whammy free android stuff.

  23. November 2nd? But its the 16 already.
    [email protected] (oh yeah Gmail! I’ve had it a year before the G1 came out :) )

  24. I will give that tablet a good home. Right after i root the hell out of it.

  25. Yeah, I think you copied and pasted and the dates are wrong.

    Either way, definitely hoping for the tablet, but would enjoy the T-shirt as well. :)

  26. Awesome! I love these giveaways. Hopefully I’ll be picked for one…

  27. Count me in!!! I’d love to get my hands on that little beauty!

  28. Love the site keep up the great work! And pick me to win!

  29. Aw :( Shipping to Canada is really no issue at all :(

  30. Yay Phandroid!!!

  31. Phandroid rocks!!

  32. Love the video — looks like your phone needs a stunt double!

  33. Here’s to hoping!

  34. So when will we see another Phandroid Live event in Baltimore?

  35. Matthew wrote on November 16, 2010

    I think you meant December 2nd!

  36. Yea!!!! Phandroid Rocks!! Pick me!! Pick me!!


  38. He definetly meant November 9th as he is doing these every Tuesday.

    I would like to be entered in the drawing as well, please.

  39. November 2nd deadline? Looks like I need to load up Mr. Fusion.

  40. Pick me

  41. I wants that iSteamAndy. Please oh please oh please! my email is raveeshbhalla90 [at] g mail [.com] Oh, and if you, sir, are king enough to pick me, may I please have the poster instead of the shirt?

    If not sir, then I’d be delighted with the smartphone coaster. Yes I can buy it from a store right this moment, but who doesn’t like winning free stuff? That too Android-related stuff?

  42. Pick me pick me! Phandroid RUUUULLLEESS

  43. Come on Walgreen’s tablet! That’s where I do all my electronics shopping!

  44. very cool.

  45. this is badass. lol

  46. I can has random? Yes, I can!

  47. Hook it up

  48. Ooooh. I want the tablet and the tshirt….so cute! :)

    But why do the rules say Nov 3? Im assuming its a typo and Im going to continue to post my comment…hopefully ill win something :)

  49. Have to love random giveaways. The tablet looks kinda interesting for a couch browser.

  50. Tis the season for giving!!!!…Thanks Phandroid!!!!

  51. I so want a cheapass tablet for the kitchen.
    Am I right that Resistive Touch screens are actually better for when your fingers might be wet or sticky?

  52. I would love to win one of these

  53. That tablet should be interesting to play around with.

  54. big android fan and love my current device. would love this too. Could I get lucky?

  55. You should totally pick me because im a dedicated android fan, love everything android and can’t wait to learn more about it. That and i’ve never won a contest in my whole life (im 18) so this would be awesome!

  56. yay for free stuff

  57. Me like toys…

    Me want toys…

    Please give me toys!!!

  58. If I am randomly picked, does it really matter what I post here to win? How is this done, you know a hat or with a comment.random script? Just curious…or do you just ignore all the PICK MEEEEEEEE!!!! Guys and then pick from the real comments? Anywho we shall see.

  59. hi there!

  60. I just love those entry deadlines. Kinda like the date for the next OTA update to Gingerbread. As for $ 100 for a wireless only, no upgrade path 7 inch tablet, I’d get a Droid X with a one year contact instead.

  61. Best giveaway ever!

  62. nice

  63. Seems like an interesting win… wonder if you can hack a tablet to run 2.1 hmmm

  64. Anything would be good, I really enjoy all the good information you all come up with on Phandroid!

  65. Ooohhh!!! I want! Pick me!

  66. I’m a Mario, I’ma gonna win! Please..

  67. Awesome giveaway, what’s the best way to get a statistical advantage? Maybe you can give us the code behind your pseudo random generator. Most tend to lean towards lower numbers :)

  68. If this is valid (says Nov 2), then I’m in! :)

  69. Could I maybe persuade you to pick me this time, pretty please?

  70. Pick me! I would love to ditch my 40 dollar POS samsung epic desktop cradle for a phone coaster!!!

    These things rule, thanks PHANDROID!

  71. Countdown to my birthday!

  72. Me lub you maylong tim….

  73. Sweet – haven’t heard of this tablet…would love to give it a shot!

  74. why not!

