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HUGE CONTEST: Phone-A-Day Give Away!


ATTENTION: Contest has been updated to support international entries.

This is a HUUUUUGE contest – we’re giving away an Android phone EVERY DAY until we feel like stopping! What phone? Whatever Android Phone you choose from our Android Phone Store! Call me Ms. Cleo: you’re wondering how you can enter, right?


We just announced the launch of and we REALLY want to encourage users to write in-depth application reviews and game reviews. To enter, you just have to submit a review and the best review for each day (decided by us) wins the phone for that day! There is no limit to how many times you can enter or how many times you can win!

Allow me to explain in a little more depth.

The Prize

  • Winner(s) will receive an Android Phone of their choice from THIS LIST of options (US Only)
  • Winner(s) will ONLY receive the phone (and typical contents of box) and it will not come with any type of service or contract (US Only)
  • Winner(s) may choose to receive $250 via PayPal INSTEAD OF selecting a phone
  • If contestant is outside of United States of America, prize will be $250 via PayPal

How To Enter:

  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Visit
  • Find the application or game you would like to review
  • Make sure you’re logged in and press the “Post Review” button on the “Reviews” tab
  • Submit an original review for the specific app/game on the page you’re browsing
  • No limit to the number of times a person can enter or win
  • After 7 days, entry method may be changed or updated with a new contest

How Winners Will Be Chosen:

  • Each “day” will have 1 winner, with a “day” being identified as 12:00 AM EST to 11:59PM EST
  • To allow contestants time to prepare, the first “day” begins now and will not end until Tuesday, June 8th at 11:59 PM EST
  • staff will review previous “day’s” entries/reviews and select what we determine (in our sole discretion) is the best and most helpful review for that day.
  • Each day after a competition day, a post will be made on announcing the previous day’s winner
  • Winner will be contacted by E-Mail through the address they used to sign up for their account

Rules & Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a United States mailing address to be eligible to win a phone
  • Global entries are welcome, but winner must have a PayPal account to claim awarded prize
  • Contest starts on June 7th, 2010 continues until at least June 13th, 2010 at which time it will be renewed, altered or ended
  • Changes to the contest will be announced on and appear prominently on
  • End of the contest will be announced on
  • Selection and shipment of specific prizes/options cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability
  • Submissions MUST be original works of entrants to qualify
  • reserves the right to disqualify any contestants for any reason and at their sole discretion

Tips On Winning:

  • Submit thorough and helpful reviews
  • Embed pictures and videos when possible/helpful
  • Review applications or games that you think other people would love but might not know about
  • Share you submission with friends and in social networks to gain visibility


UPDATE: Contest is temporarily on hold. Will be back ASAP. More details tomorrow.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go? Launches!

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  1. There’s a world outside of the US..

  2. great idea… I love the new app section.. thanks for it! now do you only enter once a day with one review? should we save some of our reviews for different days in order to better the chance?

  3. EDT not EST

  4. :O :O :O :O :O I AM SO DOING THIS

  5. HOLY SHIT. This is intense!

  6. So to win an Android phone, you must already own one in order to properly review the app? Doesn’t give much hope to those of us who would like to win one, but currently don’t own one. Good luck to those that can participate.

  7. Must have a United States postal address :( Whaaaaaaat

    Come on guys, the world is a lot bigger than just the USA. Android is global and a lot of us in the UK are forum members and post daily but we are still excluded :(

    Phandroid is a global site, so come on Phandroid, give the rest of us a chance to win some more Android goodness.

  8. Thanks for the contest….but I currently don’t have an Android phone so I can’t review any of the apps…so only those with an Android phone can enter to win an Android phone. Not complaining, just hoping you make this contest more accessible in the future.

  9. @Torqumada286

    I was thinking the same thing. Hard to review an app/game when you don’t have an android phone.

  10. Really great idea!

  11. How about I fix your website and you give me a phone? Sure would be nice if it worked :(

  12. Awesome contest! I was about to buy my wife an android phone TONIGHT. (okay, really, I was going to give her my ADP1 and buy ME a new android phone, but let’s keep that our little secret).

    And I’ve wanted to review some of the many apps I’ve tried, but couldn’t justify spending the time on it. Both problems solved!

    Bravo, Phandroid. Bravo!

  13. They are trying to promote an Android Application website and we have idiots crying about not owning an Android phone. Maybe this contest isn’t for you people?

