Samsung Behold II SD Card Issues Result in Loss of Saved Pictures?


A few members over on the forums at T-Mobile are reporting an issue involving the Samsung Behold II deleting their stored pictures from their memory cards. The story goes that the owners’ phones would power-down and then restart, only for them to find all of their pictures erased.


The woes of one owner:

I noticed my phone shut off and restarted by itself. I did not notice all my pictures were gone till 2 days later when I wanted to look at them. I also noticed my SD card is dismounting and mounting even after I received the bug fix.

One user even claims that after the initial reboot and erase, newly captured images disappear from the phone’s storage only a few minutes after being taken.

Any Behold II owner’s out there experiencing similar issues? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve never had this problem, though it may be related to other sd card issues. One of the things I’ve noticed in the forums is that users who reported issues with the sd card had a generic brand of sd card, while mine came with a Samsung branded card and I’ve never had an issue.

  2. I have a behold2 and yes this is a huge problem. I dont even take pics with my phone for fear of them being erased. Or i take them and email them to myself as a backup. It also causes apps that use the s.d. Card (exp. Beautfiul widgets) to erase data. And this is even after the bug fixes. Please PLEASE fix this issue!

  3. The same thing keeps happening to my behold 2 but it dismounts my sd card and makes me delete every thing music photos and it wont come back to us with out me deleting it this phone needs major fixing

  4. I’ve had this happen to me. Eventually my phone would shut off and wouldn’t turn back on unless i removed the battery. Tmobile eventually sent me a new phone, (after three calls to customer care.) Haven’t had the problem since I’ve gotten the new one two weeks ago.

  5. i just had a customer come into my store today and she said the changed the phone twice and the sd card and it keeps erasing all her ringtones off the sd card

  6. same thing here it wont recognize my ringtones and already erased my pics! !!!!! wtf Samsung! !!!

  7. There are plenty of problems with the included memory card despite being a brand name card. I haven’t heard of any problems with other aftermarket cards.

  8. This is not an exclusive problem. I’m had data on the SD card in my Droid Eris get corrupted on several occasions. The first instance was when Verizon pushed out the first OTA update for it, and often happens when I mount the SD card for reading through the USB cable, and unmount it again. Even when mounting and unmounting properly, I often find that the music files in the music playlist that I was last listening to have been wiped off the SD card. Just using the card in the phone isn’t a problem, but I now have to make sure to back everything up whenever I mount the dang thing. I even had some data corruption when just rebooting the phone, but fortunately that only happened once. I’ve seen reports that some Moto Droid users have similar experiences. This looks to be a glitch in the Android OS itself. Granted, it sounds like the Behold might have a more serious version of this problem, but I still think the OS is to blame. I’m hoping Android 2.1 will be more stable in this regard.

  9. I have the BII but do not have this problem. Although after the “update” that t-mobile sent, the phone has been acting up quite a bit. I’m really tired of this phone. I wish I never picked it up. I’m waiting for something better to come out or I’ll just get the nexus one. ugh…

  10. I got my Behold II a month ago and this hasn’t happened yet. I hope it doesn’t so I can avoid cursing people out.

  11. seeing rebooting issues and the “preparing SD card” but no data loss that I’ve seen. Samsung so far has the worst track record for caring for there customers, and I will never buy from them again.

  12. This phone has *so* many problems that Samsung should issue us an apology and their next NEW Android phone of equal or better type. The Behold 2 was advertised and originally sold as a top of the line Android for Samsung, so I don’t want a piece of junk replacement. The Behold2 is a fiasco.

    My phone which I have owned since December, was recently updated; it not only spontaneously mounts and unmounts the SD card – forcing a format of same – but it also, dials another caller at random while I am in a call! The screen freezes so that no touch ability is available; Additionally, it matters not if I set the phone NOT to utilize the screen-lock, it locks the screen ANYWAY-thus prohibiting me from access to keypad! I have set my screen to 3 minute delay before it goes dark. NOT. It goes dark no matter *what* setting I choose. It drops my Bluetooth connection without warning; It drops calls as a matter of course rather than an exception. And it runs as hot as hell!!!

    Since I use my phone for business, this is no joking matter. It seems that rooting the sucker isn’t the answer as I thought it might be. Those who have rooted have run into some problems having to possibly do with the hardware. That being said, this phone isn’t worth all this mayhem in my opinion. Having been involved in communities where this phone is discussed, one can safely say that if you have no problems with this phone, you are the exception and not the norm.

  13. this has happened to me multiple times since i first got the phone in november…..ive gone through 5 replacement phones. now ive fixed the problem by rooting my phone to another rom. anybody with this phone should do it. im running 1.6 on my phone with no twiz……awesome

  14. This is my second BH2 phone, the first one had static problems this one corrupted the SD Card that came with the phone it says Blank SD card or format the SD card, i had a lot of important stuff in it and now there is no way i could access the memory card not even by my computer.