  75. I am a die hard Android fan! What can I say, I’m addicted to that little Green Guy,(and Lloyd). It would make my day, night, and year, to win one of these fabulous prizes from my favorite site Thanks! =)

  76. Here’s my entry…

    best of luck to all the other phandroid phans!

  77. That tab would be nice to have. Same for the shirt. PS your post says november 3rd. Did y’all figure out time travel and not let us in on it? I thought we were your favorite phans! Lol..

  78. Oh yes please, count me in!

  79. I want the M-150 Android Tablet.
    It will be my first Android device and will hold me till I can afford a decent pay-as-you-go Android phone.

  80. I like to enter contests.

  81. Like the t-shirt and the smartphone holder.

  82. nice im in! these contests are getting better every time!

  83. Love one, please!

  84. Best giveaway…so far!

  85. I have consulted the diabolical arts and it says that the 7inch Maylong M-150 is mine. C’mon Phandroid, don’t let me down :)

  86. Canada is not that far from you guys :/

  87. You should pick me because I am awesome. Both android and awesome start with an a, so I am the obvious choice.

  88. I would love all that sweet gear! :)

  89. I will enter past the deadline. why not. I wont win anyways : (

  90. Wow…I thought I read this item quickly…already dozens of comments!

  91. Pick me! Awesome stuff to be giving away! I want me some steampunk android.

  92. Would love to play with that tablet. Not sure if I want to get one for my kid sister or not…

  93. I love free stuff

  94. hey you guys, DON’T TOUCH MY JUNK!

  95. Pick me.

  96. I hope Castle can use Android phone in his TV Show.

  97. I wanna play some MahJong on the Maylong…

  98. Booyah!

  99. Finally got in on one of the giveaways!!! Thanks in advance!! :)

  100. Christmas in November?!!

  101. This is the best ever! Thanks Phandroid!!!

  102. r00t!! Yes please!

  103. This is an awesome little package you’re giving away! My fingers are crossed!

  104. “Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010”
    Sorry, my time machine is borked. Will this do?

  105. Would be great to give a tablet form a try (for free)! Thanks.

  106. Someone needs to write a time machine app so we can comment before November 2.

  107. Memememememeeeee :)

  108. *fingers crossed*

  109. Sweet, but looks like none of us will win unless we get the Delorean ready, deadline is Nov. 2! :-)

  110. I’m totally in.

  111. Now that would make a perfect Christmas gift.

  112. Yummy

  113. i win

  114. @Jay, get an iphone, there’s an app for that.

  115. Phandroid owns!!

  116. Pick Me!

  117. Hoping…

  118. I’d like to test the tablet out!

  119. I frequently submit your articles to Digg. :-) Keep up the good work!

  120. Guys pick me I’m a huge phan!

  121. This would be awesome for work! Please pick me!

  122. If I were to win, I’d have to rewrite my Christmas list.

  123. Please pick me Android!

  124. Phandroid is the BEST! I’m hoping the date is a typo?!
    Yay for giveaways!

  125. I would be honored to be selected for these… Me Me Me.

  126. I have never won a contest. This would be an awesome first win!

  127. Wow. Great give away stuff. Pick me!

  128. in it to win it!

  129. This tablet sucks but I don’t mind getting something

  130. Dang I missed it, November 2nd deadline, two weeks to late.. ;)

  131. Awesome giveaway!


  133. <333 do it to it!

  134. Yo Yo Yo! Wooooo!

    I still want a mini android :/

  135. I could probably think of some things to do with that tablet.

  136. Please pick me to win, i’m really wanting to try an android tablet out

  137. Excellent!!! Pick me please!

  138. Win much would I like.

  139. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!

    Seriously though, I just climbed out of my DeLorean, my flux capacitor is still crackling, and it is certainly now Nov. 2, 2010 and I am ready to win! I would love that tee and tablet and was told by my dad when I was young (when leaving a restaurant I think) “never pass up a chance for a free mint ,son.”

    You can email me or tweet @Jeregano.

    But give me some time to respond, I won’t even know I about this contest coming until Nov 15th and won’t know I have to come back in time to enter until the 16th. Probably best to let me know if I won on Nov. 17th or so.

  140. If I were to win, I’d give it to my wife for her to use in her new salon she’s opening…

  141. If I win I will shave my head baaaaaaald

  142. this would save my poor ass for xmas. My kids and husband love this stuff. unemployment blows. Happy holidays everyone!

