The Best Trick-Taking Android Games to Play in 2024


Trick-taking games have always been among the most beloved and played online card games due to their exceptional and cohesive nature. As we progress through almost 20% of this new year, many new trick-taking games have been launched to cater to the needs of players and to offer them better features. Moreover, the best thing that happened recently is that they are now available in-app versions on Android, making them much easier and more compatible. So now, if you want to spend your pastime not scrolling through reels or ending up getting tired, you should go and download such games. In this article, we are going to discuss five such trick-taking games that will help you choose the best gaming experience.


Spades is typically a four-player trick-taking game where the partnership’s goal is to reach 500 points. As it falls under the category of trick-taking games, these points are earned by playing tricks, and they’re not the deceitful kind at all. Here, you’ll find the same standard deck of 52 cards that many other card games feature. Each player receives 13 cards. The player to the dealer’s left begins the bidding process. Each player examines their cards and bids the number of tricks they believe their partnership can win. 

The bids from partners are added together, determining the total number of tricks the partnership must win to score points. Bids can range from 0 (Nil) to 13. There’s only one round of bidding. After bidding, special plays come into action. All players must follow suit if possible, and the highest card of the led suit wins the trick. Exceeding the bid (overtricks) earns extra points, but be mindful that accumulating too many bags (overtricks) leads to penalties. So now, if you want to give it a try, visiting Spades.co is indeed the best option to explore the Spades game.


This next game is called Pitch or Setback and is quite a difficult trick-taking game. This game is versatile and can accommodate the game even between two players. The goal of the pitch is to reach at least 52 points; that is not certain. A key aspect of Pitch is the bidding process for the privilege of selecting the trump suit. Well, it’s because, in a card deck world, the suit for the next hand (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) is the one that has the upper hand over other cards for the game. 

The trick-taking game Pitch is adapted from the old English game Blind All Fours, which has its roots in the art of All Fours (known as Seven Up in the United States), therefore showing their long-term existence. Whoever the leading card joker plays at the onset of each round joins the trump suit, adding a new tactical level to the game. Standard principles of a neat trick play are respected; however, the player who is called for a trump lead must follow suit up the next turn or can skip and play a trump card. 


Euchre, as royal as its name suggests, boasts impressive gameplay. It is a classic trick-taking game played by two teams of two players each. The aim of this game is slightly different because you have to be the first team to score 10 points. You can easily create a euchre deck by removing the 2s–8s from every suit, leaving only the aces, kings, queens, jacks, 10s, and 9s. The trump suit is determined during the game. Once a trump suit is chosen, the jack of that suit becomes the “left bower” and is the strongest card in that suit. 

Players take turns playing one card per trick. The player with the highest-value card wins the trick. Teams earn points based on the number of tricks won. Before the game starts, players can bid to become the “maker” (the team that chooses the trump suit). The highest bidder becomes the maker and selects the trump suit. If no one bids, the dealer can choose to play alone (a “loner”). Give it a try; it won’t disappoint you.


Whist, a recently launched and much-hyped trick-taking game, truly lives up to its hype by uniquely combining simplicity with complex strategy, offering an experience unlike any other game. Like Spades and others, Whist is a 4-player game, but with a notable twist: there are no ends to the bidding processes. Definitely, it has the potential to catch you off, as this may be perceived as a bit difficult due to the bidding part. 

Therefore, it goes against the writing of the initial phase, which creates a way of understanding how it works. Usually, the suits are clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. The ace is the highest in the whip, while the twos are the lowest. Further, you have to play by the rule that the tricks won through the lead suit have the highest rank at the end of each round. So just because it crushes the “most simple” part of the game, that doesn’t make it any boring. Remember that even something simple can be engaging.  So, do visit Whist today. 


Now, the next one here is Bridge, and its name perfectly complements the type of aim it has. Essentially, the game’s name is derived from the concept of a “contract” or agreement between partners. While engaging in bridge, players must concentrate on the primary goal: winning tricks containing the ‘honors’ cards, which are the most precious among them. Such a contract clearly indicates the number of players in the match along with the number of tricks the team intends to do. 

Throughout the game, players bid to find out the contract, which includes the player outside the suit, the level, and the player who will take the stockfish. The action commences as the cards are circulating counterclockwise; everyone may either increase the bid or stay out. The contract that will determine the goals to meet successfully during the phase of play will be sealed with the highest bid. Bridging also emphasizes the importance of making the correct plans and executing them perfectly.

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