  15. I’ve tried two different SD cards, and the card formats fine. I load pics and music. Then at some random time it will just notify me that there is a blank SD card in there. Poof! Everything gone. I’ve started regular backups but come on! There has to be a fix for this.

  16. this happened to me, friday nite they were there, woke up saturday to a message that said no/blank sd card, mixzing said no memory card checked for my pictures and everything was gone, tried the memorycard in my sons phone and on my computer..nope nothin there its blank, other then that i havent had any issues with ths phone, just wasnt happy about loosin my sons pics.

  17. This is a complex problem that I think might have multiple issues related to the Behold II itself, but also to the quality of the card, the Android OS, and perhaps the mounting and unmounting procedure. I have been testing multiple things to try and isolate the issue.

    First, back up your data daily for sure.

    Next, don’t use the USB connection. Shut your phone down and put the card in your computer or use one of the WiFi transfer Apps to backup data.

    Keep the phone cool.

    If possible buy name brand cards that are class 4 or 6.

    If you lose your data, never fear, there are a number of programs out there that can recover the files on it. I have used several of these in the past, they are easy to use and generally do a good job of finding your lost data.

    If it happens, please write down exactly the circumstances, what programs were running, how it was connected or now, the name and size and class of the card, the OS of the phone, relative temp of the phone etc… that will help everyone troubleshoot the issue further, because we know neither Samsung or T-mobile gives a damn.

  18. My girls phone started erasing pics since DEC she has had problems ever since she got the behold 2..Freezing and shuting off happens almost daily…

  19. I had the same problem twice already. It deleted all of my pix and required me to format the SD card. I took the Memory card out and tried to recover them on my laptop, no luck. This phone is worthless. I called Tmobile customer service and they said they never had such issues before but it doesn’t make sense since a lot of people had the same issue. Tmobile is just trying to cover the problem and get away with it.
    I am calling them again right now. I will try to get a different phone if I can.

  20. It’s happened to me twice. I’m not a happy camper. Guess i’ll try some of inaz4sun’s suggestions. I was hoping i would find a solution.

  21. i complained so much to tmobile i got 4 exchanges till they gave me the TMO MYtouch fender edition …i am going to sell both and buy a NEXUS one which i should of done if i knew about it!!!!!!!!!!at the time

  22. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one! Tmo told me they had not heard of this issue at all a few weeks ago. I haven’t had the issue with the pictures being deleted but have had my phone restart many times a day. I am not using the sd card that came with my phone but my husband is and it is now fried. I am very disappointed in this phone. My husband and I didn’t get our behold2’s until early Feb. I loved it when I first got it and now that I’m on my second, soon to be third I really don’t want to deal with this phone anymore.

  23. I have had it with the behold 2 even after the update it still constantly unmounts and re mounts my sd card. One day i noticed all my videos of my children were gone, pictures were still there. Today i went to my videos they were gone looked at my pictures they were all gone to stuff i cant replace. I had thought it was my sd card but it wasnt its doing the same thing with the new one samsung u need to fix these issues whats the point in having a nice 5 mpix camera if ur pics just erase anyways. O and my bf has a mytouch android phone and he never has a problem so i dubt its the OS.

  24. i am having the same problem too phone get hot during charging or when connected to the computer lost all the ring tones i paid dearly for lost all my gf moaning sounds which i love to listen to lost pictures its crazy …

  25. I have the BII also and I have now gotten the (blank external SD card) stating the external SD card is blank or using an unsupported (something cuts off and I touch it and it goes to

    Format external SD card

    Why is this happening?
    I made calls today and listened to Pandora. Thats it.!!!!

  26. I have that problem with the original Samsung MicroSD and others.
    I formated all my card in my computer, in the phone and everything continue same way.
    I don’t take picture with my phone and I can’t storing files there. I am frustrated with this…

    A Samsung representative told me Samsung will launch a Android 2.X upgrade for this phone, when? I don’t know but maybe everything be fine after that…

  27. This happens to me all the time. I would love to know if Samsung is still planning on updating the phone to a recent version of android of if they are planning on ignoring us until we buy new phones. i’m getting super frustrated.

  28. Same think has happened to me twice. The first time i lost important pictures that i can’t get back. Lost them before i could throw them on my computer. Picture of my friend that just died is gone. Very very pissed

  29. I got this phone in Dec and from the first week it would shut off and vibrate until I took the battery out..I got a replacement but now it keeps erasing my sd card every few days!! I never had issues like dat with my g1. I might as well go back to that phone!!!!!!

  30. I just got this Behold two not to long ago and it hasnt been at least one day that my fone doesnt always say blank or damaged external sd card i wanted to show my friend a picture video that i had just taken and it wasnt there

  31. I just lost 600 songs……this is the worst****** phone. No, t mobile, I don’t want another broken phone for $15o. I want my money back.

  32. So I found out u need a Kingston SD card for this shitty phone to work!!! No thanks to Samsung and t mobile for giving me the info. U can thank a Guy that actually did some f..ing research….instead of tha run a round!!