  143. Android Rocks!!

  144. Is my comment random enough? :p

  145. no whammy, no whammy, no whammy, no whammy, STOP!

  146. Once upon a time, there was a race of insectoid aliens known as the Praelor. These aliens, not inherently violent in nature, but also not kind, had a unique talent: the ability to create and maintain artificial wormholes.

    One day, an innocent Praelor ship was minding its own business, traveling through randomly destined wormholes to see what they would find on the other side. When they emerged back into realspace, what should it see but a stranger! A hulking starship, metallic hull gleaming in the light of the sector’s star, approached the ship slowly. The Praelor were unfamiliar with this race and decided to make contact.

    The ships were docked awkwardly. The metallic monster didn’t seem to have any standard docking ports. But the Praelor still managed. They boarded the vessel and were met by strange looking bipeds.

    The head of the Praelor delegation, after his species fashion of communication, spewed an encoded acid burst at the strange creatures, intended to be collected and interpreted by the receptors on their suits.

    The strange alien at whom the burst had been directed drew back, shielding its top portion with two of its limbs. The aliens surrounding the other drew strange looking devices from their belts and pressed buttons. Surges of energy poured into the delegation’s leader, momentarily incapacitating it. The others reacted fiercely, firing bursts of corrosive acid at the hostile creatures until they moved no more.

    Rapidly, the Praelor returned to their ship and disengaged from the metallic hulk. They immediately sent forth a barrage of acid-based weaponry, tearing through the hull until little was left.

    The Praelor then departed in search of those who would harm a peaceful delegation.

  147. 100th!!! I VANT IT!!!!!

  148. My post

  149. OOOOOOOO, i could really use any of those!

  150. Sweet! I love the shirt!

  151. Please, pick me.

  152. Awesome, count me in!

  153. awesome coverage on android. best site.

  154. This would be very nice. It would make it so much easier for my nearly 3 year old little girl to play the Angry Birds.

  155. Need it !
    I am the winner ! yes i am !

  156. Huge android fan that would love to be picked!! I almost bought a Maylong but GF talked me out of it :(. EVIL

  157. What an excellent reason to leave a comment for a change :)

    Long time reader.

  158. i hope it didn’t break too!

  159. I like to win and I went to Pandroid Live! Maybe that will help my chances.

  160. pick me. please i need android tablet or the smartphone

  161. Nice smartphone coaster just what I need to place my droid x on display. The iSteamAndy T-Shirt, well the android design has always been way ahead of its time.

  162. GIMME!

  163. \___/
    /. .\
    / Pick\
    | Me!|
    | |

  164. Yes please.

  165. Do want!

  166. Wow that’s some nice stuff and I hear the wally tab can be upgraded to 2.1 ;0

  167. would love to have any one of these lovely prizes!…

  168. got to get me one of those tabs!

  169. Been wanting one of these cheapo tablets to play with! Me please!

  170. Freaking alignments! That took a lot of time!

  171. “comment about winning”

  172. Insert witty comment here!

  173. I don’t expect to ever win, but I’m entering anyway, it can’t hurt.

    I do wonder though, how can they afford to give away all this stuff!? I realize some/most of it is comped to them, but even still. There’s gold in them thar hills!

  174. Phandroid rocksoid!

  175. Wow! Very impressive slate of prizes. Hope I’m lucky today.

  176. Hey Rob, i believe i deserve the android tablet or any of those prizes, not because i say so but because i have proven how much i really like this website, remember back in September in (phandroid live event)i drove 2 hour just for the fun of it and to show my support for the website, not to mention i actually got to meet some cool people. hopefully you will take me into consideration.

  177. Pick me Rob!!!! please? im too poor to afford android gear!

  178. Thank you in advance.

  179. long may the maylong live.

  180. I’d really like to win, please.

  181. Don’t even care about the tab…just please give me the phandroid gear! Ok, ok, I’ll take the tab too! ;)

  182. I like free stuff!

  183. What all i want is that coaster the tablet isa bonus!!!!

  184. That t-shirt rocks

  185. pick me please

  186. I care about it ALL cuz that’s how I roll! :)

  187. lolololololololololololololololololololololololollololololololololol

  188. Woo! Come on let me be that random guy!

  189. love the site

  190. Pick me!!!

  191. That’s a pretty awesome giveaway. That t-shirt is sweet. I’d like to wear it into my local Apple store.

  192. wow so many people want free stuff! personal i like the t-shirt

  193. Throw my hat into the mix.

  194. Yet another awesome give away from phandroid

  195. Thanks in advance!

  196. Keep it Treal.

  197. I’ll take it! Thank you in advance

  198. Definitely the biggest giveaway so far!! WooHoo!

  199. pick me!

