May 26th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 1st, 2010, 6:32 pm

The Samsung Behold 2 has become a phone of much controversy and negative views from its owners. If it’s not from the many bugs that the device is riddled with, then it’s with Samsung not making due with any type of support for the problems whatsoever. The latest blow to Behold 2 owners by Samsung is the disappearance of one video promoting the phone that claimed they would update the phone to Android 2.0 (note: we’re aware the video was not made by Samsung, but it has been endorsed by them).


No one really slapped Samsung’s wrist too hard, though, until they tried to cover up that “promise” of sorts and attempt to wipe the video’s existence from the internet. As the saying goes, however, “nothing is truly every deleted from the internet,” and it applies here, as well. Click here if you want to check that (rather cheesy) video out for yourself.

Samsung’s response? Why, a simple tweet should silence the masses, of course!

Samsung Mobile is paying much attention to your comments on Behold II. we are working diligently to provide you more info shortly.

This tweet doesn’t really say much. You’re paying attention, but are you doing anything about it? You’re working diligently to provide more info, but are you working diligently on a solution? I’m trying not to throw them under the bus too early, here, but I feel the need to help get the word out for some Behold II owners that have simply had enough. If you haven’t already signed the many petitions floating around out there (including this one), now would be a great time to start

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