  14. Please fix the site asap. I need to submit my review :P
    You guys are AWESOME!

  15. i’m subscribed to a few android news blogs and need to get rid of a few. i have no means of getting an android device any time soon, so i come to these places and drool over the cool apps and new phones. so when i saw you had a competition to win the device of my dreams, but realised you’re only rewarding those you have one already, i’d kinda made up my mind which blog to stop subscribing to. i’m not american either so my presence is doubly not wanted. bye.

  16. @ian
    It just says “Must have a United States mailing address to be eligible”. So if you really want to join the contest, technically you could get a US shipping address from and just pay shipping fee to the country of choice to them. That’s how I got my Nexus One all the way to Sweden ;-)

  17. The apps page is down =(…..

    Sound like a great contest! I will definitely put in my fair share my G1 is showing it’s age.

  18. Wow rmojoz, that’s pretty rude. I’m sure the purpose of the contest is to increase readership and participation on phandroid. Not to be closed to new members/readers who may have varying skills and information to offer. Contrary to YOUR thinking not everyone already has they’re hands on an Android phone already or maybe are trying to get the newest equipment. You never know what someone else may contribute to the site.

    Good Luck everyone.

    And by way I agree with @Torqumada286 and @robotographer.
    And I do not have an android ….yet!

  19. These guys make a good point. I don’t even really want to do it knowing all these guys don’t have a phone yet and can’t apply :(

    Maybe someone should win it, then do another contest to give it to someone who doesn’t have an android phone?

    I’m still in love with my N1, don’t really need anything else.

  20. I agree this contest isn’t meant to give people Android phones who don’t have them, it’s to gain traffic. Lol

  21. if you don’t have a phone, you can download the android sdk and try out programs via the emulator. not everything would work like camera/gps/accelerometer etc… but still possible to try out a lot of apps.

  22. @Torqumada286 – You could always work with the sdk and emulator.

  23. I never win anything. But I will give it a try.

  24. Review posted for Pocket Empires!

  25. Can’t log in :(

  26. @goldone
    The purpose of the contest is to promote the Application site, they clearly state this. I will never understand why people complain about contests they can’t enter. They act like they are owed something, it disgusts me. Children throwing fits will be treated as such.

  27. You know there’s a whole world behind your f*cking borders, right?
    You’re just like all the crap manufacturers and companies.

  28. Site won’t let me sign in!

  29. Site is not accepting logins, gives error about “the administrators are aware of the problem”.

    Hopefully you get this sorted out, really would suck if your “contest” becomes unfair because the login page won’t work.


  30. Well, why doesn’t the owner of a website “beyond our borders” host their own contest? Problem solved. Here in America we have the right to CHOOSE. It’s a FREE country. It’s what makes us proud to be American. But, PLEASE don’t confuse our pride with arrogance.

  31. @Phandroid
    Your App section is NOT ready yet…

    I am having trouble logging in, and it just logged me in as someone else AND gave me access to their AndroidForums account. The system is nowhere near ready for prime time yet.

  32. @mrmojoz
    Calm down mate. I have a HTC desire and love it, I have been a forum member since day 1 of owning my desire and have visited Phandroid and Android Central everyday since.

    Android is global, the web is global and Phandroid is read wordwide, why is it classed as throwing a hissy fit because the owners of Phandroid fail to realise or appreciate their audience ?

    mrmojoz, your obviously an American judging by your rudeness, smugness and poor manners. The world as a whole looks poorly on Americans and tbh, I am starting to see why.

    @ Phandroid, please appreciate your whole audience, not just America.

  33. please get the mytouch slide for your store? D:

  34. Will you be adding more phones into your store before the contest ends?

  35. Guys just take a moment to review an app. Stop complaining, of course you need a current android phone to create a valid review. How would you consciously submit one without having the phone to actually put it to use? The rules are fine

  36. Well, this is bullshit. A worldwide read website, and the contests are always for americans only? How come gizmodo has no problem with making them availableg to europe and the rest of the world?

  37. @Furret
    Please post what country you are from.. that that the U.S. arm of can bomb your country.

  38. @Visitors from outside the USA
    Are any of the phones listed available outside the USA? I dont know how many of these phones are offered in the USA and outside it but I know the Hero with the chin isn’t listed. Could it be that Phandroid is not allowed to ship outside the USA as part of being a retailer?

  39. requiring an android phone is perfectly reasonable and logical – there’s nothing wrong with that.