  33. I’ve had this thing for a month or so now, and thankfully nothing has been erased (yet) from my SD card. It does the “Sd Card Removed/Mounting SD Card” thing almost daily, but I don’t notice anything missing. Pandora decides to randomly open and start playing music, though. It’s happened three times in the past two weeks. Happened while I was at the movies. I swear, I put my Behold II on silent mode, locked it and set it on my lap. 5 minutes into the movie Pandora opens and starts playing music.
    Today my phone decided to randomly reboot. There it was, sitting quietly on my desk, nothing connected. Once again, I’m not touching it, but lo and behold (no pun intended) it goes to the SAMSUNG screen. WAT
    I’m very particular about my settings. I don’t want to waste power, so I always turn off the phone sounds and vibration feedback (you know, the “cool” little vibes it makes when you press things on the screen and such). And I do mean I ALWAYS turn them off, because once I plug the phone in to recharge it, it manages to forget all my settings. EVERY TIME. I don’t bother with trying to change the “message” ringtone, as no matter what i change it to, the next day it goes right back to the generic sound.
    And how about the touchscreen? Usually it seems to pick up my fingers, but half the time the on-screen spacebar is useless. How can one single IMAGINARY button not work? WTF?
    Oh yeah, and earlier today I opened the standard e-mail app that comes pre-installed, and it randomly erased all of the mail in my inbox. Good thing there wasn’t anything DREADFULLY IMPORTANT in there.
    I lived in Korea for a year, and I used tons of Samsung products over there. That’s why I went with this thing. I didn’t know much about it, obviously, and i should have done more research for sure. This is my very first “smart phone,” and there’s nothing smart about it at all. Idiots made this phone. Idiots trying to grab a piece of the smartphone market without fully understanding or caring about it. If a thousand chimpanzees were locked in a laboratory for a thousand years, they couldn’t make a shittier phone than this.

  34. I have a Samsung Moment (Sprint) and it has been doing the same thing. Just upgraded to Android 2.1 last night and it happened TWICE already.

    Is this a Samsung or Android problem?

  35. Totally. After talking with support, and several open support cases tmobile is finally sending me another samsung behold 2. what happens is the memory card gets full, or close to full… the phone thinks there is something wrong with the SD card so it tells you the card is damaged and needs to be reformatted. your only option is to then reformat the SD card. this has happened to me 4 times now. Rooting the phone, if possible, is the only way to go.

    one unhappy customer.

  36. Well mine came with a Samsung sd card and I’m having problems with mine sorry but seems like behold 2 isn’t worth the time and money

  37. Same with My Samsung Behold 2 Phone. Every 4/5 days the SD Card stops reading and needs to be formatted. I loose all the pictures and videos (And any other file) in the SD card. You have to format it, I tried to plug it in my laptop and it also fails to read it. Formatting that Micro SD is the only option. The battery life is also horrible.

  38. Had the same problem a lot of times (HTC Hero, 8GB sdcard)
    until I stooped using the power off button.
    Just let Android shut off the screen after 15 seconds of
    inactivity. Certainly an operating system error.

  39. I hate this phone so much……It has been unmounting the sd card forever and today it says that the sd is damaged. I cant wait to get rid of this phone. I am so getting the mytouch slide. Is there anyway that the phone can come back from this.

  40. I just started having this problem. I’ve had the phone for a couple of months. Last week, out of nowhere, the phone came up with a pop up stating: “Blank External SD card The External SD card is blank or using an unsupport…” I lost all of my photos and videos. I was confused and thought it was a fluke. So I reformatted the SD card and lost all my data (photos, videos, music) and put some music back on for this past weekend. I traveled to visit friends and took pictures with all of them and then looked at my phone and everything was lost again with the same message the next day. This is incredibly frustrating. Any lawyers out there?? Seems that this phone does not perform to the level all us customers thought it would…expecially when we should not have to worry our data will be lost. I got this phone for the 5 megapix camera…I lost 100’s of photos including my trip to Hawaii (once in a lifetime thing)…I couldn’t imgaine if someone was taking photos of their son/daughters graduation or first steps or maybe even photos for an insurance claim. A phone that deletes files at random is malicious, fraud, and a far cry from a ‘smartphone’. I am very unhappy.

  41. I have been through 5 behold 2 phones and 3 media cards. It just keeps erasing the card. I am done with this phone.

  42. This has happened to me with 3 of these phones.this is now my 4th and it just did it to me!! I’m so frustrated! Not a cheap phone.waste of money.t mobile acts like never heard of it.that’s a lie from What I’m reading on here! Maybe I should just get nexus one??..can’t believe my pics are gone.my friends wedding even.sucks!

