Dell Streak for Rogers Now Being Sold by Dell


Rogers’ Q4 roadmap showed they’d be getting the Dell Streak alongside the unearthing of some early pricing figures, but now Dell’s offering the device just as promised. The SIM-Free device will only be usable on Rogers’ network, as Dell’s website clearly states. We’re not sure why they chose to go this route, but business is business. Pricing sits at $549.99 to buy it outright, but we expect Rogers to offer it themselves shortly for a subsidized price of $149.99 (three-year agreement.)

Dell Mobile Streak

[via Dell] [Thanks, Chad!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What a load of crap, only to be used on Rogers! Unbelievable. The networks are all the same! I was about to buy this and use it on Telus.

  2. Worth the money definitely.

  3. I called Dell the moment i got off the phone with Rogers (whos salespeople didnt even know that it was doing on sale at Dell first), Dell says that the phone is Simless, i asked how i put my Rogers SIM card in it (which is a requirement to use their network), they told me that once i placed my order directly with dell and my unit arrived, i would have to call Rogers to find out how to activate it… which would involve putting my sim in…

    Seems Dell is trying to stop people from purchasing to unlock it?

  4. No point to that big screen if its gonna be low res. Forcing peeps onto robbers is ghey, dell can suck it.

  5. @ Jesse … this version of the Streak is an embedded device ( meaning software locked ) it can operate without a SIM card.

    Seeing as though it is a software lock … I believe it is only a matter of time before someone finds a way to break that software lock.

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