Boku Brings In-App Billing Library to Android


Mobile payments startup is launching its in-app mobile billing library for Android to bring one-tap payments to the smartphone platform. Using the Boku Payments SDK, developers can now allow users to make purchases that will be posted to their carrier bill. Once a users opts-in though a simple process of entering a cell number and responding to a dispatched text message, any payments made through an app using the Boku library can be made with just one tap of a button and no credit card or bank account info.


Other mobile payment systems are starting to make their way to Android — including PayPal’s library for in-app purchases — allowing for developers to monetize their apps, but the idea hasn’t quite made a big presence on the platform just yet. As more developers begin to implement these systems user purchases will become easier and more profitable. However, a system like Boku relies on carrier billing that can come with a carrier billing fee of up to 50 percent, an obstacle that will have to be outweighed by the convenience using the service.

Boku payments work in 60 countries on 198 carriers, and developers can sign up for the alpha program now.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. This is a good idea for people on pay as you go.

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