Angry Birds Update Adds 45 Levels, QVGA Support


Rovio’s just sling shotted a new version of Angry Birds to the Android market. Today’s update brings with it 45 new levels to get yourself dirty with. We’re sure many will appreciate the added content considering most of us addicts breezed through it in such a short amount of time. (That’s not to say the game itself is short and not challenging. It’s just overly addicting and hard to put down.)


They’ve also added support for QVGA devices for those who like phones in smaller packages (because bigger isn’t always better, and good things DO tend to come in small packages.) With that, go ahead and look for the new version in the Android market now.

[via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. MiniSquadron had an update today too, is there going to be a story about that?

  2. Damn, I was going to try to get some work done today.

  3. @larry, no. everyone knows agry birds. i dont know who knows minisquadron. i know i dont

  4. @mike

    Everyone SHOULD know MiniSquadron. That game is a lot of fun for only $2.99! Back on topic: downloading it now…

  5. Damn … Vibrant running Macnut R10 (froyo)

    “Sorry, Angry Birds does not support your phone. We’re constantly adding new phones, so please come back later!”

    Someone grab the damn apk and throw it on a fileshare pls. :)

  6. Great to know, but ‘addicting’ shouldn’t be used in that context. A game can be addictive or can cause a person to be addicted(if you believe that video game addition even exists) but addicting, it is not.

    Very boring and picky I know, but proper use the English language matters to me.

  7. *addiction even exists

    Please implement Disqus so we can have a better commenting system here and can edit comments etc.

  8. @Khalid do yourself a favor and make sure your spelling is correct. Especially if you’re going off on a tangent about the “proper use of the English language”. This is not a thread about such a thing. Get a life.

    ANGRY BIRDS FTW!!! Can’t wait to check out these new levels.

  9. @ Khalid

    It also helps when YOU can create coherent sentences yourself

  10. agreed though… would be nice to have disqus implemented in comment sections

  11. @mike
    That’s kind of the point. There are tons of really nice games on Android at this point that get relatively significant content updates that don’t get any coverage, whereas something that everyone is already aware of gets a news story every other day.

  12. Runs real slow on my Eris with xtrsense

  13. @larry
    Angry Birds is widely known and loved throughout myriad platforms, and when it came to Android it was a well-received, much-loved addition to the Market. There have been numerous articles on this site about Angry Birds, and this is a follow up to those articles. I appreciated the info.

  14. I’m hesitant to download this update. After reading comments from the Market, a lot of people have complained that the game runs a lot slower and the ads now cover the whole screen and interupt game play. What the hell is that about?? I never minded the ads on the free version because they only took up a small section at the very bottom of the screen, but I’m not going to update if they now randomly flash across the whole screen.
    Fix this now Rovio!

  15. @ Khalid “Very boring and picky I know, but proper use the English language matters to me.”

    Did you forget the of?

    If you’re going to complain about something that no one really cares about, at least complain correctly. :-)

  16. @Toast
    I started to have that issue before I updated… All of the sudden it started to run slow and bog my Moto Droid1 down. I also noticed that every once in a while an ad would fill up the whole screen. I’m not real into that. BUT the game is still awesome, I’m excited to check out the new levels, and I will continue to waste/burn time with it!

  17. be warned, i had just started a new level (no missions completed)and the update dropped me back to the last completed level…booo
    not the first time my download trigger finger got me in trouble

  18. Toast is right. I downloaded the update, and while I haven’t seen full screen ads, the ads now pop up at the top of the screen and interfere with game play. The ads cover part of the screen where you would normally tap the birds in flight to get them to perform. It’s completely frustrating and poorly thought out. BOO to Rovio on this one!

  19. @toastntoejam
    yeah the first time the whole screen went ad i was wtf?
    now i’m just argh.. great free game so i accept the ads

  20. They fixed the floors not showing on my Hero, but now it runs really slowly :(
    there’s a way to get rid of the ads by the way –
    so simple.

  21. whuutdaFUQ kind of update is this? It’s all nice that the ledges and terrain are all fixed but the game is now slower than pond water … uninstalled.

  22. Wooo!! it’s fixed my rendering issue (white landscape) and I can see it in the market on my Hero!

  23. Just to let it be known, this post goes out to Khalid, who wrote the most ignorant comment of the day. How can you possibly try and condemn someone (for not using the English language properly) when you completely failed at it yourself? Next time, when you are trying to flaunt your acute grasp of the great English language, please be sure to check for holes in the bag before you throw that trash out there. First and foremost, if you want to be “proper”, do not use contractions. That is not formal by any means. You practically just sinned because you disobeyed one of the English Commandments, “Thou shalt not partake in the usage of contractions.” I could move on to your use of single quotations, but you could be British, whose methods are opposite of American English. Instead, I will mosey on down to your lack of commas. In your second sentence, it is clear as day that you have two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction (“but” if you did not know). That conjunction allows you to join the two clauses. Unfortunately, you forgot to toss the necessary comma before the conjunction. That is definitely “proper.” The phrase, or rather the way in which you used the phrase, “I know”, is an interjection. Interjections must be set off by commas. Therefore, you need to place a comma before the phrase. Congratulations though, you got one of them! That is all on the comma usage, but those are not the only tidbits you forgot. You also did not remember to put the word “of” after “but proper use. . . .” Of course, our minds filled in the blank for us, but they should not have had to work for that mistake on your part. You also forgot to add a space before the beginning of your parenthetical expression. Trucking on to the most important failure of all, your logic is futile. How can something be addictive — you said the same thing twice by the way — but not be addicting? There is a direct correlation between the two. The root is the same. To sum this all up, calling people out for improper use of English when you do not even have it together yourself is flat out stupid. Good day, sir. I hope this whole response does not ruin it.