  200. I could use some android swag! and the tablet would be uber cool.
    BUT according to the rules, the contest is over already :(
    Anyway, PICK ME!!!!!

  201. I like phandroid

  202. arrgghhhh

  203. That shirt is fantastic! And the tablet looks like it would be interesting to play with.

  204. Lots of scrolling to get to the bottom of this page

  205. I would like phandroid more if I won!

  206. I want that shirt!!!!

  207. I would love to win

  208. This would be great to have.

  209. Those look like some prizes that would make my year lol

  210. It says “Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010”.

    Here’s to November 16th being the new November 2nd!! :) haha.

  211. Comment…See I left one.

  212. Randomly choose me!

  213. This would make for a nice X-mas gift for some lucky Phan.

  214. Makes me sad the winner was contacted a week or so ago and it wasn’t me. I’d still like to enter anyway.

  215. Do I comment here? I love the Tshirt. I have my Deconstructed Andy…

  216. Would love to win this stuff

  217. Definately interested in the android tablet. Most likely I will post a youtube breakdown video for you all if I should win it.

  218. No thanks. Shhhhh…. Reverse psychology.

  219. I could use this. Great give aways for a great website!

  220. isteam? Why i? Lets not differentiate ourselves. i officially hate the name of that T-shirt.

  221. Tuesday is my new favorite day of the week…right after Friday

  222. Overjoyed with my
    Android yet still
    Devoid of a tablet which I hope will be
    Deployed to me if I win so that i may have chance to have
    Enjoyed Android Tablet goodness and hope I win, please don’t
    Avoid picking me, I hope I haven’t


    Please Pick Me !

  223. If you pick me i will share with 2 other lucky winners!!! – Pass it ON – PICK ME! :)

  224. Pick Me!

  225. this could be fun

  226. Insert pathetic pick me commemt

  227. Where’s Michael J. Fox when you need him???? I want to go back in time and comment by November 2nd so I can win!!

  228. i heart you guys

  229. I would like to load Android 2.1 or Android 2.2 onto the Maylong tablet … i want one

  230. I’m in!

  231. The coaster is by far the best thing there. haha jk the tablet would be nice to have seeing as how im in android detox since my phone broke

  232. Hope it’s me. Great site guys.

  233. I want one smartphone coaster!

  234. I WANTS IT PLOX!!!!

  235. The tshirt looks like the coolest prize, IMO. :)

  236. # Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010

  237. Is this a contest or a sweeps? Where are the official rules? I wants some swag!

  238. I want a nexus s!

  239. i can haz android tablet + swag?

  240. got to love the tablet, cant believe it is only $100 at walgreens, Also the coaster is a sweet idea, always need a safe place to put the Dinc i have. Exploded andy is always awesome, cant believe they made a steam punk version, very cool, and the phandroid gear is always a treat

  241. I have to say that cell phone stand would look pretty “Snazzy” on my desk holding my HTC Incredible!!!

  242. I was here! 2010


  243. android FTW

  244. thanks for the chance

  245. deadline is wrong

  246. I need my Google fix.



  248. Help a green robot using guy out!

  249. you know what sucks. scrolling to the bottom on your phone just to try to comment. lol but it might be worth it hahaha.

  250. random comment:

    An increasing number of U.S. cities are trying to answer that question, as growing downtowns bustling with night life raise noise to levels that have some residents ready to scream.

  251. Oh I wanna win please:(

  252. I will take what I can get ^_^

  253. I want that tablet!

  254. Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010 lol
    How do I do that? LOL

  255. C’mon I want some more Phandroid mints!

  256. My wife has been telling me that I can’t get a tablet cause I spend to much on android already. This would piss her off royally. I love your site and tell everyone to check it out for the latest updates. Hope I win. Thanks for all of the reading.

