Xperia X10 To Get Android 2.1, Then 2.2


x10_1_bThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and likely the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro will launch with Android 1.6 but we’ve already confirmed it will soon be upgradeable to Android 2.1. Good to know. But between now and the end of the year, they’ll also be offering an upgrade to Android 2.2. What exactly is included in Android 2.2? We’re not sure – it isn’t yet available.

Here is exactly what the spokesperson said when discussing the “upgrade” the Xperia line will get:

“it will be an Eclair variant, so it could be 2.1 or even 2.2”

We know it will get at LEAST Android 2.1 and seeing that they are thinking even further ahead is a great sign, especially considering the number of handsets stuck a little in the past. I think since the Xperia is POWERFUL enough to handle 2.x they assume it will be upgradeable. But wait – did they account for tweaking their custom UI (UXP) to work with 2.2? How about taking into consideration carrier approval/testing?

The world of upgrading Android to the latest version is always a guessing game and if you’re THAT worried/intent on it… maybe you should be exploring the options of rooting your phone.

[Via Crave Asia]

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  1. OMG!!!!! Almost everyday there is a different device getting 2.1….WHAT’S THE HOLD UP SPRINT…GESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I heard it would be come with a jetpack….

    Vapor upgrades for a vapor phone.

  3. Sprint get your hands out of your ass and give us a high powered Android device with 2x or better!

  4. I wouldn’t buy it until it actually as 2.1
    just because they say that will be upgrading doesn’t mean they’ll do it anytime soon
    and doesn’t mean that rogers will actually do it.

  5. Is anybody carrying the X10 yet? There’s been a lot of hype over this phone… but that’s all it seems to be.

  6. @Travis No phone has been upgraded to 2.1 only one phone sold so far has 2.1 thats the Nexus One.

  7. the x10 is some mythical creature that arose from out of last summer and continues to haunt us to this day with it’s mythical aura of non-existence.
    An article about the future of sony’s x10 getting 2.2 is like an article about how the cure for cancer, when it comes out someday, will also help you lose weight. That’s great. now come out already… cause I’m fucking getting annoyed already.

  8. @JO me too! The spectre of the X10 hunts me too, so beautiful so elusive, hell by the time it comes out all androids will be more capable then the X10

  9. Why are you guys are thinking Sprint.. Sony doesn’t have any CDMA smartphones.. they’re not going to start now..

  10. Ive been using the X10 since last friday and it rocks! :-)

    I work as a sales rep at Telenor in Sweden. We will start selling it at the end of the month.

  11. Its good that Sony is working hard to keep up with HTC and the latest handsets.
    I cant wait to see what else Sony comes out with.

  12. i have a question. what happens when you get tired of the blue? is there a way to change the wallpaper/backgrounds or are you stuck with azure swirls forever?

  13. This phone is rocks..high specs android phone :-)

  14. It really bugs me when people say “I won’t buy a device if it has 1.6 on it” AAAGH!! WHY NOT??

    1.6 is not all that different. Yes, there’s a few tweaks but most are visual. What’s important is the hardware. It’s not like running 1.6 is gonna make it useless…

    I can’t tell you how much it makes me want to smash things up when I read such a comment!!

    Another is when people say.. “I don’t like the blue background” …when was the last time you bought a phone and COULDN’T change the wallpaper/background/Theme???

    THINK, McFly… THINK!!

  15. Will X10 support multitouch – pinch & zoom.

  16. Is there anybody try to upgrade it to Android 2.1 … I just order the phone, and still waiting until end of this month…(can’t stand that long… :(( )

  17. @Richu

    It won’t support multi-touch. Instead, to zoom, you keep your finger on the image for a short time, an icon pops up which shows you which way to slide your finger in order to zoom in or out.

  18. My wife just got one of these babies and boy it’s nice phone !
    Don’t think much of SEs UI though the media program is nice but no-one needs timescape it’s just a gimmick. 3 desktops is also very miserly, oh well GDE will sort that out.

  19. Had the phone now for 4 weeks, still cant get used to it but it could be an I-phone beater with the 2.1 upgrade.
    At the mo the phone has too many bugs for my liking and needs 2.1 badly!!
    The disconnecting bluetooth and terrible battery that lasts 3/4 of a working day are driving me CRAZY!!
    C’mon Google when will we see 2.1???

  20. SOOoooo: I got this phone yesterday, and holy bananas i love it! Everything is so simple, yet so complicated (in a good way yeah). The Net-Browser is very powerful, wich i REALLY like. And Mediascape is pretty awesome too. Timescape is for me nothing, since i relly dont facebook or Twitter, at all. But still, i now use Timescape for SMS and Pictures, and that can be pretty handy;O It does NOT have multi-touch, but i knew that way before, and i dont really care. Multitouch was awesome when iPhone came, but its really just for show-off IMO, it doesen’t save us time at all :p

  21. cepat ckit la woi upgrade android 2.1…aku nak main forex pakai hp pun susah..babi tui…

  22. @puppetmaster


  23. @T1jordan, you’ve got it ;) Is HTC EVO 4G good enough?

  24. “Travis No phone has been upgraded to 2.1 only one phone sold so far has 2.1 thats the Nexus One.”

    Have you been living under a rock? The HTC Desire cme with 2.1 pre installed. So did several other HTC phones that was released before the X10…

  25. man i have xperia x10 4
    ‘screen and its awesome i have emulators from megadrive snes super nintendo gameboy advance and noww playstationn ihave the last 1.6 android im my phone but i can run the psx4droid perfectly im playing diablo now with 90fps its perfect dude im waiting for the upgrade to 2.1 and later to 2.2 i need only that they gave to this upgrade the multitouch option because some games are impossible to play without thisss

  26. @algurion

    apparently the touchscreen used in the phone does not support multi-touch, which sucks bigtime since im a current x10 user as well

  27. Brother….. X10 is upgradable to 2.1 Now. Dont always guess the future yourself.

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