Oct 25th, 2010

On Friday we told you folks about a Wall Street Journal readers poll asking who made the top mobile operating system. The options were as follows:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Palm
  • RIM
  • Other

After 7,132 votes, Google had captured more than 50% of the votes. Something funny happened over the weekend and we’re getting PhanTips like never before pointing us back to the poll to check out the troubling change. After 26,000+ votes, Microsoft is now in first place with nearly 43% of respondents claiming they make the best mobile operating system.


I’d like to provide a few bullets of my own:

  • Are
  • You
  • Freaking
  • Kidding
  • Me
  • ?

Either there are a lot of old folks who forgot their spectacles and overlooked the word “mobile”, someone is voting with proxies to make the poll seem like a complete farce, or WSJ readers are just plain dumb.

I’m not complaining because Android isn’t #1 and in fact, if Apple, Palm, or RIM wound up in the #1 spot I could understand how it might have happened. But Microsoft? Umm…

No matter how much more I type, we won’t be able to justify or explain-this away. I think I’ll save my breath and let you guys and gals finish it off in the comments.