[Update] Google and Android Support Gay Pride


[Update]: Given the nature of some of the comments below, I feel the need to chime back in and clear a few things up. This post was not meant – in ANY way – to spark up “socialist” propaganda or “spread” anything. Reading the original text, I’m only commenting on the humor found on the shirts that Google had made. I apologize to anyone offended by this post – and, as a result, offended by some of the thoughts seen in the comments section – but we are an Android site and we’ve posted on other types of Android apparel before. This post is no different.

Having said that, please keep it clean down in the comments section below. We all love Android and this should not have broken out into the big mess that it has. There’s nothing wrong with open discussion, but it becomes a problem when insults, derogatory terms, and verbal attacks come into play. At that point, don’t be surprised if your comment isn’t published.

In a rather unusual piece of news this morning, it appears that Google got in on the Gay Pride parade fun in San Francisco and Android was leading the marching band. Supporters and paraders can be seen holding a Google banner with a round of rainbow-colored balloons and one of the funniest pieces of Android-related apparel we’ve seen to date.


The fact that robots don’t have genders is what makes me chuckle at the graphic that’s been pressed onto the shirt, but who’s keeping score? It’s all in good fun and Google’s obviously letting folks know that Android truly is a fit for everyone.

[TechEYE via TalkAndroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They did the same ting (float and tshirts) on Sunday June 27 at Chicago Pride.

  2. cool….I want one of those shirts.

  3. I so want that shirt.

    Via new Googler Colleen Kelly, the LGBT group at Google apparently call themselves Gayglers…

  4. “The fact that robots don’t have genders”

    Somebody’s never seen Wall-e.

  5. I need that shirt!!!!!!!!

  6. Phag.

  7. Nice job, Google! Now where do I get one of those T-shirts?

    Actually, Google shows its pride all year long. Notice the rainbow at the top of these search results:


    This works for a number of terms including lesbian, bisexual, transgender, lgbt, queer…

  8. I’m totally against same-non-gender-marriages!

    Stop pushing your radical agenda here!

  9. Come on now ,,,, Google didnt make that shirt ,,, So how can you say they support it :?

  10. @Mojo Yugen: That’s unfair, Androids love each other too :(

  11. hmn, does it make me gay if I want one of those shirts?

  12. ok….now i understand why Google called 2.2 Froyo. In Italy a gay is called Frocio and is very similar to Froyo!

  13. Why do so many of you want those T-shirts? I never knew there were so many people on Phandroid that wanted to fly their freak flags…


  14. uh, they didn’t only support the pride in san fran. They supported the pride in chicago too.

  15. so what, now if u have an android phone your gay!?
    i dont like this…

  16. I want to say, first of all, thank you phandroid for this post. I am glad to know what Google supports. I am glad that Android is part of Pride. The comments here are sad, but typical. Let it go folks, yes some of your tax money might someday support something you don’t like, that is the cost of living in the USA! Your children are watching and learning from you, are you proud of your hate? I am a straight female that reads Phandroid daily, this is a good and informative post. I am proud to support my gay family members, friends and fellow citizens and I am glad that android does too!

  17. yuck

  18. pride comes before the fall

  19. Let’s keep it clean, guys.

  20. It’s 2010. Can we stop associating Gay with Bad please? Gay = just some other way of life. If you are okay with hating gays, how do you feel about hating black people, Jewish people, muslims, midgets, women, etc.? Hating other people because of something that isn’t even a choice is so 1938.

  21. this means that even iPhone doesn’t have a lock on this group.

  22. @lunch – exactly!
    @Mojo – I’m with you!
    @Claudio – you’re pushing it…frozen yogurt, just stick with that unless someone from Google confirms that.

  23. Wow…the immaturity in this post is funny.

    But good job to Google for supporting Gay Pride.
    Nice to see big companies doing things like this.

  24. Botero…there are numerous gays that have changed their orientation because they felt as though they were living immorally. Tell me a time when a black person changed their race? Michael Jackson’s skin turned white but did that change his DNA? No, so being gay is not a “gene thing” and deserves no comparison. All races that have been discriminated against and murdered should be offended when gay people try to compare their “fight”.

  25. Cool but it would have been better if they would have dished out some Fabulous Froyo today also.

  26. Steve Jobs to release a blog post titled “Android/Google further erodes family values” in 3…2….1

    When all is said and done, though I doubt anyone outside the fan boys really care about this stuff and it’s impact on which OS and hardware to get for a mobile device. – just saying.

  27. how can we get those shirts?! wifey and i are going to pride here in san diego to see devo.

  28. Cool shirt. I’m never surprised by the unhealthy dose of hatred in the comments. Saddening, really.

  29. This is the kind of crap that will make me drop the android platform. Why can’t they keep the social/political crap out of our enjoyment of technologies?

    IDavey- is it immature if someone holds a different point of view than you? See, this is why this kind of crap shouldn’t be infused into a site such as this. Free Americans can discriminate and choose as they like. I’m always amazed that many people who espouse tolerance and acceptance the most, seem to exhibit it the least.

    and before someone reacts to the word discriminate, or starts with the Saul Alinsky BS, my family is made up of black, white, and latino. Keep your sexual prefs to yourself.

  30. Really I dont know what this has to do with android. Posts like this should not be allowed, it’s like posting about religion or politics, let’s keep Phandroid clean of such subjects please.


  31. SUPPORT!!!

  32. Steve Jobs is one of the most liberal guys out there (see http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/technology/2008/05/apple-named-mos.html)…he just wants to have control over his app store.

  33. i thought apples were fruity…
    accept everyone , change is good.

    go listen to: Frank Zappa – Stick it Out

    you’ll then understand

  34. I saw those shirts at Chicago Pride too and definitely wanted one too!

  35. “This is the kind of crap that will make me drop the android platform. Why can’t they keep the social/political crap out of our enjoyment of technologies?”

    Social/political issues are inherent to the creation/enjoyment of technology. You have to be insane to think otherwise. There is no need to respond to the “gay” issue as others have, but to say that society and politics don’t play a role in technology is just silly.

    Also, this is an Android Phone FANS blog/website. This post is geared to the larger inclusion of android fans. If you have a problem with this, I suggest you go to the “family friendly” alternative’s phone OS.

  36. I am proud to be a Jew and of my religion and that I don’t have to worry about Android censoring any Jewish app even if it might offend some people. But it also means accepting the fact that Android won’t censor other views even if they might offend me.

  37. What a condescending acticle..’truly fit for everyone’ ..indeed

  38. Really, Phandroid? Come on already, keep the fudge packing discussions away… We never discuss politics and religion here, do we? So why this?

  39. First I find out from Mr. Jobs that theres porn in the Android Market and now this.


  40. @D. Rothschild, I agree and could not have said it better myself.

    People are born white, black, asian, hispanic. I will not believe for one second that people are born gay. That is not in our genes. I, however, will not judge, because I am not free of sin. Although, I have never been part of a parade that openly celebrates my sin either.

  41. D. Rothschild: Sorry, but no. No gay person has EVER changed their sexual orientation because it’s not possible. If it were, I would have done so in that period in my life where suicide sounded like an awesome idea, long before I came to learn that there was nothing wrong with me. Numerous gay people have FORCED themselves to abstain from any form of relationships (romantic, sexual, or otherwise), thereby making them essentially asexual. Still some others have convinced themselves that they are no longer gay because they simply discontinued engaging in homosexual relationships, but if you talk to the majority of them, they will tell you that their attraction for the same sex is still very much there and that they are simply ignoring it. Then there are the few who go off and get married to the opposite sex, thinking it confirms them as straight, but one thing that a person CANNOT do is force him/herself to feel actual physical attraction to the opposite sex if those feelings are not legitimately existent. The one constant among all of these people is that, as much as they tell you they are straight, at their cores, in their hearts, and even somewhere in their brains, they are still very much gay. The problem and misunderstanding prevalent in the world today comes from the fact that you probably believe that homosexuality is characterized simply by sexual relations between two people of the same sex. This is very, VERY incorrect. With the exception of the lack of a person of the opposite sex, homosexual relationships are no different than heterosexual ones.

    Oh, and that little comment about homosexuality being immoral comes from the same book that punishes a man who has raped a woman by forcing him to marry that woman. And the one that limits the significance of women. And let’s not forget the awesome little gem that the Earth is flat. But I digress.

  42. Homosexual Androids? Possibility I mean I have seen a gay dog.

  43. I so want one of those t-shirts

    I’m not sure why everyone is mouthing off about this though. Most big companies will make t-shirst for their LGBT networks so they can be represented at pride events all over the world.

    I remember seeing some Googlers at the Pride march in Dublin. Wearing rainbow Google logos

    Also the pink pound / dollar / local currency of your choice is something any business wants. It pays to display your self as LGBT friendly

  44. @dman977: At what point, exactly, do you think gay people wake up one day and decide they will be gay from that point forward? Do you have even the slightest clue how little sense that makes? When did you wake up and decide you were straight?

  45. Selling my milestone and get a bb.. android is for gay.. lol..

  46. Rothschild

    Yea, and those gays who changed a deep seated sexual urge and attraction magically, are sneaking out at night fulfilling their hidden urges. Can you change your heterosexuality
    This is just plain ignora thinking.

