Is Samsung Trying to Take Back Their Word on a Behold II Update?


The Samsung Behold 2 has become a phone of much controversy and negative views from its owners. If it’s not from the many bugs that the device is riddled with, then it’s with Samsung not making due with any type of support for the problems whatsoever. The latest blow to Behold 2 owners by Samsung is the disappearance of one video promoting the phone that claimed they would update the phone to Android 2.0 (note: we’re aware the video was not made by Samsung, but it has been endorsed by them).


No one really slapped Samsung’s wrist too hard, though, until they tried to cover up that “promise” of sorts and attempt to wipe the video’s existence from the internet. As the saying goes, however, “nothing is truly every deleted from the internet,” and it applies here, as well. Click here if you want to check that (rather cheesy) video out for yourself.

Samsung’s response? Why, a simple tweet should silence the masses, of course!

Samsung Mobile is paying much attention to your comments on Behold II. we are working diligently to provide you more info shortly.

This tweet doesn’t really say much. You’re paying attention, but are you doing anything about it? You’re working diligently to provide more info, but are you working diligently on a solution? I’m trying not to throw them under the bus too early, here, but I feel the need to help get the word out for some Behold II owners that have simply had enough. If you haven’t already signed the many petitions floating around out there (including this one), now would be a great time to start

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is exactly why i have never sold a single behold 2 since we have had them. When customers ask about the phone I steer them far away from it. All the other associates that sell the phone have had almost 100 percent of them returned

  2. Samsung will just use this as an excuse to pump their bada phones. This will not hurt them.

  3. Nobody remembers the original Galaxy’s problems?? It was touch and go whether that’d even get 1.6!

    I’m never going to be buying another samsung product again anyway.

  4. Samsung sucks… Hello Moto!!

  5. Motorola rules! Motorola Droid is the such a GREAT product.

  6. Boycott Samsung!!!!!! I for one will never buy ANY cellphone products ever again. Even the dumb phone as a backup.

  7. It truely sucks what samsung is doing and at the very least should make consumers think twice about buying samsung. Thanx for the article though I should mention I video WAS IN FACT PRODUCED BY SSMSUNG as part of their “maximizing your experience” campaign that included many samsung phone models like behold 2 and omnia 2 are just two examples

  8. *spelling corrections to above post
    samsung, not ssmsung
    the video, not I video

  9. Wow. I own a Samsung TV and my daughter owns a Samsung MP3 player. To bad they can’t get their act together for the Behold 2. I almost bought a Behold 1 when the G1 came out, but opted for Android instead. Didn’t they do a good job with the Samsung Moment? I wonder what this means for the Samsung Galaxy S? That phone has been widely praised.

  10. friend of mine loves his moment. Ive been happy with some of my older samsung phones. didnt really like my rant though..

  11. My fiancee has the Behold2 and I have been on Samsung’s arse every week, with emails but have never received a reply. I just recently twittered them, again, and told them I will never buy another Samsung product if they don’t update the Behold2. Seems kinda silly of them to release a good piece of hardware and then now support it. Oh well no more Samsung for us unless they redeem themselves.

  12. i own a moment, and this mess with the behold II doesn’t surprise me one bit. samsung SUCKS. no other way to say it. never ever will i buy another samsung mobile device

  13. Probably the worst Android phone ever made.

  14. My girlfriend has the Samsung behold 2 and that damn thing has so many problems. I called T-Mobile and told them I’m tired of calling in with the same issues and I want a different phone. they explained that I was out of the buyer remorse time frame so they couldn’t exchange for another phone or get my money back. I tried to explain I’m on my third Samsung behold 2 and im having the same issues and the only reason im out of the time frame is because I did what you guys told me to do. now I’m stuck with this crappy phone and out over 300 bucks. All they can say is sorry we will gladly send you another behold 2. now im wondering if its a good time to switch to another carrier just because of this phone.