    But excluding the whole world except America? What about the thousands of readers in the UK? The whole of Europe?

    The internet and this site is supposed to bring us all together for a love of Android no matter which country we’re from – we all have the same phones in our hands. It’s not like it’s any more difficult to post something abroad.

  40. Corny old phones

  41. You can also download the Android VM for Virtual Box from the internet and run it on your computer. :)

  42. Wow. Why do so many people think any website has any obligation to them? Their site, their rules. They have their reasons which don’t have to be explained to anyone. If you want the phones, go buy one. If not, then save up. They don’t have to give away any phones at all and I just appreciate that they’re willing to do this since I think you’ll have a hard time finding any other sites/retailers that are willing to do the same. I’m going to work on my review rather than bash the website who’s giving away hundreds of dollars worth of technology in return for simple app reviews.

  43. C’mon Phandroid . Lets include a few more countries . We are all android fans and would love to participate in these contests . Eagerly waiting for Phandroid to come to UK .

  44. @ James D
    I think its right that only people with an Android phone should be able to write a review about an Android app, but what most people are concerned about is that Phandroid is a great site but it is excluding everyone other than Americans from its givaways, Phandroid is an internet site, so its global, so its readers and fans are global, its wrong that they are excluding a hefty percentage of its readers and FANS.
    I will still write reviews on the apps that I have for my HTC desire on the phandroid site, but by excluding the rest of the world kind of sucks and is very short sighted, expecially since Phandroid is all too willing to sell their products from their store to other nations.
    Its funny that most of the americans on this site slate everyone who is complaining and say that its an American site but it isn’t,The internet is World wide and then these same Americans go and buy a phone thats not American, HTC being the prime example.
    The world doesn’t revolve around America alone.

  45. @ Brian
    The nexus one is sold worldwide and so are a couple of the other phones listed so Phandroid is allowed to send phones abroad, how do you think the rest of the world got the nexus one ( remember it was only sold from the US but available in the UK and many other countries )
    Internet = World wide, Phandroid = American love only, sod everbody else but still want your reviews = help us, screw you

  46. wow, everybody’s being so hostile all of a sudden, when something FREE is offered, but potentially not to them. Nothing is really free ever. Phandroid needs reviews to give the app section some body. They probably got some phone deals to hand out complimentary copies.
    On the other hand, shipping overseas can be quite costly, so to reduce the risk involved they ask for a shipping address in the US. This is not too hard to understand now is it?
    As for newcomers: buy a second hand Magic or Dream, they don’t need to be that expensive, then write your hysterically good review and win. Good luck to ya’ll!

  47. I submitted a review of Touiteur and when I clicked post review I got the “oops” page from Google. Now everythime I click I get the “oops” page. I hope my review went through!

  48. I think it’s funny how they have the Samsung Behold II as a phone that you could win. WHO in their right mind would choose that? lol

  49. @pie-eater – we didn’t get any complimentary copies. This is all coming out of the pocket to help build momentum for this new site/feature. It sucks when you try so hard to make something awesome and people get angry.

    I TOTALLY understand the complaints from two groups:
    (1) Those without Android Phones
    (2) Those in foreign places

    I want to answer these by saying:
    (1) We wanted to reward our loyal members while helping to increase the value of the site as a resource and this was the best method.
    (2) We’ve been advised legally that we should restrict contests to the United States as when you open that up, you’re subject to the legal interpretation of dozens and dozens of governments

  50. Non-US Residents

    I understand your frustration with the giveaway being limited to US residents. I don’t work for, but I can say that trying to run a LEGAL worldwide giveaway is a nightmare if not impossible. There are a number of conflicting laws from different countries out there. You would truly be surprised to discover how hard it is to give something away for free. I would suspect that these legal difficulties are what is restricting from running an international contest.

  51. I just spent 90 minutes typing a review only to have the site automatically reload and lose all my data… is there any way to recover it?

  52. Site is down

  53. Are you going to read every review?

  54. Well, if you don’t want reviews from the rest of the world, I won’t force you mine.

  55. i think this is an almost good idea, but common what about getting non android users in the market by giving them a free phone? i can’t review something if i can’t actually use it oh yea.. and i live in canada wooo me!