    Nice article Mr. Kennemeneamnemner.

  24. I Had the old version on my HTC Magic. It was slow on some level but fine otherway. Now With the graphic fixed.. unplayable. I uninstalled it, and had to resinstall to old version and now I lost my savegame! NNNOOOOOOOoooooo!!

  25. Hi All!

    I am fairly new to the Android scene, having just gotten my first Droid X. I downloaded the Angry Birds update after completing all the levels on the original, but the new levels aren’t showing up! I cleared my cache and moved the app from my phone to my SD card, but nothing. I haven’t ‘cleared the data’ because I am worried it will kill all my progress.

    Any tips?

  26. @Trill i seriously lol’ed at that. <—- def proper english

  27. who said everyone knows about angry birds?? didnt know what the hell angry birds was until i read this.lol. ive heard the name all over the place but didnt know what it was.

  28. @ Trill Cosby LMFAO!!!!

  29. Just proves the old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. heheh.


  30. @Brad actually it was broke for some people but now it’s even more broke.

  31. Update downloads then fails to install. As for the ads …guess I don’t want this update until its fixed. Oh…same instal issue with Minisquadron…and that is BS because I paid for that game.
    EVO 4G
    Rooted Stock 2.2

  32. I’m stuck on 3-6 lol

  33. trill cobsy wins!!!!!

  34. Good point Brad2! I’m not about to update mine until I hear the bugs have been worked out. Besides, it’s going to take me awhile to beat the levels I still have, let alone another 45.

  35. WOW! This new update sucks! Slowest I’ve seen it yet, and that’s sad since I had to mod the gl drivers on my Samsung Moment just to play the original version. I go through the action of pulling one of the birds back in the slingshot and releasing, wait a full 3 seconds for the bird to actually be pulled back on the screen, and then a few more for the actual launch. Sad how an “update” actually worsens gameplay…
    Reverting to previous…

  36. @Trill,

    If you’re trying to look ‘cool’ by typing a response like that it would be slightly handy if you used Paragraphs. After all, that is good English right?

  37. It’s working fine on my OG Droid. Nary a problem.

  38. A full stop (or period if you prefer) should not go inside quotation marks or brackets unless it is part of the quotation/phrase that is quoted or bracketed.

    Just thought i’d throw that in there.

    Shoot your first bird up over the stone blocks and aim for the wooden block, if you hit it right it will keep rolling and take out the line of pigs. Getting rid of the wooden block allows the stone blocks to roll until they fall over. If you then shoot your second bird at the first set of stone blocks (near the bottom as you need the top to fall onto the second set of blocks) it should get them to roll until it kills the last pig.

  39. Sam, since I am not trying to “look cool,” I guess that does not apply to me. To answer your question, I guess so. However, I stopped going for 5-7 sentence paragraphs around middle school. One separation wouldn’t have hurt, but it was not all that necessary.

    Ilh, periods always go inside quotation marks at the end of a sentence (except when you use parenthetical documentation). Commas go inside too, which I happened to remember just now. I was thinking they followed the same rule as colons and semicolons. What you are referring to applies to question marks and exclamation points. In that case, you are correct. I honestly don’t care about all that grammar correctness and proper usage until someone tries to call out an author of an article. If it’s “OMGZZ BAD,” then yeah, the calling out is justified. Not in this case though.

    Back on topic, one of my older sisters just came in my house asking what Angry Birds was. I just lol’d and went back to work. She was in the same boat as Dave B.

  40. Finished the 45 levels!!! Found Golden Eggs #’s 14-16. Now I need to get three stars in all levels to get the last golden egg. I am so addicted!!!!! Can’t…..put…..it……down……

  41. Paragraphs don’t show (at least on IE8)…

  42. Maybe in American English, but then again, that version of English isn’t “proper”. :P
    It doesn’t follow the logical flow of the sentence. Is the punctuation part of what is quoted or is it part of the full sentence?

  43. It slowed my hero down like crazy.

  44. I’m just happy I got a bonus English/grammer lesson today!! What a treat! :)

  45. It’s GRAMMAR, you pathetic excuse for a human!



  46. Angree Berds iz anne, awsum” game! Butt da adds R in a (tarable) plase.! I can’t not play it, butt moov dose adds mo fos’!

    Khalid = tool, you’ve failed as much as I failed in the above statement, and as much as I’m failing right now…

  47. Ilh, I don’t know anymore lol. American English sucks.

  48. does anyone know how to make it NOT lag on my htc hero 2.1

  49. Use airplane mode, it gets rid of the ads. I found absolutely no lag on my Droid.

  50. I wish I had found this site before I downloaded the update! I understand the reason for the ads but I don’t have to like it!! It’s ruined my game! Grrrrrrr!

  51. I have the 17th golden egg and there is nothing but a red bird in there. How do I get the star? PS I hate the ads too.

  52. I have completed the whole game except for the 17th egg, which appears to have missing parts to it. Only see the large bird. Anyone else have the same issues? (Droid x)

  53. Uninstalled…ads are too annoying to play now. Cant see where the bird is with ad in the way

  54. Lol, yea have the same problem with the 17th golden egg. I think its a bug.. must be a bug. Adds can be solved by using AIRPLANE MODE, no adds that way for me..

  55. Just turn of your Wi-fi/internet, then no ads.
    I have also completed the whole game, except for the 17th egg….

  56. @ Trill Cosby LMAO….that just made my day! Keep on rocking! :-)

  57. This is the next big thing in gaming; at least cell phone gaming, right now any way, I hear we can look forward to playing angry birds on a console soon.

  58. getting upset as I see all these site saying update for angry birds for android but when you go to them there’s no way to update. Just like this one..yek it’s getting on my nerves

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