PayPal Announces Mobile Payments Library for Android


paypal-logoToday at Google I/O, PayPal has released its Mobile Payments Library to Android developers. The new service enables purchases from directly within apps through PayPal without the need for the user to input new information or leave to a secondary app. The real benefit is allowing mobile developers to better monetize their app content by connecting it directly with the most-used online payment system. Users can also rest assured that their personal info will not be stored directly in the app or on the developer’s servers.

Any developers who want to get in on the Mobile Payments Library can head over to to download it. This is definitely a great way to remove the headache and fuss from in-app purchases or donations, and that makes it a win-win for both developers and users alike. User experience is better, developers have a chance to earn more money, more money goes into developing better apps, and the beautiful cycle continues.

[via PayPal Blog]

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  1. This will be an awesome alternative to a “donate” version of an app.

  2. hopefully this can help to get paid apps to countries where the market doesnt allow… somehow.

  3. does this mean that i can finally update chomp to its most current version without any ads and not have to pay through that shady donate link thing?

  4. I still want to see retail prepaid android app cards just like the itunes cards. I don’t want my purchases going thru either Paypal or Visa/Mastercard.

  5. Finally! This will be so helpful. It’s been a nightmare trying to “hack” my apps to allow paypal donations. I’m getting started on it right away! :-)

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