  47. @olypdd
    >is it immature if someone holds a different point of view than you?
    Depends on the “point of view”. In this case, yes.

    >I’m always amazed that many people who espouse tolerance and acceptance the most, seem to exhibit it the least.
    Being intolerant towards a group of people who are fundamentally equal is different from calling somebody’s immature prejudices immature.

    >Keep your sexual prefs to yourself.
    Okay – as soon as straight people begin keeping their preferences to themselves, I’ll be more than happy to follow suit. Until then, don’t count on it.

  48. @dman977 Scientists have no idea (yet) what causes people to be gay. Current studies suggest it is partially genetic, with links to hormone levels in the womb too.

    Also to assume that someone’s sexuality is a choice is insulting.

  49. @D. Rothschild how would you feel having to change your orientation because people make fun of you? People don’t choose to be gay. When you we’re a teenager did say to yourself, i am going to like women? Its no different for gays

  50. I want one!

  51. I think the guys complaining about politics/religion are the funniest, this has nothing to do with either now does it?

  52. ^^^ EXACTLY! Why the hell would anyone ever choose to be a part of one of the most hated groups in the world? The idea is ridiculous.

  53. You have the choice to do or not do anything you want. It’s just a matter of will and self control.

  54. agree this is has nothing to do with android other than the shirt. all it has done is provide a platform for haters and apologists. imagine how people would feel if there was an article about neo-nazis choosing android as their mobile platform of choice?

  55. @dman977
    Homosexuality is not a sin. There’s no such thing as a sin.

  56. This article is a bad idea. Keep it off phandroid people.

  57. Bad move for Google to push any alienating agenda. It’s bad business when you would like 100% adoption of your product. And I am personally offended by Google’s involvement.

  58. @ari-free: Sure, people do have to choice to DO or not DO whatever they want. The thing is, homosexuality is not something you DO. It’s a part of who you are. What don’t people get?

  59. @Andrude: Hope you don’t shop at Home Depot then! ;)

  60. so wait, there are 2 androids, isn’t there only supposed to be 1 android? hey highlander?
    Did the one android clone himself so he could have sexual relations with himself because he’s so good at what he does?
    and if so, is that really gay?
    I’m so confused. why are there 2?
    that looks like my brother.

  61. Whether you like it or not, their is no gay gene. Fact. Totally been proven. Not debated, not argued, not based on opinion, but proven. And their are PLENTY of people have have become heterosexual after being homosexual.

  62. So much for all those exaggeration-of-manliness droid commercials, kind of how gay bears are exaggerations of all things manly.

    On a serious note though, riverjao, you’re a moron if you seriously think any of those “converted heterosexuals” aren’t still flaming on the inside. Have you ever actually seen one of those guys? They’re a nervous wreck, because they’re constantly focusing on trying to “act normal” and suppressing their natural urge to double fist two dicks. Riddle me this, genius – how is it that a certain percentage of every other animal is homosexual? I guess mice and whatnot are smart enough to decide they’re gay, just so they can justify wearing their tight leather overalls?

  63. Oh, nothing makes the hateful right wing Christians come out to play like two guys holding hands.

    Get over it. *snore*

  64. Would have preferred if the articles would have stayed focused on technology.

  65. I’m pretty sure that since it’s phandroid’s site, that they can post whatever they want lol. Don’t want to get offended? Don’t read it. Pretty simple.

  66. Esquire0399 Of course it is something you do. It’s not a philosophical movement.

  67. The funny part is that if there was ever a stereotypical “gay” phone, it would be the the new Iphone. Cleancut, pretty, dainty, organized, structured, etc. Notice I said “stereotypical”.

  68. Normally i would say something crazy and off the wall. Im staying out of this one. them gay people mind theirs like i mind mine.

  69. Up until recently, I believed that staying objective, and not subjective was important.

    After reading some of the bigoted, inexcusable, and horrible comments on this thread, it’s really amazing to me that society is still apparently in the stone ages when it comes to individuality, and segregation.

    The entire point of this article, is to say that google supported gay people too, over a weekend that we hold as a time to celebrate overcoming odds, and being able to be who we are naturally. There are many companies, in the tech and wireless field that support gay pride as well. How many of you drink budweiser? they have a stellar gay campaign, and have for years.. Are you going to stop drinking it now? Because they support something that is different then who you are? along with other alcohols, and numerous other companies. It’s advertising regardless, but it’s great to see support from a company that cares about “PEOPLE” in general.

    This doesn’t need to be a race, creed, sexual orientation, or any other form of discrimination. Let people be who they are. To those of you that make snyde, rediciulous, or religeous claims listed above :

    Know your facts.. Any of those words can be used to be hurtful for no apparent reason. Homosexuality is NOT choice based, unless the choice is to suffer or be yourself. How many of you stop yourselves from being you? I’m guessing not many.

    And those of you coming from a religeous angle… Remember that there are “GAY” churches, synogogues, etc..from almost every religeon. it’s all about interperitation.


    One last comment.

    D. Rothschild – You are wrong. any two bit idiot with a brain won’t spew out stupid propoganda.. anyone can look it up online. Being gay has many factors.. biological, being one of them.


    look that up, and I swear to god if you ever be or are a parent, and you have homosexual children… that you better treat them right, and not disown them because of lack of intelligence on your part.

    I guess I have one more comment too.. Google. Thank you for being an open company, with progressive values. It’s appreciated.


  70. I wonder if Google/Android would of hosted a parade in Sodom?

  71. riverjao – There’s no single ‘autism gene’, either, but there’s no doubt there’s a strong biological and genetic component to autism.


    Homosexuality is probably the same way. No single ’cause’, just a complex set of factors that interact in different ways in different people.

    (And, BTW, I’m not even calling homosexuality a ‘disease’ or anything like that. I’m just pointing out that something can be biological even if there’s no one single gene that ’causes’ it.)

  72. some days i wake up wanting hotdogs, other days i wake up wanting catfish… i am entitled to eat whatever i want right?

  73. Man. Who knew the Phandroid readership was full of borderline-retarded rednecks? Are you guys for real?

  74. lol, knew this article was gonna explode in comments the moment I saw it posted. You guys really should consider coming up with a canned disclosure type thing for these type of articles…. like this:
    “Please try not to lose your sh** over this article, it isn’t meant to offend anyone: we’re just reporting on something we saw or heard about. Keep it calm and civil folks.”

  75. Amen. A corporation standing up for people? I’ll take that over polluters and fascists any day.

  76. @caffesilvia Seriously. I thought people who follow a news site for a phone operating system would be at least moderately intelligent.

  77. @lunch
    “I wonder if Google/Android would of hosted a parade in Sodom?”

    That’s “would have.” It’s English. Learn to speak it before you go spouting off borderline hateful garbage.

  78. of course this article will offend people and some of the other posts will offend gay people. Oh well, too bad. Learn to deal with getting offended.

  79. Wow! so many anti-gay comments. You guys are really showing your ignorance here. If this is going to stop you from supporting android then you are fucken retarded because i know for a fact at least 1 of the Android engineers is Gay. Are you guys really going to let your hate stop you from all the android goodness. Shut up and grow up!

    Rob maybe you shouold just close comments on this post.

  80. i want to stop posting but i am so addicted to gay

  81. HAHAH “so addicted to gay”, like it’s some kind of soft drink.

  82. @ari free: Really? Gay is something you DO? Just like straight is something you DO? And male is something you DO? And [insert race/religion/political party/social group/handicap/age/etc. here] is something you DO? Hmm… I always thought the Android crowd was a bit more intelligent than that. And just FYI, I never, ever said anything about a philosophical movement. That’s something you pulled out of your own orifice.

  83. I love the shirt. I’m gay- I’m a Phandroid and i have Pride for both.

    Also- Pride Parade are not just about Gay Pride! It’s about pride in who ever and what ever you are!

    I love this site, and I love android, and on top of it all Godly Google.

  84. @riverjao: What proof? Currently there is no, nor has there ever been any definitive proof. Get your facts together.

  85. This is silly, the Droid on the left is a girl, and the flag is a united countries flag from the world cup! There problem solved!

  86. Yeah Rob, I would just close the comments.. Some people are evidently just too immature to understand that this is just another android related post! It has nothing to do with anybody’s agenda or political views.

    Just bear in mind for future reference that it might be an idea to lock controversial topics to stop the morons!

  87. People, before we start World War III, let’s remember that the subject matter is about Android and why we believe in it. Instead of bashing each other because of our differences, let us unite in our belief of precious technology and the wise souls which bring the truth, which is called Phandroid.

  88. @Ikari

    wait a minute sweet-pants! A comment of “wonder” is turned into garbage? You’re allowed to carry a colorful flag around to promote something important to you and I asked about parade? We should have posted your picture on here since you’re the poster “boy” for alternative (choice) lifestyle!

  89. Unfortunately, in america, not all men are created equal. Only the majority are. Sad, but true.

  90. Does all of this really matter? It’s the end that counts. Let everyone chose they want to live because in the end they will be the ones paying for their choices. You may think I’m wrong, but let’s just wait it out, until we all pass away.