  56. If you don’t own an android phone, why not go to any phone carrier store and install/play with the app there?

  57. Your link is broken. There is no

  58. Site coming up anytime soon?

  59. Awesome. I’m a pretty good writer and I use a bunch of android apps, I’ll start writing reviews for a bunch of em.

    I would like to see the review system more improved though. Right now, you have to look through and click on each individual one. It works almost like comments.
    Other sites, such as Android Tapp have their staff write professional reviews of each and it’s much easier to read it over and see what the App is really like.
    Here’s my suggestion. I’m guessing somewhere on the site their is some disclaimer that anything a user posts anywhere on this site, reviews included, become the property of Phandroid. If this isn’t somewhere, it should be added.
    Then, the staff could take the better reviews and implement them better onto the site in the way that AndroidTapp does. Or Phandroid could take volunteers to write more professional reviews for them. This could really put up there above all the other Application review sites and would bring a lot more traffic.

  60. I’m in the same boat as Torqumada286 and others. No Android phone to review apps to win an Android phone. I’ll play every day if there’s a way.

  61. Just realized I posted this on the wrong thing, this was supposed to be on the announcement for the launch of

  62. Tried to leave a review, but when I did it said I needed to be logged in and I had already logged in, and I got an access denied and it erased by review. Pretty lame, not rewriting and not bothering, good luck to those participating.

  63. I got all excited until I read the rules. Since I don’t have an android phone I can’t even enter. How about a random drawing after this for everyone that did not enter the first drawing. Those that enter the first drawing would not be eligible for the second one.

  64. i cannot actually post my review because the site is down for me
    in both chrome and IE

    what the heck is going on?

  65. and for everyone worried about not being able to enter due to not being able to write and app review; you could always find a friend with an android phone and ask to use some of the apps on theirs for a while, or look up several app demos and youtube and offer your thoughts

  66. If the site is down how do I go about writing my inspiring reviews to enter the contest?

  67. This is not fair.
    How person with old crippled winmo device can win nice android phone?
    You should think about those not in android camp…

  68. Hey guys, I’m only 15 but I want to write app reviews and enter this contest to surprise my dad with a nice fathers day gift.

    Is there any way that I could use my mom’s info to sign up or something? Or if there is age verification necessary, or something of the sort for shipping info, could i just write using my info and then use the shipping info of my parents?


  69. Also, wanna add in the Nexus One, or other GSM phones. How about unlocked phones? Like the Xperia or the Desire?

  70. site on not working :(

  71. Site not showing up :(

  72. Oh lord. I would love a Nexus One or Desire, haha. Im sure the Desire is currently only UK though and the unlocked Desire that works on ATT bands is quite expensive, so I dont expect we will see that one.

    Damn, who cares though! How generous is this of Phandroid? Im shocked. Great job, guys. I for one am grateful. Check out my reviews, team. I am fresh out of high school and going to college specifically to gain writing skills for this kind of stuff. If you like my reviews so far, id be glad to join your writing staff.

  73. Wow! What a bunch of broke ass crybaby foreign children on here.

    Good luck to all eligible entrants.

  74. Rules state a US mailing address is required I’m assuming for shipping but can’t anyone enter and ask for the $200 paypal or not?

  75. Love this idea. Will get some great reviews into that section.
    I just published my Engadget app review (finally), hope you guys like it =)

  76. Hmm, American reviews only, shame.

  77. Well, a least it could have been US and EU. Or hell, at least US and UK, France and Germany, which would still not allow me to take part, but It would at least show, that you know that internet is worldwide and that .com is not American f*cking domain.

  78. Here’s a REVIEW for ya..This competion sucks…I was wondering whether you are just too tight to stump for a little extra postage or if you are afraid you might find that inteligent life exists outside fortress USA…I luv the website and the forum is great but this smells a bit like arrorgance to those of us living out in the other world….jeez, thats feels better of my chest..hahaha

  79. EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN AMERICA. Was just about to sit down and write you an awesome review, but no I must be over 18 and in America to enter. Come on! The whole point is that you will build up lots of decent reviews, imagine how many great ones you will miss! I don’t understand the Over 18 thing anyway, fair enough you can’t win cash, but you can win a phone with parental consent.

  80. Hey, for all of you whining and threatening to leave the website if that’s how ignorant you are then we probably don’t want to hear what you have to say anyway…BYE,BYE. The reason you must own an android phone to enter the contest is because the website is promoting a new feature about android Apps! How can you review an app you have never used and give other android owners information when YOU NEVER USED THE PRODUCT??? CYA YOU MORONS

  81. @ Rob Jackson – with 73 comments and about half of them either complaining about not being in the US or not owning an android phone, perhaps a bold “UPDATE” at the bottom of the post to address those two issues. I’m aware you made a comment that was nicely written, but few people bother to read it as you can tell with people posting below you flaming the contest.

