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Archos has made a few (seven if you’re counting) decent offerings for the tablet market up to this point, and they’re not done just yet. At a press conference, CEO Henri Crohas revealed Archos’ plans for the 8th generation of the Archos Internet Tablet with six new devices ranging in size, specs, and pricing, all with Android running the show.


The line will offer models sized from 3″ to 10″, with ARM Cortex-based chipsets ranging from 800 MHz and 1 GHz. 3D acceleration and multi-touch capabilities will be available on at least one of the devices, most likely the $350 version, which will be the highest price point. On the lower end of the spectrum you can expect the most basic model to retail for around $100.

No real solid information was given on a release date, so these new tablets could be a way away.

[Archos Lounge via Android Community]

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  1. Do want!

  2. As long as it’s not laggy, I also want 10in one.

  3. Awesome! Hopefully with a 1Gz snapdragon and Android 2.1, they can eliminate the lag that plagues their tablets so far. If they can load it up with features, I’ll buy one!

  4. Will it also act as a phone? If so, I want.

    If not, it’s just one more piece of imitation garbage.

  5. Archos has done 7 Generations of devices, that’s more than 7 tablet products. Generation 5 had 4 Linux based tablets, Generation 6 had 3 tablets and Generation 7 has so far just 1 skew of Android tablet (each tablet model being available in many different capacities). The Generation 8 at Archos likely will use the 1ghz OMAP3640 processor, about as fast as processors get in commercially available products.

  6. “…and their not done just yet.” I think you mean “they’re”. Sorry… pet peeve

  7. it can act as a phone (w/ wifi only); they are also releasing a tablet phone, with network providers

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