  91. Seriously? People are actually offended by this? So what if someone is gay. That doesn’t effect you directly in any way, share or form. Hell my kids asked me what gay means and I told them what homosexuality is. They cringed a little and asked questions but after talking to them they realized that even though they thought it was weird it didn’t hurt them or effect them negatively. The only reason people find it offensive is because religious dogma tells them to. Which is why I gladly left catholicism and became an Agnostic. Imagine that. Think freely and for yourself. What a concept? Eh?

    And for those with the whole gay is anti-god. I am assuming that child molestation is quite alright by the largest organized church/religion in the world, right? Hypocrisy at its’ best.

  92. And my two cents? Stop arguing about “proof” – from both sides! So long as they aren’t hurting anyone why the hell does it matter how other people live? Just take pride in living your life however you feel is morally correct. If what other people are doing is really THAT bad then surely they will face the consequences. If not, then they don’t, and it’s no biggie. So stop arguing kids and get back to the android related discussions!

  93. people are born with natural tendencies toward things that are good and things that are not good for society. the morality comes from actions you take in the world, not how you were born (or else we’d consider any act moral because it was ‘just how they are wired’)… and what one person considers good and normal (for them) doesn’t actually make it ok in our society. either side you are on, saying it’s ‘natural’ isn’t really a good argument.

    (see how i used ‘wired’ and brought it back to androids.)

    this isn’t specifically about sexually orientation – same boring arguments all the time…and i don’t think anyone is waiting to be convinced that the ‘other side’ is right.

  94. I forget who said this:

    “If being homosexual is natural, let’s put all the homosexuals in their own country and let nature run its course.”

  95. Why are some of you people so judgmental? If what they do does not affect you, why do you care? Who are you to restrict their rights?

  96. i thought my rants got people pissed off!! LMAO
    android+gay=Cp-30! lol like i said before . gay people are all around us.Some of these gays hold prominent positions in gov’t,entertainment,sports etc.. so bashing them does nothing.if gays have RIGHTS then I have LEFTS! GOD BLESS us all!

  97. I support android on android love…

    But I think we are missing the point, that android is getting bigger and appearing outside of tech-only conventions. The author would have shown us any android-in-the-real world scenario and should continue to do so UNCENSORED! That’s why we love coming to these places for news right? Thank you Mr Kennemer for doing so, and shame on all you others for being so ready to attack each other over it!

  98. Wow here we are in 2010 and we still have people who are so bigoted it’s sad and kind of scary in a way. It’s people like you why I can’t get married if I wanted to. Love the shirt and would love to get one.

  99. Does someone being gay affect your life? No.
    Does the shirt in the picture above affect your phone? No.
    People need to quit freaking out and realize its another way of life. It does not affect you in any way. So what if a big company supports it, that is good. It doesnt affect how their products work, therefore it does not affect you. Get over it.

  100. Do they support straight pride as well? That’s my problem with supporting certain groups. You leave out the 95+% of the population.

    I think Disney needs to have a straight pride day as well, because I’m very, very proud to be straight along with a vast majority of the world.

  101. @dook, you must be truly an idiot to believe in “percentage of animals”. Animals do this out of necessity, not because they are gay. A friend of mine’s cats banged each other in the pooper, just because there hasn’t been a female cat around for long time.
    And in human world it’s a phobia that needs to be addressed, not something that people are born with. Something pushed those people to the other side in their childhood, and it manifested later in the same fashion as any other phobia does.

  102. D. Rothschild – You might be able to choose to not sleep with people of the same sex, but you can’t change your attraction to them. Just because you don’t choose to sleep with someone of the same sex doesn’t mean you aren’t gay anymore. It just means that you are hiding it. And by your argument, should Jews not be able to compare their struggle with blacks and women? Last I checked religion was a choice. Does that mean that their struggle against discrimination is invalid and we shouldn’t give a shit?

    Honestly, I don’t care if anyone hates anyone else. Hate whomever you want. Just don’t limit their rights. As an example, I’m not particularly fond of fat people, but I would never limit their right to marry each other, sit in the front of the bus, not be put in a gas chamber, or eat a super sized value meal at McDonald’s.

  103. Phandroid, please remove this article – it has nothing to do with what we’re at your site for.

  104. Botero, here we go again. When will gays stop claiming that heterosexuals are gays inside too? What kind of ridiculous argument is that? Stop being a baby already.

  105. Vlad, Please remove yourself from this post – If its something you dont care about, dont click on it and read it. And yes, it obviously has something to do with android, are you blind, or did you just not see that picture above?

  106. Didnt know so many conservatives use android. Thought they would have fallen in line with Steve and his Apphole products. Quite sad that people have to come flame for a dude wearing a shirt. Get a life and worry about your selves.

  107. Hey Vlad how about you ignore it. I mean you are an adult right?

  108. All you guys whining about this post needs to grow up and deal. If seeing a humorous post about gay rights makes you so uncomfortable and upset, I’d be taking some serious time to figure yourself out.

  109. Awesome shit, btw. Thanks for posting this phandroid.

  110. fucking fagits there making android look bad stupid homos

  111. @Jared

    “If being male is natural, let’s put all the males in their own country and let nature run its course.”

  112. This was a side note article yet it seems to get more comments than anything else. for all the hates out there keep your rude comments to yourself. not even your mom cares what you think. I’m not gay bit its nice to see Google supporting open rights since they are an open platform. seems to make sense to me.

  113. I gotta say… I’m surprised by some of the comments here. Sometimes it feels like the US is just a few steps away from a Nazi Germany kind of event. So many people are so ready to hate people who are different than them or who they don’t understand. Even when those people do not threaten them in any way. I don’t know man.. I haven’t been scared of things like that since I was about five years old. There are a lot of simple-minded little children running around in big-people bodies I guess. Makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. Some day I hope the human race evolves beyond such fear and hatred… but… I’m probably hoping for too much.

  114. Vlad – When did I claim straight people are gay inside? I said that gay people that stop sleeping with people of the same sex are still gay. I am straight, and I can tell you for a fact that I am not gay inside. My wife’s best friend however is gay, and there is not a chance in hell that he could “convert”. And I’ve been trying to convince him to give up his iPhone for Android… Maybe Google’s message of tolerance will help convert him (probably not though unfortunately…)

  115. @dman and whomever else thinks that sexual orientation may be a choice. im straight, but when i wake up in the morning I do not have to make a conscience decision as to if I should put a c*ck in my mouth or any other orifice today. Do you? I ask because if that is what runs through your head in the morning, you may actually be gay. nothing wrong with it, just something wrong with your way of thinking. You also said that you would not believe for one second that it is through our genes that sets us up for homosexuality. if you really want some info on the truth of that matter, you should only have to look at your own writing. you see, genes are not something you need to believe in. They have been proven through science. Also, the genetics passed down through time do have effects on your personality and attitude and how much you want to eat and hair color and everything else. sure you can say nurturing has an effect on the individual, but when you are nurtured in a homophobic house as a homosexual, you may come out thinking gay is so bad that you turn against it.
    so, just to wrap it up, just quit using your phone if you think that you need to believe in something for it to work. You obviously want to think a certain way rather than use the principles that gave us the ability to create devices such as the one you are using to write this. who has the agenda here? the ones who hate, you probably think the worlkd is only 6 thousand years old too…. dont you. thats so cute.

  116. And the bigots come to ruin the internets again. Go join a Westboro Baptist rally if you fear gays so much.

  117. Damn people, can’t we just get along? I mean that we all read because we like android, so what that means is we all have something in common, whether we are white/black/asian/staight/gay/ etc. @phandroid.com in my opinion you shouldn’t post articles like these in the future.

  118. Ok, never have I seen such hatred, all the gay bashers here are like Hitler wannabe’s. However homo sexuality isn’t a religion, its a life choice, it is 2010 this is the new age and this is still a problem, most of u gay bashers know a homosexual and dont even know it, but how are you going to find out, I know because most of you Nazi’s r that ignorant this will just go n one ear and out the other, but believe me, one of your friends is either gay, will become, or u will become. but would u deny them their happiness cause u believe what they are doing is wrong, or would you want them to b happy? go tell your parents you think gay people should b annihilated and see what they say

  119. kind of hate to add to the string…but the other argument that what two people do in the privacy of their home doesn’t affect others in society (so leave them alone) holds no water…there are dozens of public policy issues that affect every person in society: same sex benefits (taxpayers dollars), school curriculum teaching homosexuality, same sex adoptions of children, surrogacy,…not to mention public health issues. these are all things everyone should care about (and have an opinion about) because it does affect them.

    just want to keep people honest and logical. i added this from my android phone, so it too is on topic :)

  120. Sheesh this is getting a lot of comments I don’t believe that this type of post belongs on phandroid but if it is posted here then it should be opened to all comments bad or good if your going to allow such a OPEN topic

  121. Cool shirt :)

  122. @voidedsaint: I really respect what you have to say and, for the most part, I think you’re right. The one problem with your comment is the claim that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. You are confusing actions with being. So yes, acting on homosexual desires is a choice, but simply being homosexual is not. As I’ve said already, no one wakes up one day and decides to be gay, just as no one wakes up one day and decides to be straight. Is it genetic or environmental? I have absolutely no idea, but I can tell you that none of the factors typically associated with environmentally influenced homosexuality were present when I was growing up. Hell, if I didn’t tell you I was gay, you’d never have any idea.

