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Winner #2: App Review Contest!


It’s time to give away our 2nd of MANY phones for our Phone-A-Day Contest promoting Keep the reviews coming in because yet again tomorrow we’ll be selecting the best App/Game review from today!

droidfitAs usual we had a really, really difficult time selecting the winner with so many great submissions. Ultimately we chose the DroidFit Review by Incredible_Nat – congratulations and please send a PM on AndroidForums to “Rob” to select and claim your prize!

I wish we could recognize ALL of the great reviews in Round 2 of the contest but I’m sure I would quickly lose your interest. So instead, I’d like to share 3 great reviews from yesterday that were neck-and-neck with Incredible_Nat to be the daily winner.

Thank you to Incredible_Nat, the 3 above authors who composed such great reviews, and EVERYONE who has participated thus far and will continue to participate. We hope you’re having as much fun with this as we are!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Congrats dude I Liked your review, please guys read my review for google voice!! Please read it
    Im popalex! Hope I win the next one.

  2. Congratz to the second winner. :)

  3. Congrats man! Great review!

  4. Wow… What a rush! I had so much fun working on the review…didn’t think I’d win. Thanks Phandroid.

  5. You guys are totally overlooking the GAMES!!! Not to take away anything from the winner, but there are many game reviews that are head and shoulders better than these that you posted… why no love for the games?

  6. Damn, the video wins again. That’s hard to beat but she did do a really great review. Made me get the app =) I’ll keep mine shorter next time and to the point

  7. I’m done! I’ve written two reviews that are just a god as the winners if not better but I have not won or even been acknowledged. I spent over three hours writing my two reviews and for what? Nothing!
    anyone who is thinking about doing this contest for the first time, don’t do it. this is big waste of time!

  8. @SwampFox – I looked at ALL the games and there were several that made the “1st cut” but keep the game reviews coming too. I would love to reward a game reviewer with a winning entry and trust me – I’m looking just as closely at the Game Review section.

    Side note: several of the game reviews were copy/pasted from another website and another couple didn’t follow the process of posting the review through AA which automatically disqualified them. We got that last loophole closed though so we shouldn’t have that problem again.

  9. @MuzikJay – it isn’t all about videos. You’ll notice that BiGMERF’s review above ALMOST took the prize but we couldn’t overlook the effort put in by Nat.

    @mr.frustrated AND @muzikjay – Today I had a list of TWENTY reviews that easily could have won. Jay – yours was one of them. MrFrustrated I’m not sure since you didn’t use the same name to comment. The point is that we have A LOT of great entries and not only do we have to pick only ONE WINNER each day… but we also can’t mention every single app review that was “great”. There are too darn many!

  10. @rob
    I posted a review on robo defense, which I spent over 3 hours working on it. Can you give some tips or what you’re looking for? lol, because I thought the review was perfect(although it is hard to judge yourself;)

  11. @Rob Jackson – Was my review of DoubleTwist in your list of twenty reviews that could have won?

  12. Wonderful review. Just finished my review of Gameboid Lite. I made a video but decided against including it because it was shot with a Flip Video so it looked bad and I felt it didn’t really add anything to the review as a whole. The only thing a video does is allow people to see what the App looks like and I was able to achieve that with a short gallery at the bottom.

  13. You are all winners to me. Hugs for all!

  14. @DroidDoesReviews – There wasn’t anything wrong with your review. We just have the unfortunate task of singling 1 person out to win. For tips I’d just say organization, formatting, being concise yet detailed, offering helpful insight, and pictures/videos don’t hurt but aren’t a requirement.

    @michaelearth – Your review was done today at 2:15am so it will be eligible for tomorrow’s contest.

  15. @Rob did you read my review for google voice was it close??

  16. Thanks for the tips rob, but I don’t understand the pics/video thing because I had pics and a video in the review or did they not show up?

  17. congrtas!!! being honorably mentioned in both contests so far is a reward in its own. great work everyone!

  18. So wait my btunes review is now no longer eligable?
    You all should read it, i put a lot of work into it :D

  19. I almost forgot to congratulate Nat also…Congrats! and thanks Rob. I really appreciate how much you’re keeping in contact with everyone here. I’m not too bummed though since I did like her review the best, along with the “Where” app review. But I did go download the app after seeing Nat’s review so it did it’s job. I’m glad I was at least in the top 20 =D This is actually turning out to be a really fun contest! It’s got me rummaging through Marketplace to see what undiscovered gems I can find =)

  20. holy crap there are so many coddled whiners on this site. there was one winner, it wasn’t you, better luck on the next one. you’re parents lied to you, you’re not a winner for showing up.

    i give you credit for responding to these people. it seems like every time you have tried to do something for your audience there is massive drama, backlash, and temper tantrums. its like they expect feedback as if you are their english teacher grading their work.

  21. Congrats, but I honest to God thought I had a much better review.
    It’s obvious that they aren’t looking at all of them.
    Or they are being partial to who they prefer.

  22. Look at the review posted for PhoneFraze PRO. It is absolutely one of the best posted yet, and was not even mentioned in the meager list today…
    @Rob – My suggestion is to next time let the community vote for prizes and then there will be a lot less complaining, and also to post the 10 best every day or something like that.
    @Brian – People are complaining because they are spending a lot of time and the posted winners just to seem to jive with what they are seeing…

  23. I’ll tell you all what I told my son just this morning:

    You can’t always win, but you can always try.

