Evernote Update Fixes Bugs and Adds New Features


Evernote users should be happy to know that a new release, version 1.4, is now available for Android handsets. Improvements include the ability to use your device’s native camera capabilities, an improved search bar, and the addition of several new languages.


The search bar enhancements allow for more results from your tags and notebooks and utilizes suggestions as you type. The native camera support allows you to use your phones zoom, flash, and quality adjustments for your Snapshot Notes.

Aside from bringing a couple new and improved features, the update provides a fix to the java.lang.IllegalStateException error that has plagued some users. The update arrises from the latest version of the Evernote desktop client and prevents user from accessing certain notes. Apparently the fix required some major reworking of the Android app, but all is well now.

You can grab the latest version of Evernote from the Android Market now. And in case you were wondering, the Evernote team assures us they are working on local storage for the Android version of the app.

[via Evernote Blog]

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  1. Wow! I’m actually stoked about this. I love Evernote, but can only bring myself to keep it installed for a few weeks on end. I use it everyday with Android, but my gripes always got the best of me.

    It sounds like at least most of those will be fixed, now. I’m gonna go download it, again… hopefully this time it’ll be acceptable enough to keep around.

  2. Poor app made worse? This junk still stores your notes off line (no local copy) and they removed ‘edit’ notes feature .. If only it kept a local copy with background sync with their server it’d be usable.

  3. Lack of offline mode keeps me away from this app. Sticking to 3banana.

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