    @Everyone NOT in the US – this has nothing to do with arrogance, nothing to do with thinking there is no one else out there, and it’s meant as no disrespect, it’s a legal thing that a LOT of websites use. I watch/listen to numerous podcasts that all have a worldwide audience, every contest is US only because of legal obligations, and not wanting to get tied up in litagation and end up having to pay $1,000’s in legal fees to give you a phone.

    @Everyone WITHOUT an android phone – “You can also download the Android VM for Virtual Box from the internet and run it on your computer. :)” – Swehes {Comment #41}

    The oppurtunity is there if you really want to win, so stop complaining and try.

  82. Quick edit to my above post – “I watch/listen to numerous podcasts that all have a worldwide audience, every contest is US only because of legal obligations, and not wanting to get tied up in litagation and end up having to pay $1,000’s in legal fees to give you a phone.” should read “I watch/listen to numerous podcasts that all have a worldwide audience, every contest *THEY RUN* is US only because of legal obligations, and not wanting to get tied up in litagation and end up having to pay $1,000’s in legal fees to give you a phone.”

  83. website down 0730 cdt

  84. So is this some type of cruel joke and the site really doesn’t exist

  85. I have an incredible and don’t plan on replacing it. I am doing this contest to try to win the phone for a friend. I like promoting the android system and phones. I enjoy the openess and developement of it. I have grown to love it and show it off a lot. I have 10 people now in my company that have switched over to moto droids and everyone of them are loving it.

  86. Well US only!!!! You can stick phandroid were the sun doesn’t shine

  87. site is down.

  88. Heh, legal reasons, right? Is it too hard to read the laws of at least one more country and make the contest suitable? Let alone, that the whole EU has legislative standardisation process, so the problem wouldn’t be such a big deal. But whatever, screw you. Play with your phones there behind the ocean, but change the domain of the site from .com, to .us, so that people know that you are not international.

  89. your apps site is so screwed up in so many ways that this contest is just as bad.

    way to go, phandroid.

  90. Or at least register the .us domain, redirect there people with US IP and release the contest only there. Because this discrimination, no matter however it’s justified, just makes people angry.
    This is just a top of huge Android discrimination iceberg. We can’t buy apps on the market, we get everything at least month late (hello hero update), if we get it (hello evo?), and now the first thing we see on the top of phandroid page is a contest, that discriminates us once again.

  91. Curious, but if I win an EVO or Droid Incredible, for example, can I activate it on Sprint or Verizon, respectively, without signing an annual agreement?

  92. What if you dont have an android device then how am I to give a review on something that I have no way of playing on?????? But this would be a great way for me to get an android device!!!!!

  93. Logically, you cannot review apps without a device. That wouldn’t make sense. How can you review something you can’t try.
    There is an option, you can try some apps with public .apk archive using the emulator. But that’s not really the option for most people, because it needs knowledge about the Android SDK.

  94. Great… wrote a nice long review, and now that I tried to submit, the site is down. Wonderful.

  95. The site is down on my PC??? i submitted A review on my Droid and was going to complete it at home and edit it BUT couldn’t!! The site does work on my Droid though through Dolphin Browser..pretty strange…fix the site phandroid

  96. Every site wants higher traffic and it seems that Phandroid is excluding the bulk of the world by turning them away.
    Why couldn’t European’s have the chance to win a phone, providing we accepted to pay the various taxes and transport charges that might be involved ?
    Play fair Phandroid, there might be 250 million Americans but there are a lot more people in Europe.

  97. Yep, and a lot lot more people all around the globe.

  98. apps site is still down as of 1:51PM EST on june 8th

  99. can you kids stop complaining. Phandroid is trying to giveaway phones and everyone complains. They dont have to give away any phones but they are choosing to be generous and giveaway phones to people that HAVE android phones (how else could you review an app) and that live in the United States (to avoid legal issues). stop complaining.

  100. Any chance we could be allowed to use html coding in the description? Forum codes and [IMG] codes are annoying because you can’t resize/recenter in the same way you can with html….