  24. @SwampFox
    You’re right.
    The problem is that all the ones I considered to be great are never mentioned.
    I think everybody could agree that my review was better than all of the ones that got listed.
    More time put in, more thought, better title, better writing, better pictures etc.

    Yet it wasn’t so much as mentioned?
    At first I thought it was because I was lacking a video.
    Looking at the ones above, that’s not the case..
    The movies one has 2 pictures and about 3 paragraphs of text.
    The sports one has 1 picture, and only a tiny bit of text.
    I liked chauncey’s and at least he had a video.
    I just don’t get how those other two were even considered for half a second?
    The last part that is a disappointment is that I don’t have a working phone right now, I can only take pictures through an emulator etc.
    The winner already has a brand new htc incredible. xD

  25. Yeah… All of my reviews were done with an emulator. My latest review (Raging Thunder 2) is more organized to match our two winners so far.

  26. @PerplexMyCortex – key phrase is “What I considered”. The results of this contest are SUBJECTIVE. There is no definitive winner: it isn’t who can do XYZ first, who can score the most points, who can get the most votes, etc… just like people have differing opinions about what apps or games are the best, people have different opinions on what app reviews or game reviews are the best. Sometimes you just have to live with the fact that everone isn’t looking through the same kaleidascope that you are.

  27. @Rob – I understand that completely..
    However, should there not still be some basis behind the choice? I know my consideration is hardly subjective.
    In the “tips on winning” in the original contest post.
    It said:
    *Submit thorough and helpful reviews*-Objective
    (Mine was about as thorough & helpful as it gets, FFS I went through every setting and explained it!)
    *Embed pictures and videos when possible/helpful*-Objective
    (I embedded a picture of every screen in the app, completely thorough. A video for my particular app [an alarm] would have been pointless)
    *Review applications or games that you think other people would love but might not know about*-Objective
    (I specifically chose that app because there wasn’t a single other review for it, and everyone who I showed that app loved it)
    *Share you submission with friends and in social networks to gain visibility*-Objective
    (I emailed it to friends though I doubt they received it before the day was up)

    So as you can probably tell, those are not subjective.
    You offered very objective tips, so should you not follow them?
    When you ask for something specific, don’t call it subjectivity.

  28. wow people Rob owes no one here anything! He owes no one any explanations. He and his team are hard at work providing a free service to the Android community. You win , you win, you dont then whatever. Stop trying to persuade him in your favor, Im sure all its gonna do is aggravate them even more. they do not have any obligation to choose anyone, im sure even less if you attack them in a public arena. Its just as counter productive as ass kissing. Put forth your best work and hope for the best and please stop crying. This contest should have been for those 25 and over or something, a grown man or one with maturity would not cry and complain the way some have.

  29. I did put forth my best work, and i know it’s worthy of at least mention. It’s not important that I didn’t win, i am FULLY capable of accepting that.
    The disappointment stems from Rob calling it subjective when his tips clearly are not.
    I feel a bad analogy coming along..
    It’s like saying, go to the mall dressed in a jumpsuit and i’ll give you candy. (here are 5 ways you can increase your chance of getting candy blablah)
    So you go to the mall dressed in a jumpsuit but then he says I don’t like the “way” you did it. Even though you perfectly followed all the tips to excess.
    Then someone who followed 2 tips gets the candy?
    Stupid analogy, but you get it..
    I don’t care if it reduces my chances, because I already put my best work out there and i spent a lot of time on it.
    If that didn’t even get mentioned then i already have 0% chance.

    @Rob – This is not a personal “attack”, I like everything you have done with the site and I have been visiting this site since it was born and have a lot of respect for the staff. I DO, however, wish that you would follow your own guidelines in choosing the winner.

  30. ……So how bout that DroidFit app? =)

  31. Congrats winner!!!! great review. plz check out my review of google maps!!! promo promo promo!!!!

  32. congrats to the 1st 2 winners!!!!!!! plz checkout my review of google maps!!!! promo!!!! my username is cmcinto01 (pretty please??!!!) *smiles* congratulations again :)

  33. Lmao at those that continue to direct reviews to there own work..

  34. Where there’s a contest, there are children who feel slighted when they don’t win. Hopefully those running it won’t take the comments to heart.

    Doing giveaways this way is always a lot more fun than random drawings.

  35. @perplexmycortex
    I actually agree with you on all accounts. I also feel that I put out a good review and followed all of the “tips”. And I’m completely fine with not winning, so to all those saying that we are just children who are upset thats definitely not the case. I know for sure that I put more work in my review than some of the featured ones and I know there are others that feel the same way I do.

  36. Just submitted my review in of Opera Mini 5 beta for the competition.
    Author: whinelikeaturbine
    Title: The speed of this browser will ultimately triumph!Check it out and please THUMBS UP ya’ll!: )

  37. I won’t be re-entering this contest. I don’t feel that anyone that enters gets a fair chance. It’s not really a contest, it’s more like a reward. Write a review, we choose which one tickles our fancy and we’ll give you a phone. Not like an actual contest, where you enter and each entry has equal chance of winning. I like seeing the movement of Android and I love my phone, I’d love to have another phone to give to someone that doesn’t have one so they can join in the fun.

  38. Maybe everyone would be happier if Rob just kept these phones…

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