Android Robot Figurines, Collect All 16!


One of our readers just dropped this fun news into our inbox. Looks like Dyzplastic is manufacturing series 1 of our favorite robot in 3″ vinyl figures with rotating head and arms. Series 1 features 12 different designs sold in cases of 16, so, a single case will hopefully complete your series.


Looks like we will all have some new knick knacks on our desks and will be bidding up a storm on eBay to complete our collections. There will also be a few rare figures and the release of series 1 is set for the end of this month. Who’s ready to place their order?

[via DyzplasticBlog]

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  1. Available to UK?

  2. does that mean these will be sold at comic book stores and stuff? I don’t think i have room for 16 of these little guys lol

  3. is this official merchandise ?

  4. Yeah I wonder if this is officially licensed, which I’m sure it must me. But I’m definitely down to buy. This little guy is cute.

  5. Ha, I’m so getting me one of these.

    And yes, they’re officially licensed.

  6. I think I want the red one

  7. I think the Android robot is covered by the GPL or some other copyleft license, meaning you don’t have to license it from Google to use it in products. I could be wrong, but I would be surprised if I was.

  8. Is there one with a finger?

  9. and possibly word “DOES” LOL

  10. is this officially licensed? and where would I go to buy one?

  11. When is the phandroid give-a-way?

  12. these look wicked! cant wait to get one, nothing on ebay yet =(

  13. Is it going to be available in walmart?

  14. hahaha, know what would work well… if you lifted the arm and it crapped out little iPhones, now that would sell millions. I wonder if I could contact PEZ to make one like that and have the little candies looking like iPhones???

    lmao… oh, how the mind works.

    Remember, you read it here first, I might have to go to court later if someone steals my idea and makes millions! lol

  15. Android invasion on my desk coming very soon.

  16. I got awesome droid plushes at gizpop. They were like 30 bucks with free shipping, but my son absolutely loves it.

  17. hy i want to know where i can boy the lighting one i am from argentina so i thing i have ti buy it thogh someweb page so someone can give me the name of that page??

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