  257. These are definetely the droids I am looking for.

  258. I love those random drawings! Almost as much as I love Phandroid! Ahhh!

  259. Long live the Phan Giveaway! Been looking for a chance to check out one of the android tablets, especially one that has a stylus. That shirt is pretty sweet too! Lol, check phandroid everyday, but I allways miss the giveaways!! Good luck everyone!

  260. OH me me me me

  261. Can i haz stuff?

  262. well, let’s put my name in the hat. I already saw several other ppl bring up the (hopefully) obvious typo w/the date. so let’s see what happens.

  263. I like free

  264. Phandroid fanboy here since November 2008.

  265. Oh man. I’m going to need to be “randomly” picked for this!

  266. Yeah! Just in time for my birthday!

  267. FIRST!!

    Plus 145-ish.

  268. Oh boy do I want this one.

  269. Why is the Smartphone Coaster on Phandroid showing a laid back iPhone4? Did you all turn into iDouches? :-D

    (srsly, I’d love to win that t-shirt!)

  270. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog! Woo!

  271. someone root a tablet please!

  272. Haha, that tablet is awesome!! Let’s see it running some of Team Whiskey’s goodness ;)

  273. I want the t-shirt. Looks cool.

  274. I think the Maylong Tab would be great for my daughter to use. Maybe it will keep her from stealing my Fascinate.

  275. I really want the tablet, seems interesting

  276. I’m the one

  277. A free tablet sounds good to me…

  278. fyi, the tap water in Cincinnati tastes like swimming pool

  279. I like tabs…tab cola!

  280. Chinese phrase: Android Maylong hours give you entertainment!

  281. I want it all…brand new socks and drawers…I want it all, all, all…

  282. like me some android toys.

  283. a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010

  284. I would love a t-shirt.

  285. I could use this to brighten up my horrible week. Pick me!

  286. Free stuff for me??? You shouldn’t have!

  287. c’mon tablet!

  288. I would be more than happy to take any of these items off your hands, especially the tablet.

  289. Free stuff rocks!!!

  290. Would look good with my Evo, yet the coasters a bit much seeing Howe i have a kickstand, i would let you keep it or guve it to someone else.

  291. C’mon baby,give me the tablet, I got that Phandroid itch. I need to get right. I’ll su-….

  292. Its just a hundred bucks.

  293. phandroid rules!! pick me please!!!

  294. “Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010” Must we go back in time? Is there an app for that?

  295. a tablet would be great. my cat was looking for a new toy.

  296. Long time lurker, first time writer. Pick me.

  297. Original comment!

  298. By Nov 2 for the entry deadline, did you mean Dec 2? #corrections

  299. Count me in – love this website and not just for the free goodies!

  300. Wearing hot pink to attract attention!

  301. I believe the only t-shirts I own are free t-shirts. I could use another to add to the collection.

  302. Not sure which is a better get the Maylong, or the Mints.
    either way cool give away.

  303. Ya know, I’d certainly not mind having that tablet. A little Root here, and little Froyo or Gingerbread there…..suddenly, a good ebook reader and web browser. Heck, I could even use it to watch anime if I downed the resolution enough.

  304. Oh nice. A tablet would be great!

  305. I would like to win all the items listed. Be great to explore the tablet to see if they would benefit me and. android stuff is icing on the cake. But I like Igor, no one picks me. Thanks for the chance.

  306. I would love the Phandroid stuff!

  307. count me in

  308. Great idea on the giveaways! Pick me!

  309. In

  310. Loads of neat swag! pick me! Love the site btw.

  311. When you pick me I maylong time

  312. Let the winnings begin!

  313. Obviously lucky number (Whatever comment number I am) should be picked. Thank you for the consideration!

  314. Kool stuff…

  315. The greatest Phan giveway!!! I will take it.

  316. I’ll take two

  317. Want want want.

  318. Moses could’ve used a couple of these tablets…sucks to have to chisel those commandments out of stone!

  319. Oh SWEET!

  320. Here’s hoping I win this time.

    although the “submit by” date threw me off too…

  321. <3 Free Stuff!

  322. ding!

  323. Would love to be a PhanDroid advertising whore! ;)

  324. Phandroid ftw! Love the giveaways:D

  325. Hmmm… this one sounds too good to be true…

  326. Headed to Walgreens as soon as I don’t win…

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    PHAN Who!! Phandroid!

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    °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸PΩK M£†°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
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    °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸PΩK M£†°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
    °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸PΩK M£†°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

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