  43. Wow, this is really scary to hear! I have had my B2 for about 3 weeks now, and Im scared to death to format my card! I have luckily not used up all the memory yet on the phone, and Im not going to store anything on the card until there is an update. My phone did the whole rebooting on its own thing from day 2 until last week when I called TMobile about it. The tech did a system reboot to my phone, I lost all the apps and settings I had stored, but luckily since he did that to my phone, I have had no problems since. I just really dont want to have tio move anything to the card as of yet until I hear of a resolution. I wonder if ‘happy rick…i guess’is right about the B2 being more compatible with a Kingston SD card rather than the stock card that already comes int he phone. I really hope there is some resolution to the problem soon, I really feel for you guys with all the problems had with the B2 but I hope I dont have to go thru the same thing:/

  44. Mine SB2 does the same thing. I even spoke to Tmobile Chat live about it and they claimed no issue of this either.

    Mine has done it a total of 5 times now. I’ve had my phone for 2 months, they won’t replace my phone for a different phone but offered to replace it with the same phone. Why would I want the same phone that obviously is going to have the same problems.

    Upgrading to this SB2 gave me a new 2 yr contract. They won’t give me a new mytouch slide for replacement. I asked if they could remove my new 2 yr contract instead since I am stuck with an outdated android phone now and flawed for that matter.

    I’m back to month to month but still stuck with a phone I absolutely hate!

  45. WOW, Im reading all of the comments and they sound to familiar! I have had my Behold 2 for 5 month and my pics have been delete and my videos, not very happy at all!!! I talked with customer service many times(5) and they have sent me a phone and they are now going to FINALLY send me a new sd card( I currently have a sandisk sd card 2gb). I guess it’s the sd card, we will see!

  46. I been having the behold 2 for 2 months and it keeps doing that, to deal with the problem i have downloaded photobucket on my phone so every time i take a picture it automatically uploads there as a backup.

  47. I’ve had this problem. During the course of the day my phone will go through a series of SD Card Mounts and Dismounts. I’ve lost all my pics twice without realizing it until I had to look for a photo in my phone and they were all gone. I am using the SD Card that came with my Samsung Behold II. Does anyone know if it is possible to restore the pics somehow. Is there a hidden folder or recycle bin type folder where we can search for missing photos?

  48. Sorry to hear about all the issues everybody has i have had the behold 2 for a month now. I have a 2 gb sd card in my phone and i have only apps backed up on it. My phone works fine I’ve never had any problems with it. I master reset it about once a week it runs fine

  49. I have the same issues…I take a few pictures, and blam…need to reformat. All photos gone. Not even close to filling SD card. I guess I should have turned it right back in when it happened within the first week of owning it.

  50. I have had a samsung 2 since December. I should say I have had three since then. They have to know they have a serious problem. Look at all these complaints. The same thing all the time. My third phone just started doing the same thing again. The People that are saying they have had their phones a month or two and aren’t having a problem I hate to say it but just wait. You know if you complain enough and they keep sending you new phones that they know something is wrong. By the way they want to charge me to send it but when I explain why would I agree to pay for thier defect they charge me but credit my account so I don’t actually pay they shipping. You know they are aware of these issue. Does anyone know the best way for us to get someone involved to start a suit if the company doesn’t do something about this soon. How can we use the internet to further inform people. I had to google several different things before I finally found this site. I thought I was doing something wrong causing this problem NOW I know it’s not me.

  51. Thisis the first (smartphone] ive owned and also the worst phone Ive ever had this phone b2 has already decided to erase all my info on my memory card twice some lawyer out there should take out a lawsuit against samsung tmobile as losing pictures videos irreplaceable memorys r just unacceptable.Im pissed

  52. Get a Kingston card…..the SD card that comes with the phone won’t hold your shit. Now, the crappy waistful cube button, the terrible touch wiz the countless times my phone has turned off for no reason and the garbage half life battery……. I can’t do anything about…ooo and thanks Samsung for not upgrading the behold 2 to android 2.0. I would hate to have any upgrades to this SHITTY ASS PHONE!!!!…….thanx for listening.

  53. Same here, but with a samsung galaxy spica (i5700) android 1.5 phone… it randomly deletes ONLY the pictures… but i noticed that the images in the .nomedia folder i created with ASTRO file manager, didn’t get deleted. I’m going to upgrade to android 2.1 hopefully today

  54. I’ve gotten three of these damn phones and each one is doing the same thing. the first one lasted about three months before it started deleting everything. the second one lasted 15 day and the third one was a matter of hours. I wouldnt recomend this phone to anyone ever.

  55. I’ve had this issue twice now.
    My phone did not power off and then back on, the screen locked, and when I went to use the phone again, it said my memory card was dismounted and I had a blank memory card.

    I may be able to retrieve my data with ZAR, but it is still an annoying problem and I now cannot trust my phone to store anything of importance.

  56. I had the same problem t-mobile couldn’t tell me anything just sent me a new phone. but my husband has the same phone but had no problems I think its only certain ones.

