Jun 28th, 2010

[Update]: Given the nature of some of the comments below, I feel the need to chime back in and clear a few things up. This post was not meant – in ANY way – to spark up “socialist” propaganda or “spread” anything. Reading the original text, I’m only commenting on the humor found on the shirts that Google had made. I apologize to anyone offended by this post – and, as a result, offended by some of the thoughts seen in the comments section – but we are an Android site and we’ve posted on other types of Android apparel before. This post is no different.

Having said that, please keep it clean down in the comments section below. We all love Android and this should not have broken out into the big mess that it has. There’s nothing wrong with open discussion, but it becomes a problem when insults, derogatory terms, and verbal attacks come into play. At that point, don’t be surprised if your comment isn’t published.

In a rather unusual piece of news this morning, it appears that Google got in on the Gay Pride parade fun in San Francisco and Android was leading the marching band. Supporters and paraders can be seen holding a Google banner with a round of rainbow-colored balloons and one of the funniest pieces of Android-related apparel we’ve seen to date.


The fact that robots don’t have genders is what makes me chuckle at the graphic that’s been pressed onto the shirt, but who’s keeping score? It’s all in good fun and Google’s obviously letting folks know that Android truly is a fit for everyone.

[TechEYE via TalkAndroid]