  123. Two thumbs for google ! glad to see im not the only gay guy here, we can be geeks too hahahaa

  124. Goodness, who’d have thought a gadget site would be so bigot-heavy?

  125. @Ikari
    That’s “would have”. In real English the full stop goes outside the quotes (and brackets, etc.).

  126. i am glad to see a big company pick a side. instead of seeing most just standing in the middle like cowards. i am straight but i would also like a shirt to get for my best friend that loves android and is gay. as for all the hate in the posts. why dont you just not read the article or the posts? why blast your hate to the world? posters like vlad and others just move on to the next article and grow up while ur at it. love the article phandroid!

  127. Most of the gay bashers are probably closet cases, or somewhere on the bell curve of sexuality in a place they don’t like. Feel sorry for them, they are stuck in what ever prison society built for them.

  128. I noticed these shirts at Boston Pride. I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!!

    I asked about it and I was told that Google past them out to employees that day.

    This shirt is Google approved. Google is also a supporter of gay rights.


    As for the people claiming that this post has no place on this site and that it makes Android look bad, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You wouldn’t dare post such a comment about other minority groups.

    To Phandroid, I realize that you apologized to people on both sides of the issue. However, you should not have to apologize to bigots who were offended by this post. It reflects badly on your awesome site.

  129. @phandroid; I guess we’ll be more careful next time we decide to just put up info because we see an android picture in it. :]

  130. Phandroid, please post a LOT of news, so this topic would be gone from my RSSdar.

  131. Hahaha amazing!!!

  132. This is ridiculous. It almost makes me want to get rid of my Nexus. This is a disgrace.

  133. @ every ignorant homophobe posting here

    I’m neither gay nor know many people who are however I do know for a fact that every nasty comment here is either stated by someone with the intellect of a 5 year old or have nonsensical religious beliefs that have absolutely no basis in reality.
    All of you are giving android users and this website a bad name and you should be genuinely appalled at your behaviour, also whoever calls me gay for pointing out your idiocy is clearly trying to hide their own sexuality :)

  134. WOW… just WOW… so many homophobic comments I don’t even see how this could offend anyone

  135. Phandroid, please, in the future, don’t post this. Look at the string of crap this has created on your site.

    Note to all: I am very much a Christian man. I believe in the values and morals the Bible teaches.

    /End note

    Do I agree with the homosexual life style? No, not in the least. I do not however support anything that discriminates against or causes them to be hated. Inside and out, they are people. They are individuals just like me. Their life is exactly that, their life. As an individual, they have the right to make whatever choices they want. I also as an individual have the right to disagree with said choices. As does everyone else.

    People often approach this topic three ways. Acceptance, tolerance, or hatred. Not sure I really fall into any of these three categories. I’d say a lot of people do. Anyway, back to the subject.

    What I do not appreciate is companies throwing their weight behind this. There are plenty of other groups of individuals who share common traits that are discriminated against. Why not show support for them all? Or is this the only one that gets publicized so heavily? It’s almost discriminatory in itself to support this group of people and not others.

    Just my two cents…

  136. Holy crap, stepping on toes with this one. As long as its okay to be what I am and I don’t have to deal with people pushing their liberal/conservative views on me wanting me to change I’m fine, and tolerant. What I do not tolerate is ignorance, violence against others, and forced socialism(lol). So, enjoy being what u are accept others for who they are. I love my woman and always will even if she’s jealous of my Android. At least now I can tell her that my phone is lesbian, so she has nothing to worry about. L8R

  137. i dont think google would make such a shirt, it’s totally disgusting and offensive to their fans. as for the people who claim to have big hearts and understanding for gays, if your mom and dad were gays, would you be with us right now !!! gays are nothing but a walking bags of shit and none of them act like a normal being and they try hard to act differently and they’re getting what they’re asking for

  138. jeeesss people… to each its own life… some people just dont get that you cant control some one else’s life.

    phandroid, thanks for sharing the article/picture.. the tshirt is funny… and cool for google, for understanding that there is people with different preferences/religions/ideas… etc…

  139. LOL at some of the people on here – on BOTH sides of this rediculous debate.

    Ummmmm, people – it was a light hearted post about a clever shirt. Let’s not turn it into a forum for debate on the morality or immorality of homosexuality. I am pretty sure that debate won’t be solved on the phandroid forum… :)

    FWIW – it was a funny shirt.

  140. It amazes me how some stupid inbred people have Android phones. Go switch to using a dumb phone to match your lack of intelligence. Way to go Google for accepting love whether it be a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman! All closed minded fools should be shipped to Texas from all across the country and live with Dubya.

  141. So no one here supports straight pride? That’s just sad. Well I support it and think others should as well. If some people are proud to be gay why can’t I show my pride of being straight?

  142. I’m a lesbian stuck in a man’s body

  143. Instead of dragging a float in ur gay parade why don’t you drag some queers down the street by their neck. Some black queers, yea!
    Sara Palin, 2010.

  144. The ONLY reason being gay is bad is because the Bible says so… Since it’s all false due to the fact there is no God. So, everyone should stop hating because of some fictional book!

  145. Jo :

    as really not funny as that comment was, it’s still hillarious. That’s seriously what’s wrong with this thread though. intolerance.

    Seriously. Phandroid, where can I get that shirt?!?!?!!?

    I mean, that’s really what the topic was right?! LOL

  146. Damn talk about a long thread of responses.. BTW for those of you who are hating on the people who prefer to be gay.. you are all dumb arses.. OMG.. GROW UP.. its 2010.. accept everyone as they are.. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE.. I DONT THINK GOD GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO.. uh oh.. I SAID GOD.. OMG..

  147. @Maj, the gays that try hard are the one that are in the closet, know they are gay and try to be like everyone else. Getting married to a woman who they have no sexual desire for. They are the one that tries hard, afraid of society, people that are like you who hate them just because of who they are attracted to and who they fall in love with, without even trying to know them.

  148. LMFAO at the Phagdroid comment lol well i guess am gay now i own 2 android phones lol

  149. @D. Rothschild

    If you believe that crap about people changing their orientation, I’ve got a great deal on a bridge you can buy.

  150. @TRACKS.. You’re not gay.. people who own the iPhone are.. Android is all man.. All Muscular, all rugged.. and the iPhone is fairy princess with a fairy wand ready to come out of its butt.. (I love the gays and lesbians.. you rock.. especially when you re-docorated my condo!!).. but if I were to specify.. iPhone.. you are the reigning DRAG QUEEN OF THE YEAR!

  151. @Quentyn/Phandroid: “I apologize to anyone offended by this post”

    Don’t apologize to people who’re offended by reality

  152. I’m totally disgusted by some of the comments on this article, mostly because I didn’t know that in reading this blog, I was in the company of so many fear-mongering bigots. Kudos to Google for not being afraid to stand up for what’s right. Some of the comments here are just appalling and completely inappropriate for ANY website.

  153. first off, the point of this post is not to offend anyone, I just want to point out something that I found to be funny.
    I see that Phandroid is full of “borderline-retarded rednecks.” Isn’t it funny that someone can support equality and yet promote racist stereotypes? I guess because I am a caucasian Christian that believes homosexuality is a sin that makes me a retarded redneck.
    I guess only whites disagree with homosexuality
    I do not hate homosexuals because as someone else pointed out, I am not without sin.
    Who cares that Google supports gays? I support gun ownership but Levi’s Jeans and Tommy Lee Jones do not, does that mean I won’t buy Levi’s or watch Mr. Jones movies? No. Let’s face it, Levi’s are comfortable and Tommy is a great actor. But, I forgot, supporting gun ownership makes me a “retarded redneck” as well.
    In this day and age, homosexuality is something we have to deal with. Everywhere you turn, it is shoved in your face. I guess that is what the gays say about heterosexuality though.
    Oh, and by the way, I don’t call African Americans black, Mexicans brown, or Chinese yellow, so please call me Caucasian, my skin isn’t white.
    I apologize if anything in this post has offended anyone, as I have already stated, those were not my intentions.

  154. ROFLMAO.. This post is the highlight of my day.. it’s so funny.. Anyhow.. 17 DAYS TIL MOTO DROID X IS RELEASED.. GO ANDROID! WOHOO!

  155. Real mature people thanks for making all Android users look like we are insecure about our own sexuality. I’m a guy and I like girls and Android so what. Aren’t we suppose to be anti-Apple here, I’m pretty sure gay people buy iPhones also.

  156. “People are born white, black, asian, hispanic. I will not believe for one second that people are born gay. That is not in our genes.”

    If you want to know the scientific status (reported on wikipedia) on the subject:


  157. I like anyone just so long as they like beets… If you don’t enjoy a good beet every now and then though… Gloves are off. I am at the moment drafting some anti-beet-disliker laws restricting their rights to make salads and eat hot dogs on Thursdays. Just had to get that off my chest and let my beliefs be known.

