PBA Bowling 2 Now in the Android Market


Bowling fans, you’ll be happy to know that PBA Bowling 2 – an authentic 3D bowling game from Concrete Software – has just been released into the Android market. The game features real players who’ve participated in the PBA such as Ray Williams Jr. and Chris Barnes and includes a nice selection of venues in which to bowl your oversized billiards.


Customization of your ball is what’s going to set this one apart from others in the market. You can change the speed, the color, and even unlock special properties for your ball (such as the ability to put more spin on it, make it super heavy, or avoid gutter balls. A PBA tournament mode keeps the ball rolling (seriously, I didn’t mean to) and a “Spare Challenge” mode sees you meeting different scenarios to pick up a spare.


You can find it in the Android market now for $2.99.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. LMAO!

  2. Bowling, on a smart phone??? Do you really think people into bowling even own smart phones?

  3. Im a bowler with a 215 average..and im a phone tester and I.T guy.

  4. I do.

  5. Only $2.98 overpriced… sorry.

  6. @chris s: a latte a starbucks costs 3$… but your right.. a game that took hours for a small dev team to make.. not so much…

  7. Wow MVTom, way to show some class. I guess you think that only golfers and polo players are sophisticated enough to use personal technology? Tennis players on good days?
    I used to carry a 196 average (have taken some time off due to an injury) and am currently on my 6th smartphone after owning 4 PDAs. I built PCs for a side job since back when the 8086 was a fast chip, and continue to do my own integration and development.

  8. Quite the interesting thread… Looks like nice app that I will try. I guess as more and more people come around there will be a certain number of haters. I’m cheap but I can’t imagine the work people have put into some of these apps. I have one I’m probably going to buy that is about $10 and gives a little more benefits than the free version which is awesome. Thanks everyone, especially the developers which I’m not smart enough to be!! Some days I can barely operate my EVO. Later,

  9. @Pitrick: what does Starbucks have to do with whether an app is too expensive? That’s not the way economics works. Starbucks also has overhead, provides regular employees (even after they make your coffee) and probably gives you more hours of enjoyment than the average Android game (when you consider that half of America can’t wake up without a cup). Once these devs build their game it takes very little cost or time to keep it going.

    I agree, it is too expensive.

  10. $3 is too much to pay for this app that’s because he has to spend $60 every year on a new madden game.

  11. @catch – sorry, but that is exactly the way economics works. Do you think Starbucks prices their coffee based on how much it costs to make or do you think they price it based on what the market is willing to pay? So when consumers purchase many non-essential items, they make a comparative assessment, meaning “what else would this money purchase.” So comparing the cost of a coffee at Starbucks and a game is an appropriate comparison for many consumers that are choosing to spend the “extra” income.

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