Google Makes the Best Mobile Operating System Again, Says Another 300,000 Votes


It looks like someone didn’t take too kindly to what appeared to be rigged voting in Wall Street Journal’s poll yesterday asking “who makes the best mobile operating system?” After Google seemed to get ahead of the pack after at least 9,000 legitimate votes, Windows fan sites have been rallying up to take them down and put Microsoft ahead.


The tide has turned yet again, but this time it’s a lot more numerous. According to the poll today, Google now makes the best operating system owning 94.4% of the votes. A whopping 357,000 votes have come in for them, so far, leaving everyone as far behind as far can get. We’re sure this is the result of an Android lover who wouldn’t take the insult of rigged voting lying down.

I think that just killed our hopes of Wall Street creating a story based on these poll results as we’re sure all of its credibility has been lost. And if there’s anything to take away from it, at least we know that the power of Google is still stronger than the power of Microsoft.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Luv it… first!

  2. Rofl. I dont think I hate apple as much as microsoft. At least apple makes quality products. Microsoft blows with their slow, shitty, virus prone software. Steve balmer is on his knees beggin devs to make apps for the DOA wp7. fail. Suck google’s big one, or mine, which is equally as big

  3. Go die chris. kthanks

  4. ROFL, make that 400,000 votes for Google, and it just keeps growing by the thousand. LMAO!!!

  5. HAHA. Proof that Google’s got better programmers than Microsoft…

    Complete hax, but I love it.

  6. Android users tend to be more tech saavy, while Microsoft users tend to be your average home user. So, it makes sense that there are more Google fans online to respond to the poll than Microsoft fans. Your Blackberry users can’t take the time away from watching their stocks to vote in the poll. Good fun, but a worthless poll.

  7. Growing at roughly 500 votes per second. NOw at 405,000

  8. I’m just happy apple is at the bottom.

  9. How many votes will it take before they pull it??

  10. IN YO FACE, M.S Fanboys!

    Android fanboys make better voting script lol

  11. iam an idiotic troll who lives in my moms basement and craves attention because iam insecure about myself which is why i lie and say mine is big

  12. you all need to get a life. my god. OMG APPLE OMG ANDROID OMG WINDOWS…….

  13. looks like one of our developers here decided to use some XSS posts with filter evasion :-) It appears to be going up about 1000 every few seconds, haha. I wonder how long it will take for WSJ to pull that page due to server load? The page loaded VERY sluggishly over my 20mbs connection! Slow it down and you will probably get further.

  14. This poll is no longer about which OS is best but it’s all about which voting script is best lol… That site will go down very soon lol

  15. 507,464 10:34am pacific time

  16. Claims of vote rigging by MS, really? You can’t be serious. Encouraging blog readers to vote in a poll is hardly vote rigging. Setting up what is now some very obvious bot activity is indeed vote rigging and gives the Android community a black eye.

  17. I wonder if the script running off of one machine or off a botnet

  18. 544,700 votes

  19. Lol gotta love us guys at 4 Chan, we made moot man of the year and now this. /b ftw

  20. After Microsoft pride, Linux pride!

  21. 605,000 lol. Silly spammers.

  22. lol.. all this shows is which community is more passionate about their OS.

    Like how the Palm Pre kept winning those phone battles…

  23. bahaha. android smash!

  24. 1 billion

  25. Falcon pawnch!

  26. Oh, unscientific polls, how funny you are.

  27. this is just the beginning !!!

    i just voted and its 650,000 votes having 96.8% of the votes!

  28. 671.500 votes 96.8% for Linux Google Android!

  29. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHWTFPOTATOES!!!!!!!1111!1111!1111oneone!!!11! I accidentally voted Apple!!!!! I feel so dirty….. }:-(

  30. Spam wars are not newsworthy.

  31. Is it so wrong that this warms the cockles of my heart? I feel like such a dirty nerd… oh and it’s almost at 900,000 @ 350p EST

  32. Oh how silly. Quentyn is right in the article though… this poll is officially no longer of any concern to anyone. It certainly won’t make a good article.

  33. Wow! what an absurd poll with absurd results followed by some of the most absurd comments I’ve seen on this site. Such venom against competing companies. Do people behave the same way about all the companies they deal with. Microsoft, Google, Apple. How about Walmart, Kmart, Target? Coke Pepsi Dr. Pepper? Jeez. Who cares, they are all corporations who will screw you if it profits them. Use their products as long as it suits you, but please, this turning of technology companies in to a religion. So many posts here are beginning to sound like posts from the Jehovah Witness of the Tech world–the Apple fan boys

  34. its down lol

  35. Now its sitting at a comfortable 814,000 votes for Google. Shows who the technologically advanced people are doesn’t it?

  36. We are the champions my friend.


  37. Hey! What did you expect ?

  38. over a million now haha

  39. Ahahahahah! I Love Google

  40. ok this is just getting hilarious… 1.47 million votes for Google, 98.5% (4:20AM Eastern time, 4:20PM in Singapore).

    Unfortunately, this does not show how popular Android is… it just shows how tech-savvy and organizable Android users and devs are :)

    But still – yay!

  41. Even if the whole vote weren’t a sham, why the hell would I care what the readers of the Wall Street Journal website think?

  42. LINUX RULEZ!!!! :-)

  43. @Claudio:
    You know that Android is acctually Java? It’s only the core that are linux. If you like linux you shouldnt use Android but Maemo/Meego. That is a lot more powerful that the average Android device.

  44. First of all you must have a set of specific test criteria to base an evaluation on which I have not seen. The fact that some people do not know how to use a phone should not be part of the criteria. Secondly, At&T hurts apple, not the quality of their phone. And thirdly, anyone who thinks Steve Jobs cannot spank some ass is crazy.

  45. 2.8 Million now. Way to go Google!!! :-)

  46. LOVE IT! Yeah Spencer! And the Wall Street Journal needs to get a better web designer… that kind of voting can be avoided…

  47. 3.4 million votes @ 8PM EST LOL………… android FTW!

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