  158. @Esquire0399, my sexual orientation was decided from the beginning. Simple as that.
    @Mike Lothian, you are right, sexual orientation isn’t a choice. It is set in stone what it should be.
    @Wello, thanks for the humor. ;)
    @Everyone, Sorry if I offend anyone, but I only know what the good book tells is wrong. We can all come up with excuses, but that doesn’t make it right. People do have chemical imbalances, mental deformities, and things that make them abnormal. But this does not give me the right to say that their way of life is wrong. That is not up to me. I don’t have to deal with that type of temptation, so I haven’t the slightest clue what those who are attracted to the same sex must go through. Weither or not you sleep with those of opposite sex promiscuously or the same sex, both are sin. …for all have sinned and fall short.

  159. I think…what the hell does it change in using android system?? Does it really touch you that way of supporting gay groups? Does it change anything to you or to your operating system??
    No? them just shut up!
    Not interested on that? Again…shut up!
    As we use to say in Italy…the mother of stupid ppl is always pregnant!
    Signed, a proud GAY

  160. Lighten up, everyone. If you’re offended by a gender-neutral robot waiving a rainbow flag you have some issues. This is a site for Android fans, and if Google had an official float and was selling or handing out these shirts, then it is newsworthy. I’m glad they don’t give a shit what judgmental bigots think of their social views. Their stock just went up even further in my book.

  161. You people that are so against this are children. Grow up. Who cares who likes what. I’m straight and have gay friends. They are the same as anyone else. Sell your phones if your really that immature you don’t deserve to have one anyways.

  162. @phandroid – thanks for this post!

    I’m gay, proud and a huge Android fan. I’d really love one of those shirts too!

    From my geolocation, the iPhone is very popular with the gay community because its stylish, trendy and easy to use. But Android is making some inroads and I’ve noticed more in the gay scene. So I think this post IS RELEVANT because clearly Google has identified the gay community as a viable market segment and is making efforts to promote to this audience. I didn’t see Google at Chicago Pride or my local Pride but I hope to in the future. My local Pride was the largest ever this year with over 50K attending (that’s gays, lesbians, straights, families, children, politicians, businesses, community leaders, celebrities and more). That’s kind of a big deal in the Midwest. There were dozens of vendors including large corporations in insurance, real estate, retail, sports gear, athletic teams, entertainment, media, arts, and technology.

    I, like so many others on here, appreciate the outreach and support. If you don’t support equality, I can appreciate your difference in opinion but you’re not going to hate on my parade. I decided long ago to accept myself, be a good person, strive for success and happiness, to help and serve others, and not let the hatred of bigots to make me into something that I’m not. I’d rather be gay than an ignorant, hate-filled bigot any day.

    Android FTW.

  163. Seems like the teabaggers are out in full force on this site, spreading their derogatory, hatefilled speech. I love the shirt and would want to know where to get one

  164. i have nothing against people that are gay, the problem i have are the haters on both sides, i wish instead of “gay pride” we had “freedom pride” why can’t people choose what they want and we all rejoice for THAT reason, why do we have to rejoice because they are the less popular outcome? i understand sticking up for your rights and who you are but it feels like flaunting it when you march down streets pushing what you are in people’s faces… lets just have freedom pride marches and all couples/ races/ genders/ ages/ nationalities can walk side by side simply because they CAN and they are FREE too!

  165. Oh My!!! this is so funny.
    Just in case you have never been to a Gay Pride Parade or Festival. Almost every major corporation that sells anything is usually represented in Pride festivities. Corporations are about selling and like to target ALL kinds of possible customers.

    If you are going to stop using android because they had a booth or t-shirts during pride, you have along list corporations to add to your list.

    I have seen so many companies participating in pride events, like American Express, Visa, AOL, Google, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Chipotle, Absolute Vodka, almost every bank imaginable, etc.

    Worry about what YOU do, and how YOU behave according to your own believes or religion. Worry about YOUR own salvation and leave others worry about their own life or believes. Just my 2 cents.

  166. This entire comment thread hurts me to read, from every single end of the spectrum. I love everyone, regardless of the way you choose to live your life, but human nature is divisive. People WANT to argue. I understand you have stuff to say, Phandroid writers, but keep it off of the main page please! I don’t want to look for Android news and find a heated debate about whose religion is better, or whose politician is better, or whose lifestyle is immoral or not. There are billions of websites made for those things, and truthfully, an Android blog is not.

    PS Google did not make those shirts….

  167. Until someone can find a “gay gene” comparing being gay to being black, a midget, a woman, etc. and the struggles they went through belittle the struggles of the other groups. None of those are choices. Until then “gay pride” deserves the same respect i’d give “i like blue pride”. Sure, thats great for you, don’t shove it in my face and I won’t have a problem with it.

  168. JRDroid,
    Dr. Francis Collins headed up the human gnome project which mapped all of the genes in the human body.
    Collins states that there is no such thing as a “gay gene”.
    This was in response to NPR and Newsweek advancing stories that scientists may have found a “gay gene”.
    Since the human genome project is complete and no gay gene was found, it is a statement of fact to say that there is no such thing as a “gay gene”.

    I was very edified by your non hateful wording.

  169. Nature does not celebrate homosexuality.
    The structure of human sexual anatomy is very clear on the topic of homogenital acts. It is disordered human behavior.

    Human sex organs are designed to interact only as male and female. These structures are complementary only in opposing genders.

    The same goes for human fertility. The male gamete only finds fullness when it joins with a female gamete. A gamete is a haploid (only 23 chromosomes). This haploid’s only purpose is to join with a haploid from the opposite sex. Once fused they create a diploid human organism.

    Homogenital acts render human anatomy and fertility to be senseless. But nature is clear. Male and Female matter. Nature only celebrates heterosexuality.
    Shame on you Google.

  170. Stop all the Pro-Gay shit its getting to be a bit overwhelming. Go back to the closet please

  171. @olypdd – Thank you mate! Finally, someone has the moral clarity to post the bloody truth. Most of these people posting here about “yay! gay!” are just wanting to be PC about the entire subject. You are absolutely right, the people who espouse this are the most “intolerant” group of people, why oh why can’t people just have their gadgets, without having to worry about materially cooperating in some liberal social agenda. Now let the hate come forth, for it surely will after posts like mine, I am sure of it. The homosexual takeover has got to end somewhere, and it really is the homosexual agenda “pushing” there stinking agenda on everyone.

  172. @Tsteck
    So all close-minded ignorant people should be sent to Texas? What the hell makes you think I want to share my great state with them? You are against prejudice and stereotypes and yet you make one in your post? I guess all Texans are just dumb white cowboy trash huh? Funny how the people begging for equality and an end to stereotypes are so quick to spew forth the same trash from their mouth about those who disagree with their views. If you want the hatred to end, it has to stop on both sides of the debate.

  173. I didnt wanna respond to this subject but I was compelled to comment. I am an avid Android fan, and I read phandroid daily. I looked over this headline and scrolled down like i always do to see if something was new concerning tmobile. it was until later that i saw an update by the headline that i knew something was up. Now im a straight male 27 yrs old, and I love women, i cant stop thinking about them all day long. But lately i cant buy a date, and its killing me. now why do i say that? whats the point right? never have I had one thought of trying a man to fulfill my needs of affection. Being gay is not a choice. men are not attractive to me…..I have never woke up and thought to my self..hmmm I think ill suck a penis today. I think all you gay bashers are in the closet, COME OUT…….so i can have your girlfriends

  174. @bigots Watch out! The homosexuals are coming to convert you too! And now they’re in your phone! In your pocket! Whatever are you going to do??

    How about shut the fuck up and let others do as they wish. If you want sharia law why don’t you go back to north waziristan.

  175. @16670

    LOL. It’s a t-shirt. Get over it.


    You’ll drop the android platform over a t-shirt? Amazing.

    The people who hate the most usually have some issues they need to deal with.

  176. To Marc, jamallj, another guy, and anyone else who wants to abandon Android over Google’s pro-LGBT stance, all I can say is buh bye! Don’t let the closet door hit you on the way out!

    Oh, and enjoy living in the dark ages because every notable American tech company shares their position: Apple, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Oracle, Amazon, Motorola, Cisco…the list goes on and on…

    Innovative companies need the most skilled, talented, diverse workforces possible. They just cannot afford to share your backwards, exclusionary attitudes.

    Though I hear Exxon Mobil doesn’t much like the gays, either. Have fun with them.

  177. Did you guys see yesterday that Yahoo had a rainbow under their logo on yahoo.com?

  178. 16670 wrote on June 28, 2010


    Grow the f*ck up; all of you whiners on here, it’s a godd*mn t-shirt. I have never seen so many supposed ‘men’ whining and bitching about such a non-issue, it’s enough to make me hate the human race.

    1)’gay agenda’ – Are they recruiting? really?
    2) You can’t become “ungay” anymore than you can become “unstraight” – And if you think you can, can you *make* yourself like the taste of the food you hate the most? Or do you…simply just not care for it?!?
    3) I agree that liberals in general are aiding the right-wing conservatives in screwing our country up (illegal aliens??? Liberals promote it, Conservatives do nothing to aid in profit reaping off the backs of illegals)
    4) I agree that liberals are defending some of the most stupid political points of view I’ve ever seen, and that many people are politically correct

    But REALLY. Be a goddamn grownup, and a MAN and ignore stuff that hurts your pretty little sensitivities.

