T-Mobile Set to Begin Pushing Apps Harder Than Ever? A 200-page App Book Coming Soon


PhoneDog’s leaked an internal screen from T-Mobile detailing their plans to start handing out Android App guides and books to new customers. In the screen, they’ll be offering an app guide that will give new Android users some initial app suggestions as well as tips on how to discover new apps in the Android market.


They’ll also have a 200-page book that will be printed in full color and professionally bound that lists a ton of Android’s most popular and useful apps. myTouch buyers (it will be able to get this book for free at the time of activation, while others may be able to find them at T-Mobile retail locations and Barnes & Noble stores while supplies last (they’re not going to print anymore due to the nature of the Android market and how quickly it changes).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “PhoneDog’s leaked an internal screen from PhoneDog”

  2. Lol! Good catch.

  3. Handing out a book that was outdated before it was done being printed. I love it. They should just give out links to the good Android Market review sites like http://androidapplications.com/.*

    *Can I have a free phone now?

  4. Maybe this is where the leaked update pic came from for mytouch users. 100% You magazine. So that probably means that “soon” means sometime in Q2? WTF?

  5. by know tmobile souled know most Americans dont read books. waste of paper. tmobile is trying to introduce people to android i get it but come on,people go online for everything. we dont need any sticking books to tell us about apps.tmoble is continuing to suck. HTC EVO here i come

  6. @coolMANDINGO After reading your post, I can say I’m glad that T-Mobile is trying to push increased literacy on the public.

  7. T-Mobile should post a pdf of the guide and book. No additional cost and the tech-savvy of us get something to reference when Aunt Bea or Grandpa Fred call with a question.

  8. You have to give people paper in a retail store.

  9. Who cares? T-mobile blows chunks. They have no real sense of customer service. This is a weak attempt at it.

  10. @coollessmandumbo-truly tired of seeing your silly blah posted on every article. We get it. You’re out of contract, then leave. Do you believe that anyone truly cares about your gripes? Post something positive-do you think we are stupid & uninformed? What you quote isn’t new-move on, buddy so we can read real feedback-not the garbage you post, since you obviously, cannot truly foresee what TMO has to bring. Jump ship & whine on another site 4 months from now when whatever phone you’ve chosen is outdated, as well. Every quarter is any carriers game, depending on their lineup. It’s not cost effective to not move forward or to continue to read your crap. Overt.

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  12. I guess I’m going to have to learn how to read now. Still waiting for tmob’s network to have a powerhouse type android phone like the EVO.

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