  57. I have had my bh2 since December and have changed it 3times memory card keeps preparing then erases all data can’t have ringtones it runs really hot shuts down constantly and won’t turn on until i remove battery then put it back there more issues have done master reset no help t-mobile all they say is since its a Samsung phone they can only change it for another behold 2 so looks like im going for a 4 th replacement someone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the funny thing is t-mobile always says they are unaware or have not heard of any problems with this phone.

  58. This shit is pissing me off. I had this phone for 3 months now and its been doing this all the time.

    My Pics Ringtones and skate vids keep going gone. FUCK YOU SAMSUNG

  59. Just had a long talk with T-Mobile….Finally found out the problem…The External SD Card that comes stock= SanDisk 2GB is a Class 2 card. Which I guess all the Behold 2’s have and doesn’t work for some reason. No Replacements can be made. We have to buy new SD Cards with a higher class I guess?

  60. I think its gonna happen to his phone sooner or later I just got my forth one this weekend and so far so good. lol.

  61. Yep, I’ve been having this issue recently as well. I’ve also noticed the SD card unmounting and remounting spontaneiously like it used to before the bug fix. Disappointing.

    A word of advice for others having this issue: get the photobucket app for your phone. The app has an option that will automatically upload all your photos to your photobucket account as soon as you take them, so they’ll always be available to you online even if your phone randomly deleted them. I just created a “mobile uploads” folder in my photobucket account and set the app to automatically upload all my phone pics to that folder.

    Hope they get a fix for this soon!

  62. I have the behold 2 as well. i got it in january i was SOO in love with this phone. i was taking pictures of everything! and one day about three months later, i noticed that picture in the left hand corner with that red exclamation point and i looked for my pictures and videos and music and everything as GONE! i was so sad! i took it into the store and the lady told me to put the SD card in the memory card of my digital camera. i went home and did it, but it was blank! so i just ended up having to press format. and lost everything! and i thought that was it for that. And ever since then, honestly about three times a week that happens! it drives me INSANE! I love my behold 2. just not the fact that it breaks like that! and another thing is how you set a ring tone for messeges and it says “preparing SD card” you have to reset it! come on now samsung! get it together and help us outttt!

  63. I’ve had the problem of my phone deleting all the pictures too but the best way around it for me is i got the photobucket app and all the pictures I take get uploaded straight to your photobucket account. I don’t plan on getting a new phone and so that’s how I deal with that problem. Its the best solution I’ve got so far. And if you do this you have to make sure in the settings of the photo bucket app are set to upload right away. Good luck. -If I woulda known this tho I would have got the Memoir when I had a chance.

  64. I have the moment and my phone restarts its self all the time one day after restarting it self my sd card was damagd and earased everything even pics of my lil girl when she was born and it also gets really hot when charging it. Samsung really needs to fix this I didn’t spend 600 bucks for a peice of crap

  65. Just went to show someone a picture and lo and BEHOLD, all my photos are gone!!!
    My cell has been acting up lately also, different programs just been starting by themselves without touching the widgets. Still under warranty so send me a new one.

  66. got the new update to 1.6 and a new sd card and everything has been going good for about three days well see how it goes.

  67. I’m glad I’m not the only one this is happening to. I bought the Behold 2 specifically to take pictures and listen to music while at the gym. I really can’t stand the fact I have to keep putting everything back on it. If I would have known that this phone would cause me such grief I never would have bought it. There’s no point in having great features if the consumer can’t use them properly due to defects. I really hope they promptly fix this issue.

  68. My Behold II does not delete my pictures, or songs, but it does delete certain people from my contacts. I would add certain numbers into my phone and then find the numbers not in my phone a few minutes or even seconds later. I used to like the Behole II but now I seriously hate it.

  69. My phone will say memory card jected and then preparing memory card, then it will say the memory card that came with it is unsupported and format it and and *poof everything is gone!

  70. I bought the first BEHOLD II in Feb. I had to replace it in the store because of a lot of problems, none of which have ceased since phone #2.

    Here’s a list:
    I have lost 900 pictures in increments of 300 at a time within these 4 1/2 months;

    One of the picture losses occured because the phone gave a notification that I had to FORMAT THE CARD or else I could’t use the camera funtion until I did;

    The screen lock didn’t work so I couldn’t put it in a purse for example. My face would also dial the phone while I was talking on it;

    My email alerts would cease, letting me know that the phone has erased my “setting up the email account” stuff again;

    Picture messages would take 3-6 days to send;

    Pictures in my gallery would not be able to be viewed because the picture was now a “Broken Image” for no reason/editing;

    People standing next to me would call me–the phone never rang AND NEVER LET ME KNOW THAT I MISSED A CALL;

    I was advised to not download Android apps (Really?)so I didn’t. I was advised to not use Facebook, MySpace, or social sites on the phone so I didn’t. I was advised not to download ringtones and caller tunes so I didn’t. I was advised to power the phone down frequently (because I don’t need it?)so I did. Sounds like I’m paying for the features of my old flip phone (none).

