LG Andro-1 Becomes Company’s First Korean Android, Anticipating 20 Androids This Year


LG has announced their first Android Phone for South Korea, dubbed the LG Andro-1 or KH5200. It has a 3-inch touchscreen, slideout QWERTY keyboard, GPS, HSDPA, EDGE, GRPS, Social Networking, 2MP Camera, Radio Tuner and MicroSD input. Unfortunately it is only running Android 1.5:


The phone will be available on carrier KT ‘s services and cost $530 outright or free on a contract paying $40/month or more.

The deeper story here is the LG vs. Samsung battle for manufacturing power and revenue. Samsung is set to release a phone on SK Telecom in Korea in the next couple weeks and it will have a larger screen, Android 2.1 and just better specs overall. Industry insiders are claiming this is LG’s test phone for the market. If you ask me, they need to start going full speed ahead.

Keep in mind that Motorola launched the MOTOROI in Korea last week and in November Apple launched the iPhone. This is in a country with a population of 48 million and 45 million mobile users.

LG has made their goal of reaching double digit market share by 2012 very well known, but at this pace they’re not gaining much ground. Industry sources said they actually dropped in December as they spent advertising money to promote their simpler models. The company is looking to fix this in 2010:

LG, which wants to secure a double-digit share in the global smartphone market by 2012, hopes to defend falling phone margins with some 20 premium smartphone offerings based on the Android operating system this year.

LG making 20 Android Phones in 2010? I’m down with that… especially if they come out with an Android-based version of the enV/Voyager series. That would be a runaway success. Do you hear me LG? I’m telling you – runaway success!

[Via Akihabaranews, KoreaTimes]

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  1. I agree in the sense that if you’re trying to compete in the wireless hi-tech Mecca that is Seoul South Korea, you have to bring the big guns. Curious choice of device to enter the Android arena in South Korea.
    I have lived in SK and I have to say that consumers there are constantly upgrading their devices, and they are very tech savvy.

  2. Isn’t Samsung going to release their own operating system (to compete with Android) in South Korea. SK has amazing wi-fi and network capabilities (best in the world?)

  3. Releasing out-dated, out-classed, old-spec phones, and then overcharging for them is NOT the way to gain market share LG.

  4. Very funny LG, bringing out that old tech low spec Android 1.5 in your home – South Korea to go against the Motorola Motoroi haha. They say they will bring out 20 “premium” Android phones this year…I hope they know what premium is.

    I wonder what specs that Samsung phone that was mentioned has got?

  5. They need to release really good phones to keep up with competition.

  6. bout damn time LG hopped on the train

    Before my droid, I had 3 different LG phones.
    Very high quality, very high reliability. Much more reliable then my droid hardware.

    Ill wait till they release a better one, then Ill try it out

  7. They forgot to mention that this phone has a resistive screen.

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