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Roe Vs Wade and beyond – What Phandroid.com is doing about it


As of the 24th of June 2022, the US Supreme Court has rolled back Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 1973 which was a landmark case where the rights of pregnant people the right to choose to have an abortion. This means that for a lot of states in the USA there are people who will not have access to safe abortions.

While this may not feel like tech news, it is. Legislation like this impacts the way our tech is used and handled. It brings up questions of internet safety, data safety, and allows tech to take a place in the discussion. An Open and Free internet allows us to share information that would otherwise be restricted or gatekept from others. We believe in that liberty.

Phandroid has, and always will, stand by those whose rights are being revoked, rescinded or restricted. The team has and will continue to deliver accurate, informative, and actionable news on this issue to help people understand their digital options in this uncertain time.

As an international team, we were together when the news broke. While there was a lot to process, especially for my co-workers who are in the USA presently.

We all agreed on the following:

It is more important than ever that we get things right

During times of great change, there is boundless news and equally boundless misinformation. We intend to continue the stellar work that we always do in making sure we have our sources straight. We endeavor to now, more than ever, to find direct sources in relation to this topic. We will not be covering anything that is rumor or conjecture. If we can’t find the original source, we won’t be posting it.

We want to be right, not first

With that in mind, this will not be a race for us. We will not be trying to compete with anyone for likes or views when people’s lives are truly at stake. We get this right the first time, with actionable, truthful, cited and clear content. This makes sure that everyone, regardless of tech literacy, will be able to know their options from the beginning.

What you can expect from us


  • How to’s on deleting apps.
  • How to’s on requesting deletion of data from apps
  • Alternative data storing methods for people relying on period or other tracking methods
  • Overviews of key service providers’ approaches to storing health data
  • What are VPNs and how they’re important
  • What cookies are
  • What is incognito browsing


  • What popular health apps store data
  • What popular health apps sell data
  • How to revoke access from apps
  • We will be showcasing support tools and access to mental health care

General Internet Care

  • How to set up screen time on your phone
  • How to set up screen time for specific apps
  • Apps that encourage you to take breaks
  • Apps or other services that help you donate to causes

And a lot more besides this.

We will be part of this conversation. We will help. We will engage.

Yours Faithfully,

The Team at Phandroid.

Specious Coda-Bishop
Staff Writer @phandroid | Top 5 Kingdom Hearts 3 Speedrunner | Twitch Affiliate | Xbox Ambassador

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