Android Pillows Get Worldwide Love


There have been some REALLY cool homemade Android products out there – many of which I’ve considered buying myself. My favorites thus far are the Android Robot Figurines/Actio-Figures, Android Plush Bag, and knitted Android Doll. But today’s story goes to show that even the simplest of robot related goods can cause a geeky stirrup so widespread you wonder what the heck is going on.

Introducing the Android pillow:


I don’t mean to diss the creator of the Android pillow – Etsy member Craftsquatch – but its just a white pillow with a Green Droid sewed on. Sure… kind of cool… but not sure how it got such ridiculous fanfare from around the interwebz:

The pillows are 12″ by 12″ and sells for $20.If you’ve got a computer geek you’re trying to find a gift for and they happen to be a social media addict, designer, or have some other online/software obsession you may want to check out Sasquatch’s other listings as well:


Moral of the story? Plaster an Android Robot onto some unrelated home decor object or craft it into something unique in a DIY manner, post it online and become loved by the universe. Or send one to us and we’ll post it for you!

Rob Jackson
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  1. So very cool. About to order a Gmail pillow.

  2. That’s handy, I just finished my Android wallet :)


  3. This simplicity is what is nice about this. I can see these decorative pillows on sofas in the Android team’s waiting room.

  4. These pillows are awesome :p

  5. oh man these would be cool on the couch!

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