Android Gets Cute And Cuddly


il_430xN.124288264For all of you who have not had your fix with all the recent Android Robot knick knacks, we bring you a cuddly knitted Android doll. So, now not only do you have a Papercraft Droid on your shelf, Droid Figurines on your desk, but now a knitted stuffed animal on your bed! This Android comes at a price of around $20 plus shipping and handling. It stands at about 6.5″ tall, crocheted with acrylic yarn, filled with poly-fil stuffing and has plastic eyes and comes in an assortment of different versions. Head over to etsy and check them out and place your order.

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  1. Um, crochet is not knitting. I got all excited about the idea of making this on my own. You’ve killed my dreams!

  2. I crocheted my own Android robot a couple months ago, you can find the pattern here: http://victorianece.com/2010/01/crochet-an-android-robot/

  3. Um, please take the word “knitting”out of the post. That Android is crocheted. Big big difference! That said, it is awfully cute! I’m working on knitting one myself.

  4. Thank you for the article!!
    Please email me your mailing address Anthony Perez. I’d like to send you a free Android as a thank you!

    [email protected]

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