    It’s pretty unfortunate for the service providers selling the Samsung phone. They are bound to a bad product much like we are. Like Samsung, I wish I could make a person pay ME $100/month because they want to lease a mansion I own. Then make that person live in a damp garage instead. Then I could avoid misrepresentation of the contracted product debate by saying “Sorry, you signed a contract. You will have to pay ME more money to get out of the contract you signed.”

    End result: Complain even when you know that no one can fix your phone problems. Your service provider does not tell you in the beginning that they CAN ACTUALLY do something about it– BUT ONLY WHEN YOU COMPLAIN ENOUGH TIMES. This is a hidden clause in the contract Samsung has with your carrier. Your provider can’t make this phone great, but they can at least help you trade it in for another lemon.

  71. I had this problem about 3 times already. My phone would randomly prepare the sd card and later force me to format it due to an unsupported file type on the phone and this would happen about every other day. So I plugged my phone into the computer so I could find the so called “unsupported” file. I found out that it was all the mp4s on my phone. The Behold 2 actually saves videos that it records in 3gp format instead of mp4. So if you have any mp4s on your behold 2, convert them to 3gp ASAP. I’ve done this and haven’t had the sd card problem for nearly a week.

  72. My card just suddenly stopped being readable as well. I bought a 16GB card to put music on; now that it’s got videos and pix and music, it’s filled up 8 GB. But now my phone can’t read it–the t-mbile guy put that card into another phone and it DID work. Then I put a new cardin my phone and it did work. But then I put the old 16GB card in…and still not working. :(

  73. My Behold II is a smart-phone. It has a mind of its own. It hangs up in the middle of conversations. It deletes contacts. It deletes pictures. It turns off and on when it wants. For some reason it hates me. Anyway I’m tired of fighting it and am going to move on to something from HTC. Ba-bye Samsung, your phones might have pretty faces and fast processors but underneath all that is your bad customer service, your lies, and stupid software. Never again!

  74. I got this phone in February, and from time to time the phone would tell me that there’s no memory card inserted (even though I hadn’t messed with taking the back cover off or anything). In May my memory card went bad, and I lost ALL photos, didn’t know about uploading to the online album yet. :( T-Mobile store replaced the bad memory card, then a week ago (in July), my phone again wasn’t recognizing the memory card, I reinserted several times, then it told me it was damaged, couldn’t read anything (and I lost photos – again)…THEN, the phone’s lock key wouldn’t work, the phone would stay on indefinitely, obviously sucking the battery life very quickly…I called T-Mobile, they sent a replacement phone, the replacement worked fine for about a day, then IT wouldn’t lock the screen either (but now it seems back to normal, but I intend to send the phone back anyways – if it had the problem within 24 hours, then it must be defective in some way…) I asked on the first call about getting a different phone, they said “no”, but the last CS rep said if 3 Samsung Behold IIs don’t work, then they could send me a different model (I hope he was telling the truth!!!)

  75. I am sick of this, I am on my 3rd phone that I have alredy returned. My SD card keep erasing the data and asking me to reformat the card. Not only that, it keep shuting off and I have to take the battery out to get it up and running. The other issue it have is, it constanly making a sound that indicate you hav a text message and theres no messages. This went on without stoping. I think they should recall these phones. I called customer care so many times about this issues. I thought I was the only one with this problem until I came across these coment.

  76. I just had this happen. I looked at my phone, it said the external sd card needed to be formatted and when I went to look at my pictures they were GONE. I was able to recover them by taking the sd card and putting it in a card reader on my laptop. Then I went to ZAR recovery and downloaded the free software and it totally recovered all of my pictures! Thank god!

  77. Go to ZAR recovery and you can recover all your pictures. I just had this happen this morning. My pictures were all gone. I was able to get them all back!

  78. I Lost all of my pictures of my boys, my newborn baby girl and the F ing 9 lb Bass I caught AAAAAARRRRGGHHH! Damn you Samsung I was faithful after I dropped my T-809 in the toilet and it still worked. You have failed me!! And Now I will punish you and T-Mo by relentless calls to customer care!I will have 2 new phones because my wife has a BII as well! Have mercy on the poor Rep’s that will recieve my calls! I will try the ZAR remedy and thank you behold user.
    KrAcKeR Out

  79. Yep, me too. SD card keeps restting or forcing a format. Would be nice if they recognized the problem and got us a fix.

  80. The same thing is happening to me now. Have had the phone since february, and the last 2 months it’s telling i have a blank sd card and that it needs to be reformated! This is nonsense, it’s happened more than once. I keep losing stuff that’s important to me.

    I actually like the phone, it just has too many issues!
    Everytime i use the speaker phone, callers hear an echo on their end when they talk. My sister especially, is so annoyed when I call her from my cell phone. It defeats the purpose of having a mobile phone if i have to use my landline to make calls!

