Is Verizon Back in Business With Droid Incredible Shipments?


Go ahead and take a look at the HTC Droid Incredible’s product page at Verizon’s site: we’re two days shy of their expected August 6th ship date and it hasn’t changed. This is notable because it seems that – ever since late April when the device was launched – it’s gotten pushed back week after week just when everyone thought it was OK to pull the trigger on an order.


Also note that they’ve removed the “AMOLED” tag from their list of features: this indicates that SLCD-based Incredibles are in and are ready to go. Hopefully Verizon’s finally able to get the train rolling on fulfilling existing shipments and will be able to keep the phone in stock from now on. Let’s just hope their shipment truck doesn’t get raided by bandits or something (do bandits still exist?) between now and the end of this week.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Is there a huge difference between the 1st gen AMOLED DIs and the new SLCD versions? I got mine on day one via pre-order at Best Buy and I would hate to think that if I have to get it replaced, it would be replaced with something inferior.

  2. 8/6 humm…maybe so froyo action then? I guess we will have to wait and see

  3. Thats probably why theres a new sku of adr6325vw in the system btw.. anytime something changes on a device the sku changes.. like when they added the memory card thus the adr6300vw2 sku…

  4. Okay.. now when is it getting FroYo?

  5. I got mine on release day, my dad got one last week. I helped him set it up over the weekend, his looked Looked like somebody had rubbed the display with sandpaper compared to mine. Yes there is a difference in the quality of the display and I hope I never have to replace mine.

  6. @Incredible the ADR6325VW SKU existed well before Verizon or HTC knew they’d need to change SKUs for the Droid Incredible. It wasn’t until weeks after its launch that they decided to switch up to SLCD.

  7. Letstalk.com and amazon.com both show in stock and do not reference and AMOLED screen.

  8. I ordered mine July 30th and had it at my doorstep 2 days later. The “ship by” date at that time was Aug 3rd. So no problems here. I couldn’t be happier.

  9. They are shipping them already. Friend of mine just recieved one yesterday.

  10. Order mine on July 30, arrived by Aug 3rd.

  11. I don’t see this as a great achievement. The phone was released in april. And everyone wants the droid x now, so…

  12. Love my incredible! Have only had a chance to checkout the Droid x’s dummy phone, and its just too big for my tastes. Would be all about the Droid 2, if it had a 8 mp camera. So for now the Incredible is by far the best Android device for me. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D1TcnCYes85A&v=1TcnCYes85A&gl=US

  13. Verizon is so worthless they can’t follow up with a Froyo update on this…meanwhile Sprint already released it for the EVO4 so don’t give me the because of Sense BS…not to mention they totally shove the Samsung Fascinate aside for Droid 2….great job Verizon…

  14. Verizon really needs to embrace their phones rather than push them aside the minute something “better” comes by. The lack of Froyo on the incredible is ridiculous, and their new love for the Droid X and upcoming Droid2 is almost sickening. The moto phones are great, but they aren’t for every one. Incredible is absolutely fantastic and deserves some attention. And as Scblacksunshine mentioned, there’s no point in already kicking aside the Samsung phones before they get release. Verizon has an opportunity to have the best Fleet of phones on the market, but they seem to focus on their darlings, the Droids.

    Get us Froyo on the Incredible! Whats the hold up?!

  15. I love my incredible. Had it since mid may.

  16. Wow, I’m really not liking the confirmation of LCD’s being put in place of the AMOLED. Now I have to be ultra careful not to break mine or I’m screwed with an inferior screen. Not good Verizon! Not good at all!

  17. I ordered last week from the website, and they said it would be delivered on August 3rd, and lo and behold it was delivered yesterday, just as promised!

  18. Dogsby, are you kidding me? The Doid X is an inferior product. I have the Incredible, but I have tried the X and it just seems like the HTC is a much better product. The only thing that I liked on the X was the size of the screen, every other category would go to the Incredible.

  19. I’m taking EXTRA-SUPER care of my Incredible since I got it on day numero uno! What @#!$?, where is my froyo?

  20. Droid X is inferior to the Incredible? Only thing the incredible really has over it is Sense UI, and with Launcher Pro you it doesn’t even matter.

  21. nothing but love for my incredible, got it on release day. Perfect size and great features. I was waiting to get the N1 when it was all the rage, but held out for the DI, but they drag their feet with support. I dont get Verizon sometimes.

  22. My Sister signed up with Verizon today in Indiana. She wanted a Droid X but because they were out she decided on and HTC Incredible.

    They definantly have shipments of HTC Incredible around the midwest area because my sister signed up today and got an Incredible today:)

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