    There’s alot of crap going on out there, and you focus on a t-shirt and some cockamamie ‘gay agenda’? jesus h. christ man, stop being preoccupied with other people’s P E R S O N A L lives.

  179. Landon wrote on June 28, 2010

    You’re forgetting the other side of the ‘nature’ argument: population control.

    Nuff said.

  180. Tore wrote on June 28, 2010

    “People are born white, black, asian, hispanic. I will not believe for one second that people are born gay. That is not in our genes.”
    If you want to know the scientific status (reported on wikipedia) on the subject:


    Human beings ARE NOT DISPOSABLE, no matter if there’s no gay gene, or a hundred of them. People would do well to remember that in all instances of irrational hatred.

  181. TerCruz wrote on June 28, 2010

    ROFLMAO.. This post is the highlight of my day.. it’s so funny.. Anyhow.. 17 DAYS TIL MOTO DROID X IS RELEASED.. GO ANDROID! WOHOO!

    I only count 16, because I do not count the day of release, :)

  182. Looks like the big-endians – or is it the little-endians? well, it doesn’t matter – have had a nerve touched. Well, I guess that it’s hard to pretend to be rational and still defend the idea that God created the world in 6 days 4,000 years ago. I just wish that they had a better way to make their point than beating the physical or virtual crap out of people. They’ve been doing the Crusades thing for about a millennium now. Don’t you think that the religion of brotherly love could take a break and just stop beating on the rest of the world.

  183. Wow, interesting to see all the knuckledraggers come out over a simple article like this.

    How funny. A BIG chunk of the technology they use, cars they drive in, planes they fly in, financial services they get, etc. are designed and built by queer folks. Must drive them insane.

    If you want a computer or smartphone and OS that hasn’t had the involvement of a bunch of gay people, go get that “faith based smartphone” you’ve always wanted.

    You know, the one where you pray over a block of wood and God transmutes it into a smartphone?

    Because that’s the only smartphone you’ll be able to find that doesn’t have gay gay gay all over it — in the design, in the software, in the marketing, in the engineering. :)

  184. > saying it’s ‘natural’ isn’t really a good argument.

    If something is done by humans and animals alike then it’s natural. If it’s only done by some humans, like religion, then it’s man made and unnatural. Pretty simple if you stop and think about it. You don’t see male penguins throw acid in the faces of female penguins, face the north pole, drop to their knees and recite a bunch of hundreds of years old crap, do you?

  185. it has become painfully clear that almost all the anti-gay comments here are posted from people that probobly dont really care and just want to piss people off. very few of these comments have any intelligent thought and the ones that do still have that hint of “as long as it isnt in public its ok” attitude. these comments should just be ignored and filed under ignorant rants. i am glad phandroid reported this.and i think they should never hold back anything android related.

  186. You’ve been trolled, you’ve been trolled
    You have probably been told
    Don’t reply to that guy
    He’s just getting a rise
    Out of you, and it’s true
    You respond and that’s his que
    Causing trouble on the double
    While he strokes his manly stubble
    You’ve been trolled, you’ve been trolled
    You should probably just fold
    When the only winning move is not to plaaaaaaay
    And yet you keep on trying
    Mindlessly replying
    You’ve been trolled, you’ve been trolled
    Have a nice day!

  187. Hey can we please not fight bigotry with more bigotry? The references to “rednecks” and calling right wingers bigots and Christians hateful and stupid – are all just more examples of bigotry.

    I’m from East Texas and by many definitions a “redneck”. I’m a right leaning Independent and I’m a Christian. And I fully support equality regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

    I have “liberal”, atheist” and “metropolitan” friends who fall on both sides of the issue just like I have “conservative”, “christian” and “redneck” friends who fall on both sides.

    The way to lead is by example. Whatever side of this you fall on, you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind or heart with hate or intolerance. PLEASE quit fighting bigotry with more bigotry!

  188. that was FABULOUS.

    I saw hearts and stars and rainbows flying at your showtune!



  189. @ UMAD (my previous post.. sorry didn’t give the credit where it was due) lol

  190. Damn so many comments, can’t read them all. I like the t-shirt, I like free spirit that goes with Android. Sort of on topic, pleaase all go and see South Park, episode The F word.

  191. As a Christian I don’t hate anyone. We are all human beings with feelings and aspirations, and deserve to be treated with respect. That being said, I do not understand the whole “you’re not pro-gay so in this ‘enlightened’ age, you are not intelligent”. Really ? Embarking on a path that, left unabated, would result in the unforced extinction of mankind doesn’t seem like the height of pragmatism either. There are places for the

  192. …sorry, darn Droid keyboard ! There are places for this debate, but this site is a place to get jazzed about Android, so stop hating and keep lovin the little green guy !

  193. This is the worst article I’ve ever seen on a tech blog. PERIOD. The pro-gay people spouting off nonsense about how human beings are robots and can’t change their programming (the same argument pedophiles make), and the anti-gays scream juvenile slurs and insults while ignoring the concept of respect and tolerance altogether (the same emotions that created the KKK).

    Here’s the bottom-line.

    There is no gay gene. There is no empirical evidence of homosexuality being passed naturally from generation to generation and even twin studies show no greater instances of homosexuality than the general population. The very biological function of the vagina is to receive the penis- and vice versa.Sexuality’s design (whether you call it God or evolution) is for procreation. No amount of political posturing or pleading will change biology. At best, homosexuality is a deviant behavioral practice, at worse a psychological disorder.

    With that said, if a man and a woman choose to be with a person that is of the same gender, this causes NO damage to society. In fact, smoking, gambling, obesity, and alcohol consumption are far more dangerous and worthy of condemnation. The revulsion to deviant romantic partnerships may be ingrained in some, but that revulsion is far more damaging to society.

    As long as the people are consenting adults, and are not unlawfully harming each other, they have the right to do whatever they want- free from harassment. Worry about yourself and your own habits before you worry about what gay people do in loving, mutually beneficial relationships.

    This website has no business bringing up such topics to mass criticism and mob mentality. It devalues Phandroid and the Android brand. What’s next? Android “abortions?”

  194. @pie-eater
    dude im watching that episode as we speak
    fag- 1. an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
    2. A person who owns or frequently ride a Harley.

    great show, but yeah the gay bashers and closet cases dont realize the world they live in is a choice community, hell if either of the 10 year olds that are on this site have a gf, they know a gay guy is a girls best friend, and most women (most not all) are for gay rights. it is a lifestyle choice, no one is born gay, or are they? how would scientists know the answer to that? by doing studies? how can they possibly know that every man or every woman, like the opposite sex at one point? there are alot of reasons that a straight person turns gay. i have in fact talked to a woman because a man raped her, and as such she considered all men to be total dick heads, and decided they were not the right choice for her anymore. i just dont get y people act this way, once they grow up and start hanging around alot more people they will come to understand, and in the long run respect gay people for standing up for what they believe in, cause i will admit, when i was a kid i was very ignorant, but my wife has opened my eyes, and i applaud any homosexual that stands for what they believe in. cause most of you people dont understand the hardships homosexuals go through, i have seen some, its wrong, some criminal, and ultimately they start becoming a nazi. all the gay bashers and closet cases, need to realize there are gay people in the world, and thats not going to change.

  195. You say you can love who you want, right? It doesn’t matter? Then that means I can love as many people as I want. I can be married and in love with 5 other people because nobody can tell me what is right or wrong. I mean, I am a man and naturally I pursue many women, so that has to be okay. Because it feels right then I can do it. See how absurd that is? There have to be absolutes and you have to have a standard to live by.

    So it’s obvious I don’t agree with homosexuality and not happy that I have a phone with a company that supports homosexuality. At the same time, I also don’t hate homosexuals, I just believe it is wrong. I have relatives and know people who are gay and I love them just like I would love any other family member or friend that I have any other different opinion with.

    So there are people like me who do not hate gay people but believe that it is wrong and are not happy with Google about this. But please don’t take it as hate.

  196. i have nothing against people that are gay, the problem i have are the haters on both sides, i wish instead of “gay pride” we had “freedom pride” why can’t people choose what they want and we all rejoice for THAT reason, why do we have to rejoice because they are the less popular outcome? i understand sticking up for your rights and who you are but it feels like flaunting it when you march down streets pushing what you are in people’s faces… lets just have freedom pride marches and all couples/ races/ genders/ ages/ nationalities can walk side by side simply because they CAN and they are FREE too!

    ^^YOU SIR, WIN.

  197. @ D. Rothschild and others…you complain about the discussion of this matter on a site like this, but you leave comments and arguments on the subject matter, which does not make sense to me.

    Lastly, D. Rothschild, if someone attracted to the same sex could switch their orientation, could you then choose to switch from heterosexual to homosexual, bisexual or asexual? I doubt it. Your attractions would not change, but your behavior may. That is all they are doing when they say they have switched, changing behavior, not their internal feelings.

