Archos Gen 8 Tablet (3.2-inch variant) Specs Leaked


Back in April, we learned Archos would be bringing a new line of Android based tablets – dubbed Generation 8  (Gen 8 for short) – that would range in size from 3 inches up to 10 inches. At least one of those tablets have finally been revealed courtesy of retailer’s online store front.


The device – becoming available “soon” – will be the 3.2-inch variant with a resolution of 400×240 (TFT LCD). It’ll be equipped with an ARM Cortex A8 processor (clocked at 800MHz) and will come packed with support for a nice big pot of video and audio codecs (the full list can be had from J&R’s product listing). Other features include WiFi, Bluetooth EdR, and video out through the device’s 3.5mm headphone jack.

All of this can be had from J&R’s website for $147.00 as they’re now accepting pre-orders.

[via SlashGear]

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  1. Android 2.1 or above? Please! If not im gonna have to buy them a shovel so they can keep digging their own grave. Archos NEEDS a tablet that is current, that is the only reason I have not gotten one yet, apart for the software most of the time their hardware is very nice.

  2. Ok nice, so the 3.2″ has 2.1 on it already, but I want a 7″, hopefully they price will not be too steep for a change is size.

  3. 3.2″? Are they targetting the iPod Touch crowd?

  4. Come on… I don’t care about ultra-expensive tablet with ridiculously small screens, I want a 10″ 2.2+ Android tablet !
    One day an Android manufacturer will release a high end tablet… or not…

  5. What’s the point of a 3.2″ touch screen media player when you can get a 3.5″+ touch screen mobile?

    The problem seems to be that the screen costs are far too high, which means I’m looking at paying more for a larger bit of kit with worse specs than my phone.

    I guess I’m too accustomed to the model of Palmtop specs being half a Laptop specs which in turn in half a desktops specs.

  6. Huh? a 147 dollar Cellphone that isn’t a cellphone. My Motorola DROID has a 3.7″ viewable screen, Android 2.1, 3G/wifi/bluetooth network, etc. AND its a cellphone and it only cost me around 150. Come on Archos, get a Tablet out there. Nokia has already demonstrated that an “internet tablet” the size of a cell phone is not a best seller, especially when you can get a Cellphone that is also an internet tablet for nearly the same cost, or less. I can buy a Sony PSP if I wanted a second small device to play movies and video games on.

  7. This is $147 and no contracts needed. It’s priced like an ipod nano but it does much more since it’s full Android 2.2, full HD video codecs support, wifi, bluetooth, microphone etc etc.

  8. I’m keeping my eyes open for a tablet of about 7 inches. I’ve been very happy with my three year old 80 GB Archos 504, and with my previous Archos Studio somethingorother 10 GB mp3 player with big blue rubber stoppers on the corners.
    Alas if only Archos would sell those foldable neck headphones I loved so much.

  9. they should pack this amazon MP3 app and google voice app.

  10. i think the idea of a 3.2 inch “tablet” is a great idea! it really isnt necessary for people with android phones but i know a lot of people who want android phones but cant afford the data plan that they require. with this 3.2″ they can have the full android experience (if it has at least 2.1)without the heavy data plan.

  11. Maybe if it had gps for google nav that would be a good tablet to get so i dont have to drain my cell battery on gps :-)

  12. The thing I don’t like about these is the fact that you can’t upgrade android.


  14. All links seem to now point to a generic Mp3 page…

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