    I have also experienced:

    – Screen freezing for a few moments
    – Phone powers on and off all on it’s own
    – sd card keeps making noises about mounting or something to that degree
    – sd card reformats all by itself whenever it chooses
    – battery life is a dissapointment
    – lags a lot especially when typing
    – battery indicator isn’t acurate
    – copy and paste doesn’t work on a large paragraph, it pastes out of order.
    – website states 200mb of user memory, but the phone says 153mb maximum, and of that you only get to use 100mb plus you’re not allowed to delete preinstalled apps.
    – i never received an update, ever.
    – the biggest upset is that echo that callers hear when they’re speaking to me. It appears to only happen on speaker phone.

    I enjoy using speaker phone, and think it should work properly along with every other feature this phone is suppose to offer.

    Heard that they pulled the update for this phone, and when I spoke with tmobile they claimed they never had one. When i was in the store the other day I looked through their diplay model and they had 1.6’s android update. Bunch of liars! lol.. Can’t ever get a straight answer.

  81. I’ve just encountered this issue which I suspect is caused by the phone having trouble writing to slower sd cards. I was doing quite a number of actions that interacted with my sd card before my phone went to a grinding halt.

    My card is a class 2 sd card (2mbps), I dont think the size matters but the read/write speed does.

    Can everyone list the class of their sd card and we’ll see if thats a common factor?

  82. well add me to this list. i have the same problem. my card is a class 2 as well 8gb. I just got the phone less than a month ago. T-mobile is sending me a replacement I’ll let you know how this goes.

  83. I have been having these issues as well here is my story…

    back in march i lost my old school samsung camera phone so i decided to just go ahead and upgrade to a “smart phone” i found i was only qualified for a partial upgrade and was then informed of a special $199.99 deal on the “very nice smart phone called the behold 2” and my nightmare begins…

    first after doing the upgrade and adding the data plan it took 3 months to finally straighten out the billing issues that apparently t-mobile just couldn’t get straight, finally (and i swear it was the next day) i woke up after charging my phone while shutdown for the night and soon as it booted i received a message “sd card not recognized please format” so of course i did and lost all my info, ringers, pictures apps, everything, then it became a nonstop issue all day the phone literally just took a shit overnight…

    so i get tmobile to agree to replace it with a new one (same model of course) well when this one shows up i immediately notice the difference in the market and the phone had swype so i was like “sweet i got the upgrade too” and for a few days i was happy, till the sd card did the exact same thing again…well i call and they say ok we will replace that one again (still with the same model)this time they say the SD card is to blame but samsung would not replace it (even with a conference call with tmobile and samsung, samsung refused)so i go out and purchase a new 4 gig sd card of my own.

    well when this one shows up it is back to the old OS and doesn’t have swype so i call immediately and was told that in 72 hours it will update. I then wait and on the 5th day still no update, so i call back. now she tells me that the update has been canceled or whatever and they are no longer sending updates to behold 2 phones, after venting my frustrations at this point the t mobile rep offers to replace the device with a new one…the replacement they are giving me (the only option i had according to the rep) is a “Motorola Cliq XT” the phone is on its way and hopefully i can finally be happy but we will see, it is still 1.5 os but they say it will be the 2.1 soon…

    I swear if this phone gives me one problem i will drop t mobile for good and go to att or Verizon instead of paying the t mobile bill, and good luck collecting it or the early term fees from me…

  84. whats is T-Mobile doing about this is Crazy i swear

  85. This has happended to me. I’m tired of receiving the “Blank External SD Card” message. I lost hundreds of photos. And that isn’t even the worst part of this phone. If the actual phone part were good, I wouldn’t care, but the phone sucks too.

  86. I’m also losing all my pictures, videos and audio recordings. This is really frustrating!! Samsung, FIX THIS THING!!!!

  87. ok…so i got this blank sd card! message today…i’ve read this whole forum and the best thing i’ve heard so far in retrieving my photos was trying ZAR…which i hope works…the only thing is i need to find an sd card reader because zar can’t do it without it! But i hope this works because i lost my pictures once before and thought i deleted them all. i was pissed…but i have a lil hope…and when i do get my pics back i’m changing phones…i’ve been with tmobile for years and i know they have guidelines to follow but damn…don’t sell ur customers shitty phones…especially when u know they’re shitty…take them off ur market!

  88. ok so i’m trying zar and it looks like it restored all my photos including the ones I deleted! so for anyone who has SBII and u lost all of ur pics…get a sd card reader and download ZAR…i bought my card reader at walmart for 8 dollars plus tax hehe roughly zar gets everything restored within 10 to 12 mins…i want to thank the guys on here who recommended ZAR…it worked for me so i hope it works for everyone else!

  89. t mobile mytouch fender is not so amazing, but once you learn the tricks its OK. (emphasis), the sd card will give you trouble over the camera/music app every so often (DO NOT UNMOUNT IT, just remove the thing spontaneously), and it works fine for that camera session, after a while the speaker phone option only works with a twitch of a hands free kit, not all the way in, but just light pressing and it’ll light up, after i guess about 4 months of that, the market will quit working, then 1 month later the speaker will work properly (!?) and im still stuck with NO MARKET. ANDROID PHONE HAS NO ANDROID MARKET?! wtf. best i can say is, dont get the fender.