  101. Some of us are complaining because we can’t participate, even though we meet the requirements, because the site is down or crashes when we try to submit. So a good lesson is to write in Word and copy paste over.

  102. This sounds like a great idea.

    To anyone who writes a review of PhoneFraze, we will give a free copy of the PRO version @ $3.99 Just contact us through our address listed in the market. :-)

  103. Just published my review of Slacker Radio, check it out guys, I’ve put a lot of work into it!

    My review is obviously the one published/authored by FrozenIpaq ;)

  104. Your site is still down. I get the “Oops!” page from Google every time, and I am in the US (Kentucky)

  105. I have made a few complaints on this thread and this will be my last one because as some people have already stated, Phandroid doesn’t have to give away any phones so credit to them for doing it.
    I just find if funny that Android is celebrated for being an open platform, and Phandroid, probably the best source of Android news and the biggest supporter of the Android platform is forever trumpeting the benefit of being open and then offers a closed competition promoting the Android brand, irony at its best, I suppose I have got to see the funny side of that.

  106. I have to agree with a previous comment. I have wanted an Android phone for a while but now I have no way to review anything without one. Wouldn’t you want to include all us iPhone users and try to get us to switch over?! This contest is pretty cool but not totally thought out. Android = open. Android Giveaway = closed! FAIL!!!!

  107. Holy moly….doesn’t anyone read. If the winner is outside of the US they will get $250 via paypal. So where is the exclusion????

  108. @99: Ah… Thanks for your contribution… So Phandroid is giving away phones (again only) to US residents and I shall be delighted? Sorry, but I’m not.

  109. it would be awesome if the website was ever live. I have successfully connected to it ONE time and have tried dozens.

  110. the site is still down as of 6:19pm EST

  111. Some of you guys are just ridiculous! Just because Android is open and public doesn’t mean that developer apps, google apps, and yes, even fan sites like this are required to be open to everyone.

    To the people that can enter, great! I submitted my articles. To the people that can’t enter, too bad! Quit complaining about everything that isn’t fair in the world. Here’s a hint: LIFE isn’t fair, get over it.

    Nobody is entitled to receive anything from Phandroid, and if they wanted to, they could shut it down and you could go somewhere else to get news. Be more respectful of the free services they are providing.

  112. Great…the app i did a review on is not in your apps section -_-

  113. Ya’ll outside the US need to stop whining! I have T-Mobile and many of the phones offered in the contest are not TMobile compatible or if are, are not the type I want. So $250 isnt a bad deal to get the Android phone you DO want! Great contest, deff going to enter!

  114. Can you guys add “DailyStrip” to your apps section?
    Im already done with the review and such, but i cant find it on your apps website.

  115. ok, I suggest an easy way to “safeguard” your review in case of website overload problems. Write it in a word processing program first (heck, even in a “notepad” program), get the wording just how you want it, then when you log in, cut and paste the text in, do your formatting tweaks, etc., then if something goes wrong, your original text is not gone forever.

  116. WTF??? site is still down….lets get this contest on the roll!!

  117. Guys, the “day” has ended. They are probably getting all the reviews to decide who wins.

  118. Website hasn’t been down once for me. And why isn’t anyone reading the update that includes everyone in and outside of the US? It’s right there at the top of the page.

  119. so:

    -people outside of the usa are not excluded, they can win 250$
    -people without a phone are not excluded, they can review using Android VM

    NOW its a great contest, too bad the site isnt stable yet

    idea: write your review in notepad, copy&paste when you’re done, so you cant lose it if the site is down

  120. Yep, now it’s fair.

  121. 37. jo wrote on June 7, 2010

    Please post what country you are from.. that that the U.S. arm of can bomb your country.

    Well I live in China and we will gladly whoop your yankee butts

  122. You can complain, but any firm can limit their giveaways…

    I don’t like the limitations either, but have you even thought about why? Think critically!

    Perhaps the contest is sponsored by USA mobile carriers on which you have to sign a contract… There could be any number of reasons…

    Complain? Fine… Just remember that when you limit any of your actions or statements in the future…

  123. @markus bring it on with your Chinese lead based, knock-off guns.

  124. Sorry, dude from China, but we still have several thousand more nukes. .. I kid. Don’t get butthurt over that.
    What’s with the whiney sense of entitlement of all the foreigners? I’d gladly trade my phone for some free healthcare and higher education. Just thinking about my med school loans is giving me a headache.

