Three’s Desire Getting FroYo Before “End of Summer”


Three has once again set a window for another one of their phones to receive an upgrade to the latest version of Android. This time, they’ve given a broad date in “end of summer” so as to not promise too much and deliver too little. We know HTC has the upgrade for the Desire ready – so I’m confident the deadline can be met – but they still have to make carrier specific changes and perform carrier specific testing before they can push it live. Here’s Three’s full quote:

“Although the HTC Desire update was released for unlocked phones last week, HTC are building a specific version for Three which will take them a few weeks. Once we have this version it will be tested, approved by Google and then rolled out to customers. Although it goes without saying that we will get the update to customers ASAP, it’s likely to be towards the end of summer until we can guarantee a problem free version for our customers”


Yay for transparency!

[EuroDroid via TechRadar]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Weird. My mate is on Three and he has already received the Froyo update. An update for the update perhaps? Bloatware?

  2. I was one of the lucky Three customers that got an uncustomized phone out of three. Loving the fact that I got froyo as soon as HTC released it.

  3. I have a Desire on ATT, will I be receiving the froyo update?

  4. Companies really should give a more accurate time frame using months than seasons. It was bad enough when vodafone announced the N1 would arrive in the UK ‘in the spring time’, which turned out to be may. They sure as hell wouldn’t like it if I told them I’ll pay my bill in the winter.

  5. @chris Using a specific month/s as a time frame only sets up customers for disappointment if the release is delayed for some reason. This is avoided by going with broad timeframes.

    In your example, the release was probably intended for spring time, however was pushed back to May. If you were unhappy with that, how unhappy would you be if you were advised of an August release, that wasn’t released until November?

    Just a thought.

  6. It’s a month later- Autumn is here- but now froyo. Any sign yet? My Desire is screaming out for it!

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