Skype For Android Updated to 1.0.1


Funny, I was just telling my friends how annoying it was that Skype for Android has yet to receive a much needed update. We’ve just been tipped off that 1.0.1 is now live in the Android market and it comes with the following laundry list of changes:

New screen resolutions supported

We have introduced support for lower screen resolutions used on many popular Android devices, including the HTC Wildfire.

Hardware back key

When sending Skype to background with hardware back key, the Skype user interface process ends, but the library process continues to run in the background. As a result, you’ll still be able to receive incoming calls and IMs. This should help reduce Skype’s battery consumption while it’s in the background.

Signing out now exits Skype

When you sign out from Skype then it now exits the Skype application.

The full release notes for release build are:


* 320*240 and 240*400 screen resolutions are now supported.
* Hardware back key is now supported.
* Reduced power consumption in idle mode.
* Signing out from Skype now exits Skype.
* Improved login stability and behavior.
* Improved performance with large contact lists.
* Reduced application size.
* General bug fixes.


There is also a full list of known issues available over at Skype’s site if you dare to take a look. It’s not the biggest of updates, but it’s getting there. Of course, the biggest thing people are waiting for is video calling and 3G support, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing those for a while. I’ll gladly eat my words if we do.

[Update]: It’s actually not in the market yet. Strange. We’ll keep an eye out for it later on today.

[Thanks, Michael!]

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  1. but when do we get to have video chat?

  2. Can’t find the update. First.

  3. @Paul… FAIL!

  4. Looks like it’s not there yet. Hoping this fixes the issue with not being able to use it on Galaxy S devices.

  5. I’ve tried it on my i9000 Galaxy S and it seems to be connecting OK now but I haven’t tested it properly

  6. Looks like it’s there now. It looks like they tried to fix it for Galaxy S devices, but it’s still hanging somewhere. I’ve at least gotten further than I was able to before with this update.

  7. It is on the market, was updated in the morning but the market does not report it as 1.0.1 only (which is actually same as 1.0.1 if you read the skype blog)

  8. Does not work on Samsung Captivate (AT&T)
    Can not login

  9. yeah…Galaxy S fix?

  10. Still no worky on Galaxy….(vibrant)

  11. From skype website

    * The application currently runs on some Samsung Android handsets, but not all (such as the Samsung Galaxy S, which is not supported). We’re working on a solution that will run on more Samsung devices. Meanwhile, you can still save money on calls to phones abroad with a Skype To Go number, which lets you make international calls from your Android phone (or any mobile or landline) at great Skype rates.

  12. So how long until the 3g hack for this update comes out?

  13. I want to use Skype but I find the app is badly designed.
    I need a chat system more like GTalk to enjoy it and to not have an icon in the bar all the time.

  14. Downloaded the update a few minutes ago..
    For what it’s worth, 3g voice calls do work great (in canada), they’re only disabled in the US, likely due to the special deal with Verizon). voice quality is actually suprisingly good over 3G.

    Video chat… well yeah, that’s a bummer.

  15. Give us some damn video Chat. Apple face time video chat is 1000000000 times better quality than any video chat option for any android currently. I think google should use some if its quadzillion dollars to hire some programmers to come out with video chat for google talk. Everybody has gmail, and Gtalk, but no video chat on this? Cmon guys…showing off qik or yahoo messenger video chat to others is shameful…android FTL on this one.

  16. Once again skype fails. I actually prefer using nimbuzz but skype closed them down also just like fring. There isn’t even the option to move their bulky app to the sd card. To me skype fails again.

  17. what is the story between skype and galaxy s?

  18. Whatever happened to Skype lite?

  19. So does it have move to SD yet? This app is gigantic on a Nexus One… Why does it take the companies who develop big name apps so long to check the box to move to SD when developing their program?

  20. Useless without video.

  21. if you guy want to talk on 3g whith skype download the apk from xda works perfect, but im sure this apk does’t work with any samsung cell ethier.

  22. @jp – they didn’t shut down Nimbuzz and Fring, they just shut down the ability to use Skype contacts from those apps. You have to get your contacts to load Nimbuzz or Fring or Tango or whatever and you can use those apps, although none of them are really great, at least you can get some video. And if you have any friends with the Fruity phone (you don’t have to admit it publicly) some are cross platform.

  23. Use Tango to video chat!! its so tuff!

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