Google Makes the Best Mobile Operating System, According to Wall Street Readers


This is no scientific poll, by any means, nor do we think it’s the most accurate reflection of the current state of the market. But Wall Street Journal – in their question of the day – asked who makes the best mobile operating system. Naturally, I expected to see Apple dominating the polls, but upon submitting my vote for… well, you know who I voted for, I was surprised to see that Google is currently eating up nearly 54%.


Apple followed with 26.2% of the votes, with the only other competitor above 10% being RIM at 11%. (The results were based on 7,132 votes as of the time of this posting.) Sure, these results are only based on a small subset of Android users globally, but should the Wall Street Journal create a story out of today’s poll results, that gives Google a boatload of new mindshare to look forward to going into 2011.

We’d run our own poll here at Phandroid, but we imagine it’d be quite pointless. Go ahead and cast your vote if you feel like helping the cause!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Meh, nothing new. We all already know this :D

  2. Thanks! Voted!

  3. What about a DOS-based phone? For those of us who are truly retro.

  4. why do you guys keep downplaying Android’s achievements??? im starting to not like this blog too much..

  5. Where’s Palm/WebOS?

  6. Keep in mind, WSJ is a business focused news paper. A lot of business people follow it. This is a great news for Android.

  7. Great, now you sent too many phandroid readers there and the site is no longer working.
    One positive outcome of all this maybe that WSJ will stop salivating over apple so much.

  8. ok it registered my vote now.

  9. @terrence I think people still see Android as an underdog in the mobile world when really they’re doing pretty good. Also, some people still have some minor irks in the android system, like for me its the copy/paste function..i just don’t like it that much. Aside from that its good.

  10. This is actually a big deal. I realize it’s not “official” and has nothing to do with market share, but public opinion is a major factor for the success of Android. As AndroidToy said, the WSJ is a major publication and if it’s readers see how much everyone loves Android, that could entice them to try if for themselves, thus raising market share. Good stuff.

  11. Over 7500 votes, but only 10 comments on WSJ site? Something ain’t right there.

  12. @Robbert palm is where it should be 3.1%

  13. Indeed, folks. That’s why I noted that in the article. It’d be a big deal if they brought the results of this poll to their main editorial space.

  14. The WSJ is so far up that iHole, Steve Jobs, butt that I can see these results being buried. “Nothing to see here folks, move along!”

  15. Of course now that an Android fan site just sent its readers to the poll it will be skewed further. ;)

  16. @MonkeyCheese exactly and the reason people still see Android as the underdog is because one of the biggest Android fanboy blogs always leave the reader with some way to doubt that Android is the shit. just take this article for example:

    “I was surprised to see that Google is currently eating up nearly 54%”

    “Sure, these results are only based on a small subset of Android users globally…”

    i mean come on now, these guys are supposed to be Android fanboys and they keep downplaying Android like in the back of their mind they really think Apple is better. the reason Apple is so successful is because their marketing team (tech blogs like TechCrunch, Gizmodo, etc) always glorify their achievements, even if its a minor achievement, and they rarely miss the opportunity to dog the competition. I’d expect this site to do the same. or hire me as a writer so that I can do it!

  17. I expected Blackberry to be on top on a business-focused site.

  18. @terrence
    This could be because Android, or perhaps just Phandroid audience is somewhat geek centric. That being the case we take a more realistic and honest look and recognize that no system is perfect, every system has some warts. With a bit of humility or lacking the patented Apple iArrogance(tm), we are less convinced (without prior evidence) that everyone else shares our views. This WSJ poll helps me to realize that more people share my views of Android than I expected.

  19. I just noticed that the voting is done with flash, to bad iphone users can’t vote from their phones…

  20. The WSJ’s so called tech writer is a good friend of Steve Jobs. He writes fluff articles on the iphone all the time. So I think they thought it would go apples way also.

  21. @gexx lol…nice observation! But according to jobs you do not need flash anyway so…..

  22. Micro$oft is coming up on us suddenly in the poll.

  23. Yeah now its Google, Microsoft, Apple. I like Windows Mobile too. I think the iOS is nice but Apple is behind it so its evil.

  24. WOW somebody scammed the system. MS is 11000 votes. From last place to first. There is no way that is legit. Last I checked 8000 votes Android 58% and MS had like 12%.

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