    Secondly, do you think anyone in their right mind would have a good reason to “choose to be gay”? I can not think of a good reason in our society. Therefore I don’t think they choose their orientation…it would be much easier to choose to be heterosexual. Also, it is very plausible and most likely a combination of genetics, hormones and environment. Certain genetic predispositions are triggered by environmental or hormonal factors. For example some people are physically attracted to people of a certain race. It is not purely genetic and its not purely a choice…environment, interactions growing up, exposure to individuals, maybe even subdued emotions or curiosity lead to these attractions…not a single factor has explained attraction or sexual orientation. What is clear, it isn’t a choice, as much as it is engrained in each individual and recognized through outward response, rather than genetic markers. So it is quite likely that something genetically exists that triggers this particular attraction or sexual orientation. The person can not control it, no more than the particular attraction someone has for a particular race, height or any other outward preferences.

    Lastly, I don’t expect you or anyone else to necessarily agree with or like another person for who they are. Tolerance, not necessarily, agreement is a much better way to coexist with others we may not necessarily like or agree with. I encourage everyone on here, to double check themselves…gay, straight, confused, angry, or whatever. We shouldn’t make the same mistakes that others have made throughout history, grouping together people based on a common element and believing they all are the same or similar…Lets look deeper and get to know the individual, not who they may seem inwardly or outwardly. Even if we don’t like everything about someone, there is something valuable to say about coexistence and respect.

  198. Andrude – the hell you don’t hate anyone. You start by applying a pragmatic measure and equate homosexuality with the extinction of the population. Get a clue. About 10% of the population is currently gay. Approximately 10% has always been gay. It’s not gays that are going to be the end of the human race. Then, having had your say, you call for the end of the discussion.

    As a Christian you don’t hate anyone. But your statements certainly indicate that while not hating, you’d be happy to legislate against people whose behavior has nothing to do with you. Why don’t you just let God deal with the situation as (s)He wishes and keep your (erroneous) judgments to yourself.

    1. Someday you may be judged.
    2. Homosexuality can occur in anyone’s family. Develop a healthier attitude now.

    Sorry. I just find your attitude offensive.

  199. @mostlyDigital
    The fact that I extrapolate/exaggerate an argument based off of a physical reality doesn’t mean I hate anyone. And speaking of extrapolation, I didn’t even mention legislation.

    Either way, we are both right. 10% homosexuality doesn’t necessarily mean the end of sexual reproduction. It’s a convenient argument.

    I don’t believe God necessarily hates anyone either. According to my beliefs, God is love. And, as a heterosexual, I sin a lot just the way I am.

    The U.S. is a great place where you can find my attitude offensive, and at the end of the day, I’d still probably buy you a beer at the corner bar and discuss the coolness that Android represents.

    Please don’t think that I hate you or your comments, because I don’t. I won’t post any more comments b/c it obviously is not helping anything.

  200. Hey. The comments took AGES to read!

    Anyways, I’m gay, and living in the UK. Tbh, I’ve never been abused for being gay, my friends and most of my family love me for who I am. Those that don’t appreciate me being gay just ignore the fact, which isn’t a problem.

    I have straight friends, gay friends, lesbian friends, black, white etc. I really don’t care what they believe in, or what they class themselves as. They’re nice people, so I like them.

    My point is, don’t judge others based on ‘what they are’. Until you have met them, and you dislike them for a REAL reason, back off.

    And those men that are arguing that gay people can choose to be straight. I’ll sleep with a women if you sleep with me. Get a grip. (And homophobic women, just, whyyyy?)

    P.S. I will pay a large amount of money for one of those t-shirts =D

  201. Quentyn, I don’t think you had any agenda at all when you posted this. I think you posted it and really thought it was no big deal. I would have done the same thing. Some of us live in a world where associating with something homosexual is as big a deal as associating with Christians. You don’t even think about cause its not an issue for you.

  202. Me thinks they doth protest too much.

  203. SUPPORT.
    thanks for the inclusive post. i went to chicago pride and they had a google float and these shirts on it. LOVED it and i never felt so welcome to any “club”. i’ve been an android fan since it came out and i’m very happy with google.

  204. So back to the actual important facts…… WHERE I CAN I GET THESE SHIRTS!!!!!!??????

    Any info would be appreciated

  205. @Maj if you have a valid point on anything then it was mantle to be said without hate.

  206. Wow. I honestly can say I don’t understand people one bit. I’m an openly gay teenager, and I’ve had absolutely NO trauma in my childhood one bit, and I believe fully I was born this way. The way i see it- Why would I CHOOSE to be hated? To have less rights? To be criticized fro WHO I AM… Doesn’t matter anyways.No better way to bring out the “Christian” hypocrites than to add the word “gay” or “homosexual” to ANY post ANYWHERE on the internet. It’s like they have some crazy radar or something. But anyways… That isn’t even the point of this freaking article, does no one see that? Or does only ONE word stick out?

    It’s awesome to see Google diversifying, advertising to more crowds. Show’s their good marketing, PR, ect. I’ve always loved google. :) And Android. I’ve been with Android since the G1, and it has it’s ups and downs, but overall? GREAT OS!

  207. Back @Maj once again, if you have a valid point to say then it should aways be said hate free. I had to repost due to the 2.1 Droid keyboard being alittle bit of a pain in the ass jacking up words at times…..sheesh oh sheesh…lol

  208. May all the gay-haters on here be heartily buggered by the burliest of burly Turkish inmates for the rest of their miserable lives.

    Those who complain the most are usually closet homosexuals themselves, but are too ashamed to come out.

  209. For all youhomophobes, I’m gay & coming after you to convert you, LOL!

  210. Omg these comments in here are from ignorant ass people.
    LOL people are ignorant

    Love the fact google is representing the gay community. 2 best friends and half brother are gay and he wants one of these shirts.

    Lol it’s ashame at the comments in the post though

  211. lmfao i love how people try to equate being gay to pedophiles and bestiality

    lol i need to exit of this page because this ignorance and stupidity personifies to the rest of the world just how stupid most americans are

  212. Android is for fags! (joking, I have no problem with gay people)

  213. It’s official…this whole world and all that’s in it is going straight to hell with gasoline leopard thongs on.

  214. Thank you android, and to phandroid for posting this article, I enjoyed reading all the ignorant comments. I would like to think that smartphone users are somewhat intelligent and have more sense than this.

  215. Unbelievable. Yet another example of companies going too far with their agenda. I personally do not support homosexuality. I think it is a sin. Not to say I am not a sinner, cause I know no one that isn’t… but c’mon. I love my friends, but I do not want to have relations with them all. Christianity is a religion of forgiveness. I do have a few friends who are gay, and they are comfortable with the fact that I do not support that part of their life. The Bible does comment on those who lay with their own. I do not hate my friends, but I just don’t support it. To me, it’s like having a brother you love, but keeps doing drugs… hate the drug, not the person. Comment if you want, but it’s not an argument… it’s a fact.

  216. I’m reading a few embarrassing posts here. If you think being gay is a choice, if you think it is “wrong”, if you would vote against gay people having basic human rights … you’re ignorant, selfish, and childish.

    That’s all I’ll say to some of the dumb comments I’m seeing.

  217. People choose to put their faith in God. So we should stop that things, because clearly any choice that doesn’t align with my own bigoted world views should be immediately stamped out.

    So much for land of the free etc.

    Backwards rednecks.

  218. Sad, sad people who are antagonising gays/lesbians…

    Now, where can I (hetero, married, two kids) get this shirt that guy on the picture is wearing?

  219. OK OK OK people (you know who you are) Stop talking about black people when you are trying to defend what you believe-I know you all heard this a million and onw times but I will say it a million and two times…gay and black are two diffrent things mans and girls! stop trying to make your point look good by putting race in the picture along with being gay…sheesh sheesh sheesh! lol

  220. Aman to comment 29!!!!!

  221. Some day in the future kids in school will look back on this entire subject and wonder what the fuss was all about.

  222. Don’t apologize, people offended by this reality are gonna be offended by anything they don’t deserve apologies.
    I want that t-shirt :-)

  223. Your sexual orientation can be your freedom of choice. Differentiation is a part of life. Everyone IS different in someway. It’s stupid to see that some people are immature enough to selectively pick a subject of difference and bash it down. Hating or disliking someone because something about their life Is different then yours is wrong. Didn’t people learn to always respect people. If nobody physically or emotionally hurts or harms you, why would it be okay for you to disrespect them? Especially if you don’t know them. There Is nothing wrong with gay people. People have the right to live their lives the way they choose. I yern for a time when society will learn to respect everyone and stop judging people for something that is not their business. It’s okay to feel different and have an opinion but its not justified to promote impudence. One day irreverence will be obsolete and it will all be thanked to those with attitudes of arrogance. And this post by phandroid has nothing to do with politics or religion as being gay is derived from neither. It’s nice to see the folks who report news on whatever they see fit. Don’t let the wrong people stop you. I think this was an interesting post and I’m sorry that some people are too tied by infancy and have nothing better to do but too express their unnecessary Ideas. I know its sad but I apologize on their behalf, I know they never will. Keep up the good reporting phandroid. !

  224. Maybe if there was a straight pride day homophobic people would be less uneasy about the whole thing? I dunno what that would look like there isn’t really a unified straight culture like with the gay community.

    Talk of Pride always does this though, I guess for religious people it’s like some kind of hedonistic orgy they can’t avert their eyes from or shut their mouths about.