  125. Does anyone know who win for yesterday and monday ?

  126. Very disappointed. Would love to review apps and win an android phone, but currently do not have an android phone. This is a no win situation :)

  127. Someone mentioned about getting Android VM to test the apps if you do not have an android phone. Where do I go for this? Thanks so much!!!!

  128. RE: There’s a world outside of the US..

    Yes…there is…but just like Apple…no one supports it!

  129. So I’m totally crushed that I can’t even participate because I don’t have an Android phone:( I wish I could review an app that is awesome…but I would need a phone to do that, I phone I was hoping to win in a contest…but oh well, I guess I just have to get mine the old fashioned way, by actually paying for it.

  130. First of all great contest. I use an iPhone 3g and don’t like closed systems or farmville, so naturally I would love a free Evo.

    I saw your note about VirtualBox just now, however I already had the Android SDK installed to nerd out with app development and found a way to review applications without having to be holding an android phone.

    Steps needed:
    Install Android SDK (Win, Mac, Linux [64bit, as in my case])
    Create device profile
    Start device
    Install application in running device by visiting in device browser.
    Copy any necessary media to device using SDK
    [CODE]$ ./adb push ~/Pictures/android\ apps/androidsmall.jpg /sdcard/androidsmall.jpg[/CODE]
    Run newly installed application and take screenshots/video

    Not sure how this method stacks up against the VirtualBox method but figured I’d mention it. Good luck everyone!

  131. Wow, my review for Lookout Mobile Security took me like 4 hours. Way longer than I thought but thorough since I have no video. *Shameless Plug* =)

  132. This new site is fecking slow!
    and Ctrl+ click (open in new window) doesn’t work!
    Also phandroid is slower now :((((

  133. @Daniel
    This is not a problem with the site exactly. It more that that this is drawing a lot more visitors to the site, and their server is unable to handle it all. Phandroid needs to upgrade their server to compensate for all the new traffic to the site.

  134. Isn’t the goal to get non Android customers familure with the devises rather than giving an owner of an android device a second device?

  135. @craig This isn’t socialism. This is capitalism. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

  136. It’s all fair game, right?

  137. Awesome, I can’t wait to get my new phone on Saturday and start doing this!

  138. @Rob Jackson thanks for the reply, Makes the initiative even nices, and then the change of policy on top of it!

  139. s=r

  140. The app I reviewed keeps giving an error, I hope phandroid fixes this before the 13th so I can have my fair chance in trying to win this.

  141. @craig: “Isn’t the goal to get non Android customers familure with the devises rather than giving an owner of an android device a second device?”

    and what do you think the person will do with their old phone?
    perhaps give/sell it to a new android user? :)

    anyway, would be great to get unlocked phones for the non-states people

  142. Just submitted my review in of Opera Mini 5 beta for the competition.
    Author: whinelikeaturbine
    Title: The speed of this browser will ultimately triumph!

    Check it out and please THUMBS UP ya’ll!

    : )

  143. So…..those WITHOUT Android phones will NOT be able t get one.

    Those WITH Android phones can get a second one.

    Something seems wrong here.

  144. @mrqs and @TwoUpWeb – You can find ways to test these apps without an android phone. Read the other comments and you can find out how. It makes sense though, you wouldn’t trust a review that came from someone who couldn’t test it thoroughly. Having an Android phone is the best and easiest way to test these games and apps, but it’s not the only way so don’t give up! =)

  145. I would love to somehow get a Nexus one out of this

  146. alrighty then! this is a great contest! I love it! I posted a review to a game that many of people dont seem to notice, but which is truly a phenomenal game called Armored Strike Online. Hope its helpful to you all :-) it was surprisingly fun to write lol

  147. This suspense is killing me. I’ve been refreshing Phandroid every 5 minutes for the last 2 hours waiting for the results :P

  148. when are we going to know the 3rd winner???

  149. hey!!! everyone check out my review of google maps plz!!! username cmcinto01! i would really appreciate it!!!

