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Google Burns Amazon and Amazon Fires Back


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Android users are in good company: even Microsoft founder Bill Gates now uses Android. I bet – like you – he’s eager to get this week’s hottest Android news, so let’s dive right in!

Google Burns Amazon

This week Google burned Amazon by removing YouTube support on the Amazon Echo Show and now we hear they’re working on a competitor. We already told you about 5 new devices Google plans to launch (Pixel 2, Pixel XL, Pixelbook, Home Mini, Daydream VR) but they aren’t stopping there… here are 5 MORE we just learned about:

Amazon Fires Back

Instead of keeping quiet, Amazon went on the hunt, announcing a new Amazon Fire TV with 4K support and an entire slew of new Echo products. Above is the “Echo Button” for games and more!

You can already pre-order them from Amazon:

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Android Lover Reviews Apple Airpods

iPhone users are likely to love Apple’s bluetooth “Airpod” headphones, but would Android enthusiasts agree? You’ll be interested to find out that they’re pretty darn great:

25+ Apps of the Month

If you like discovering the best new apps and games, you’ll want to check this month’s list of 25+ Best New Apps & Games and see them in action on YouTube.

Here are some selected favorites and links to download:

Find more download suggestions right here!

News You Shouldn’t Miss

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Popular Topics & Highly Debated

The best place to discuss Android is (download the app) and thousands of interesting conversations happen each and every week. Here are some from the past week:

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