  225. “The fact that robots don’t have genders is what makes me chuckle at the graphic that’s been pressed onto the shirt”

    Well, if you want to get technical, they do. An android is a robot with male programming and/or design. A gynoid (the so-called “fembot”) is a robot with female programming and/or design. We’ve just genericized the former through constant use.

    That being said, who cares? It’s a T-shirt, not an Earth-shattering statement.

  226. Hey Phandroid, hope you don’t listen to the comments that tell you not to post articles like this. It’s just a funny t-shirt that has little droids on it.

    Just because there are people willing to look at this shirt and go off on their religious views, doesn’t mean it’s a religious post.

    If you were required to repress things you have every right to say because of how others would react, you’d have Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

  227. Why does the article lead us to believe that this is an actual Google shirt, representative, ambassador, employee or whatever? Is it? I think the only validity to this article from what I can tell is “Oh look at this cute shirt” not “IN BREAKING HEADLINE NEWS OUR TOP STORY OF THE WEEK _____GOOGLE IS GAY_____HEMHDROIDS ON THE RISE!”

    1. @Brock it’s been confirmed time and time again that Google participated in several parades across the country and they brought these shirts along.

  228. @Quentyn Thank You, interesting I suppose. I retract my comment on validity; although I still think my politically incorrect cleverness was kinda funny if not a little gross. Sorry.

  229. Guys, let’s look into the past:
    – who was the first to adopt iPhone for its slick looks? – gays. My friends were going to ridiculous extents to get one of those from US a few years ago.
    – in which industry blackberry is the most popular at the moment – fashion and entertainment – where a lot of gay men are working.

    So stop this. There is no such thing as gay phone.

    If you really want to be straight – go buy yourself a Nokia.

  230. Ok Ok Ok – I’m coming out. I just can’t keep it inside any longer. I am G…….oogle about Android. There! I said it! Are you happy now?

  231. Where do i buy one of those shirts? They are great!!! I hope google starts selling them. :)

  232. Google starts selling this shirt, they lose soo many straight men market. Because really, there is nothing worse than being told that your phone is Gay. This is a big deal for straight guys.

  233. The desire to report on everything just so you can put out as many stories as possible and have your name show up as much as possible isn’t the best idea. Just leave this stuff out please. It wasn’t meant to stir up social chaos? You must live in a vacuum somewhere if you didn’t realize this might be something to get people stirred up. Come on.

  234. Ug. Not a phan of this shirt.

  235. All of you using derogatory terms for homosexuals should leave.

    All the posts on this article should be deleted and the thread locked.

    It should not have been allowed to explode like this.

  236. @JRDroid — so “choices” shouldn’t be protected rights and only genetics should be?

    If so, let’s apply that equally– you CHOOSE to be a Christian, so by your own logic, let’s remove that right altogether. Don’t shove your Christianity in my face like that!

    Whoa! Suddenly it’s not so cool to be on the receiving end now is it?

  237. For those of you stating that one day our children won’t even think about this are wrong. My children will understand the concept of homosexuality as being wrong. I will teach them to care for homosexuals and not hate them, but they will know that homosexuality is a sin before Almighty God.

  238. There is always a quick solution that is very simple to take in….After all, they say the simplest solution is most likely the correct solution…

    Liberals believe in evolution. Liberals also believe being gay is not a choice but something you are born with. Darwin wrote that evolution is real and founded by the theory of natural selection. Meaning, bigger things eat smaller things and the stronger will always survive.

    Let’s look at the gay gene. How could a gene survive thousands of years of evolution if there was no means to procreate? Sure, some gay people go off and have kids, but that is a very slim minority of the gay community.

    So, in conclusion, if you believe in evolution, you can not believe in a gay gene because over the course of time, it would have been faded away.

    Btw, we find similar human genes in all animals of the world, yet we are the only species in the world to live in a gay committed relationship. Animals use homo acts as a means of dominance over another animal. We use it has a sign of love, now that sounded gay.

    Bottom line, being gay is a choice. Always has been, always will be. So, keep your choices in the bedroom, off my streets, and stop trying to take something that isn’t yours, my rights. Marriage is a religious word, founded my judeo-christian beliefs. Why do gays want marriage? To force it down my throat further and erode what belief system I have.

    Stay gay and stay outta my life.

  239. @D. Rothschild
    its funny how nature shows its natural but humans think there no longer a part of nature so there veiws rule over all


  240. @Cati

    Correction: This is a big deal for “straight” guys who are utterly insecure in their own sexuality. And have tiny little penises, to boot.


  241. Just had to add one more vote for reason and acceptance, and against ignorance and intolerance.

    Hey, I even tolerate ignorance! Though I try to rid myself of it as well as I can.

  242. People’s thoughts and speech should never be restricted, and any citizen of the US ought to have a principled respect for the opinions of others.

    That said, we should also respect other people’s liberty to live however they choose. It’s jarring how the same people who want the government to stay out of their business feel like they deserve some input in my bedroom.

    To all the bigots on here-and don’t convince yourself it’s not bigotry because we’re talking about sexuality and not race-you are welcome to your beliefs. But you are also on wrong side of history. Like any other kind of hatemongers, bigots, and segregationists, you are living in a world that is moving (albeit slowly) towards justice, and you might eventually come to reconsider your beliefs. Like any other kind of bigots, you are welcome to think and feel however you want, but you might want to be careful what you say out loud and in what company.

    Keep in mind, the gays are everywhere. We make your coffee and cut your hair. We grow your food, and patrol your streets. We teach your children and save your lives.

    And we even-you might want to have a seat for this-make your phones.

    Don’t let your old habits keep you from being decent citizens.

    To Phandroid: Thanks for the post. Only don’t backpeddle next time. You wouldn’t have felt the need to apologize to a bunch of racists, and you needn’t here. The only way this gets better if the good guys link arms and let the tide of hate abate.

  243. @Donkey
    It’s always amusing to see right-wingers pretending to be victims. We aren’t trying to take away your rights. We aren’t “forcing” anything “down your throat”. If anything, the Christian right-wing is trying to force your religion down our throat.

    Marriage predates Abrahamic religion. However, if you wrongly believe otherwise, then you should probably be more concerned about the non-Christians being married the world over as we speak.

    We are not the only species in the world to live in a “gay committed relationship”.

    If you believe homosexuality to be a choice, then provide evidence. Show your work. Current science says otherwise.

  244. Donkey :
    Have you considered the following thought?
    (now before I go and upset anyone, i am GAY and it’s OK. Think about it, this probaby makes some form of sense)…
    Darwin + Christian = don’t mix. I don’t understand the point you’re making, however what I do want to say in regards to this post, is that I believe that perhaps mother nature is working foward and not backward.
    The planet probably needs homosexuality to control breeding of more humans. it’s a means to an end.
    Weither you realize it or not, an assumed 10% of the population is gay, with another 20% (give or take 10) falling into the category of bisexuality. These numbers are RISING. now whether or not it’s because more people feel comfortable in a FORTUNATELY MUCH LESS HATEFUL world, or because it’s natures way of cutting down the number of people, so be it. it is what it is.
    @ Trig :
    Amen (haha i made a funny) brother! you are completely correct. Look at it from the other side of the equation. It’s completely not ok to have biased hate filled comments towards people regardless of whether it’s a choice, or just in some of our NATURE to occur. There’s no need to staunchly defend your position. Go on living your lives, we ours. but don’t hate because a CORPORATE ENTITY decides to support all people. not just your people.

  245. cool shirt

  246. I <3 GOOGLE!

  247. But… what about polyamorous robots? A hand in hand in hand robot shirt, how cute would that be?

  248. Android is an open system based on a philosophy of openness. The notion suggested on the shirt is consistent with this. Go Google. This is why i’m a phan. Great post, too. I’m glad to be informed of this.



    take off that bathrobe and quit burning crosses on my lawn, im not even black. btw, yer not a real wizard… harry potter wannabe.

  250. Actually, I think we must be one of the most tolerant phanbases here… I noticed that there are actually like 3 gaybashers in the comments. Everyone else either doesn’t care or supporters of the Gay Movement.

    So. My question to you: “Why do you care?”

  251. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah http://www.gotquestions.org/Sodom-and-Gomorrah.html

    Oh yes, the rainbow is a promise from GOD that he will not destroy the earth with water again. The rainbow has nothing to do with gays other than their sin.

  252. Oh, bigots. Y’all are just so darn cute sometimes. Grasping ever so tightly to a world that’s changing right before your very eyes. Must be scary. A world where there is acceptance of gay couples and people.

    It’s ok, y’all are scared, uneducated, and probably lonely. Don’t worry, though, you have god on your side.

  253. Here’s a quote from Dorothy Parker:

    “Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common.” :)

  254. WOW, what a mess. There is no much fearful hatred on this post my head is spinning. Anyway good to see Google’s heart is in the right place !HOMPHOBIA KILLS !

  255. like wut that one guy said, apparently they havent seen wally… Also i come on googles been smoking something so i mean its not like google hasnt done this sort of thing in the past,so… dont get all bent out of shape : a link for “Gay Google” is: HTTP//sourcefileincodedhackintosh.com/gaygoogle

  256. man, its like when people argue about racism… uknow, “We all chocolate, i white chocolate, u dark chocolate, iz all good.” so please dont argue about this kind of crap.

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