  150. Be patient guys!

    I think this contest is a great idea. Hopefully, the database will get filled with great reviews. I did one game review, but I don’t expect to win. I just want to help contribute to this awesome community, and hopefully encourage others to do so too. :)

    I will continue to write reviews. I have only bought two items total, but I will write some reviews for free games (applications aren’t my forte) too! I think everyone should write a review (for something someone hasn’t already wrote a review about), what do you have to lose? Each review helps the community a ton, and you can even win a prize out of it. Good luck to all! :)

  151. When did they ever publish the first two?

  152. @Aaron – Same here, been checking back all day. probably a good 20 times lol. Better get started on today’s review =p

  153. So I guess they just decided not to pick a winner for today? Hopefully they announce two tomorrow.

  154. well they must be doing 2 tomorrow….i hope i get it i did about 3 very detailed reviews yesterday and 1 more today

  155. ummmm whats going on why havent we heard anything?

  156. Is this how we win??

  157. Make that three winners that are hopefully announced tomorrow lol. I hope they didn’t just drop the contest

  158. I’m sure they didn’t. I’m guessing they have something going on in real life thats stopping them from posting on here, which is probably why they didn’t update any news yesterday.

  159. must be because they didnt post anything at all yesterday, i also had quite a few technical difficultys yesterday, maybe thats why…they should just give me a evo 4g and ill run maintenance on their site :)

  160. @Aaron Neyer
    I would say its the World Cup! Had to take a break from the reviews myself and celebrate. Back on board either tonight or Monday though :)

  161. @chaunceyd haha for sure! that’d be a damn good excuse to me. Makes work not so bad when I can watch it on my breaks =D

  162. Took me a LONG time to make this review but i hope its worth it :D Check it out please? :D

  163. it would be nice to know that the contest is still on……i really want that evo 4g

  164. might as well plug my reviews here too;
    i’ve been entering each day for the past three, i really hope i win, otherwise i will not be able to have a smartphone for another year or so. :(

    Celeste (cool augmented reality app);

    3G watchdog (data usage monitor);

    Lightning bug (a relaxation sound machine + alarm clock);

  165. Contest is still on. Sorry, got a bit behind but we’re working on results now!

  166. Sweet I can’t wait to see who won its been a long weekend because I have been so excited. Good luck everyone! I saw a bunch of great Reviews

  167. What’s happened here? Phandroid has almost no updates of any kind? Did the owners/editors fall off?

  168. Furret, you’re a cunt.

  169. Phandroid dudes – we don’t need a long message from you … but it would be kind of classy if you could at least bang out a sentence that says whether the contest is still on and if so what the new end date is. A touch typist could emit something like that in under 10 seconds. It’s only fair.

  170. Will the contest announce a seventh winner? I thought it would run a week, but since monday and tuesday counted as one day, I thought there should be a seventh winner for yesterday.

  171. “There’s a world outside of the US..”

    That world also has vastly different and changing laws that regulate how these kinds of contests can work. The reason they do this is not because they hate the rest of the world, it’s because it’d be a legal nightmare.

    Also, I do agree this is kind of a silly contest. It requires to you have an Android phone…in order to win an Android phone. Really?

  172. @ubo, The contest has been updated to include those outside the US. Also, you can submit a review using the Android SDK and emulator. At least one person has already won using this method. Search for “winner” or “winners” in the upper right and you’ll find previous posts announcing the winners.

  173. If anyone is interested, I’ve put together a quick little script for generating app ratings. You can use it here:

  174. I was wondering when the contest is expected to resume… and while its on hold, will reviews that we’ve submitted be eligible or only those submitted after its back in full swing again?

  175. The image for this post broke.

  176. it would be nice if we got some kind of update on this. You said that there would be more information tomorrow, but tomorrow, as well as the next day and the day after have come and gone and no news.

  177. @Osbor – I’m sure we’ll probably hear something tomorrow. They usually are back on Mondays with updates.

  178. @Osbor
    ok that is strange
    because that is not me

    i am not sure why someone would be masquerading as myself while saying
    “it would be nice if we got some kind of update on this. You said that there would be more information tomorrow, but tomorrow, as well as the next day and the day after have come and gone and no news.”
    perhaps a simple copy paste error?

  179. So…… what happened with the “day 7” and “day 8” winners??

  180. Yup, still waiting.

    I hate to say that phandroid is pulling a scam. But the announcement that the contest was put on hold was hidden in a 7 day old post. It is almost like they are hoping some suckers continue to compete for the contest without knowing that it has ended. This seems a little shady to me.

  181. I wouldn’t say scam, but it definitely sucks. I’m surprised that not even a post, to let people know that the last couple of winners were selected, has been put up.

  182. Rob would be stupid to pull a stunt like this. Scams like this are illegal.

    Has any of the “winners” received their phone yet?

  183. I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ~–

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