Guild Software Helps MMORPG Addicts Get Out of the House by Bringing Vendetta Online to Android Handsets


If you find it too difficult to just up and quit your MMORPG ways (I get it, it took you YEARS to get that Paladin to level 75), Guild Software is at least making it a bit easier to unglue your butt from your computer chair and stretch those legs a bit. They are bringing a native port of their own 3D space-based title Vendetta Online right to your Android handset, and is currently being optimized for NViDIA Tegra mobile processors.

It ain’t World of Warcraft, but if you just need that fix of online role paying while you are waiting at the doctor’s office or listening to a boring lecture then this game might be for you. You’re going to need a higher-end device to even run it however, and Guild Software is targeting tablet and netbook type devices with higher resolution displays, so your current phone might be able to do Vendetta Online justice (but maybe Motorola’s 2 Ghz behemoth will). No release date is set, but you can expect this one later in the year.

[via Guild Software]

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  1. SWEET! This is a fun game and on a Tegra2 tablet… oooh yeah!

  2. This is pretty cool.

    More better games coming to android.

  3. While you can’t play WoW on your Android device yet… you can browse the AH and make gold remotely with the “Remote Auction House” app. It’s better than nothing.

  4. “I get it, it took you YEARS to get that Paladin to level 75”
    I spotted a FFXI player ^^
    Soon it will be “it took you YEARS to get that Paladin to level 99” ; ;
    Kevin still playing? Server?

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  6. “It ain’t World of Warcraft…”

    To be honest, this looks like way more fun that WoW.

  7. this looks like it could be the beginning to opening up the market for expansion

  8. レズ 動画 無料で遊んでみたいならこちらから。出会えるSNS多数紹介中です。

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