Oct 22nd, 2010

This is no scientific poll, by any means, nor do we think it’s the most accurate reflection of the current state of the market. But Wall Street Journal – in their question of the day – asked who makes the best mobile operating system. Naturally, I expected to see Apple dominating the polls, but upon submitting my vote for… well, you know who I voted for, I was surprised to see that Google is currently eating up nearly 54%.


Apple followed with 26.2% of the votes, with the only other competitor above 10% being RIM at 11%. (The results were based on 7,132 votes as of the time of this posting.) Sure, these results are only based on a small subset of Android users globally, but should the Wall Street Journal create a story out of today’s poll results, that gives Google a boatload of new mindshare to look forward to going into 2011.

We’d run our own poll here at Phandroid, but we imagine it’d be quite pointless. Go ahead and cast your vote if you feel like helping the cause!