  90. I have the Samsung Behold 2. I am using the sd card with my phone, and every 2 months are so, my phone says card is damaged. So, I cannot use it unless I reformat the sd card and loose all my pictures. This is the 4th time. Yes, I complainted to T-mobile and got another phone, but it still happens. And I cannot get gifs on my phone. I am not happy with this phone at all !!!!

  91. Well I have Samsung slide touch phone and about once or twice a week my wallpaper I set on the phone will just disapper and the default will come on. I will go to my pictures and they are gone but I can take the sd card out and wait a few seconds and put it back in and they come back and I can set my wallpapper again. I don’t lose them but it still pisses me off that I have to do this 2 times a week. This is my 3rd Phone the first 2 phone would do the power off by them self and I wouold have to boot it back up. I guess it is just a bad phone I don’t think I will ever own another one of these.

  92. I am having the same problem, which has happened to me twice! I am so upset!!! I get a message on my behold 2 saying the external SD card is blank or using an unsupported…but when this message comes up, all of the images and music has already been erased. What is the problem with these cards? Can the images be retreived?

  93. Tracy – Maybe try buying an inexpensive third party MicroSD card to use in the phone and take a few random pictures to see if it happens with the new 3rd party card. If not, then it was likely a problem with the card, and if so, a problem instead with the phone. In that case, if it is under warranty (if you’ve had it 1 yr or less and got it from T-Mobile), contact them right away and EVERY SINGLE TIME it happens. After X times of them not being able to fix an issue, within the first year’s warranty period, they have to issue a replacement, so don’t hesitate after the 3rd time it happens to press for one. Just be 110% sure to back everything up locally to your computer before sending your phone off or surrendering it. (WaveSecure is a good application to do this with — just be sure to set Backup to EVERY DAY and EVERYTHING when using it — I just ran over my phone and lost 600+ photos because I apparently didn’t have mine set to back up ever, let alone daily. :'( )

  94. My SD card has erased my pics and music 4 times now and I have owned the phone for 11 months. It doesn’t just shut off and reboost. It notifies me that “The external sd card is blank,,,” When I click on my notice it wants me to formal the sd card. But if you format the sd card it tells you that all your data on the card will be lost. But it doesn’t give you any option. You either format it and loose all your data or you cannot use your camera or anything. Very frustrating!!!

  95. HELL to the YEAH!!! Ive had similar problems with this b.s. phone!!! I had the 1st Behold..and I was A-ok with it. But then that one wasn’t responding to my touches…so I had to call T-Mobile and they mailed me a another Behold. I was happy-until I opened the package and found out it was the Behold II!! At first I wasnt all that satisfied but then I was wondering whats so bad??? It’s an upgrade of the phone plus with ANdroid features :) I started using this Beshit for a month when Voila…Things started happening like my pixs getting erased and all my vids..I was pissed..now the phone erases EVERYTHING but my music pretty often so I just send my pics to my email for back up..which is what just about a lot of ppl do..its sooo freakn sad that I have to go thru that stage to have my pix..our phones shld b reliable!!!! Too bad beshit isnt! Everytime I put my phone in my pocket, it always comes up with that Exclamation point..like the External SD card has been removed…WTF P.O.S.!!!!!!! That is also highly annoying..it loses my ringtones…it lags..camera is so slow! I hate this damn phone!! I didnt even want it in the first damn place!! If I could switch this Beshit with a Sony Ericsson, I’d be happy..I know its a downgrade but I NEVER had any problems with that phone..SAMSUNG, I will never NEVER choose a phone from u guys ever again..Cant even enjoy a phone without its CONS!!!! WTH!!!! You guys shld stick to TV’s, Digital Cameras, and Monitors, and DVD’s.. coz a phone isnt up your alley!

  96. LOL i have this phone and i broke my sd card slot. F U tmoble and FUCK U samsung. Im getting blackberry torch and imma take a shit in ur mouth for me paying 150 dalloprs a month FUCk u

  97. I have unfortunately owned the Samsung Behold 2 for 10 mths now. It’s been a battle since the beginning. I have had the sd card “damaged/reset” a few times. The latest one happened yesterday. I lost all my pictures from the Christmas show we went to. I hadn’t had the chance to email it to myself :( I also lost all ringtones and customization. Phone restarts by itself whenever it wants. The worse is when it restarts while the GPS app is on. Happened yesterday…had to pull-over to side of road, wait for it to re-start, takes about 6 minutes and then went on my way. Also, the visual voicemail feature takes about 3 minutes to come up on screen. Samsung Behold 2 is not a phone; it’s rather a punishment that we were stupid enough to pay for.

    Tip: to get out of the T-mobile contract, request an arbitration hearing. If you don’t want to deal with that, file a complaint with the better business bureau. My brother did this and paid $100 for termination vs $250. Good luck!

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