Jun 10th, 2010

It’s time to give away our 2nd of MANY phones for our Phone-A-Day Contest promoting AndroidApplications.com. Keep the reviews coming in because yet again tomorrow we’ll be selecting the best App/Game review from today!

droidfitAs usual we had a really, really difficult time selecting the winner with so many great submissions. Ultimately we chose the DroidFit Review by Incredible_Nat – congratulations and please send a PM on AndroidForums to “Rob” to select and claim your prize!

I wish we could recognize ALL of the great reviews in Round 2 of the contest but I’m sure I would quickly lose your interest. So instead, I’d like to share 3 great reviews from yesterday that were neck-and-neck with Incredible_Nat to be the daily winner.

Thank you to Incredible_Nat, the 3 above authors who composed such great reviews, and EVERYONE who has participated thus far and will continue to participate. We hope you’re having as much fun with this as we are!