  15. I have owned nothing but Samsung phones since I first got a cell phone, but after seeing how the support for their latest phones just slowly went down the drain as time progressed, I decided to leave for something else. I really used to like Samsung too. :(

  16. I’m a former Galaxy owner (same as the Behold II under the hood) and because of that experience, I’ll never buy another Samsung phone again. They simply do not support their products.

  17. Just for the record? Don’t pimp online petitions – to real business, an online petition gets immediately disregarded. They’re too easy to flood with fake signatures and they’re generally just a manifestation of the stereotypical “nerd rage” in all its impotent glory.

  18. I posted this response I received from Samsung yesterday about Windows 7 compatibility:

    Thank you for your inquiry. While Samsung does not support the use of our handsets in conjunction with the Windows 7 operating system at this time, should your PC have the 32-bit version of this OS, the drivers within PC Studio may work on Windows 7 32-bit.
    Unfortunately, Samsung does not currently offer drivers compatible with a 64-bit operating system. We are unable to speculate when/if this would be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may present.

    Should be renamed to Samsmug :)

  19. @James former Galaxy owner here too and it was a nice bit of tech but the support was just dire. Older phones are on 2.x now and they leave in the lurch with 1.5.

    Would never buy Samsung again and it is basically the reason I got a Nexus One because I wanted a phone I knew wouldn’t be ignored when an update came out.

  20. Own a Behold 2 and bought it because thought it would get android updates. will never buy samsung phones again.

  21. Dear phandroid editors,

    Why don’t you post also about htc and they extremly poor support? I have a htc hero. Htc prromised an update since last year.. nothing for now.

    So samsung is not the only company that doesn’t support their phones as it should.

  22. Ya owned a behold 2 for a brief moment. Gave it away to my friend and bought a Nexus One.

    Was a Android newb at the time. But I’ll never ever buy a Samsung mobile phone again unless they start supporting their phones.

  23. i hated samsung behold 2 before i flashed it to BH_MAN’s rom!!! this behold 2 phone is awesome AS LONG AS YOU FLASH IT with a different ROM!!!! i’m just waiting for the galaxy s!!! that phone will be AWESOME!!! samsung makes really great products as far as HARDWARE but their software and support is very WEAK!!!

  24. I wrote Samsung complaining about the ridiculous lack of support for this phone and asked them about a new Android update…of course they didn’t give me an answer..just this email that seems to be very generic:

    Dear Brian,

    Thank you for your correspondence. We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to contact us with your concerns about the delay and lack of information regarding the operating system update for your Behold II.

    It is not our intent to be neither neglectful nor unresponsive to this matter. We would like to assure you that Samsung Mobile is listening to the feedback we are receiving from customers about this, yourself included. We are working diligently to be able to provide more complete information shortly.

    We value your time and would not impose further to ask that you contact us for these updates. We will keep your contact information on hand so that we can respond to you directly once we are able to offer additional information.

    We also value your continued interest in our products and are truly committed to your satisfaction. Again, allow us to express our thanks for your patience and understanding.

    We will contact you as soon as we have more information.


    Technical Support

    So there ya go…basically telling me nothing…

  25. They Said it all in that Email…
    More less, stop bugging us, as where not telling you anything regarding Support / Update’s!

  26. Really Samsung!? 1.5 for this long?! Drop the damn touchwiz and update your shyat! Just as soon as I convince the lady, I’m installing bh_mans ROM over your crappy touchwizonyou phone! Oh and I’ll be sticking with HTC from now on thank you Samsung.

  27. I have no issues with my Samsung Behold 2. I’m probably a lot less picky than a lot of other users, but still— It does everything I need it to do and more. Sure an update would be nice, but I could really care less at this point.

  28. Freezing and lagging is all this Damm shoe does. Because of alt this we are going to Verizon right away. I’ll never buy Samsung and t-mobile is always behind on releasing ridiculously awesome phones. I can’t wait for us to have Verizon again!!! droid 2……

  29. Its really good at throwing in periods and typos from lag. It can’t keep up with me! Just read my last post!

  30. I just hope samsung changes their minds and does come up an update

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