Say ‘ok google play some music’ to launch an I’m Feeling Lucky radio station

google_play_music_all_access Google is constantly adding more voice actions to Google Voice Search and increasing Google Now’s functionality by expanding their Knowledge Graph on the back-end. The latest edition will please music lovers out there, specifically those of you that use Google Play Music. Simply launch Google Search by saying  “OK Google” in your Google Search app, tapping the mic icon from your home screen, or if you own a certain Motorola phone, say “Okay Google Now”. Then, tell Google that you want to “play some music”. Google Play Music will then launch and start an “I’m feeling lucky” radio station based on your listening habits.


The larger your library, the better experience you’ll have with an “I’m feeling lucky” radio station. If your Google Play Music library isn’t that extensive, you can sign up for All Access for $9.99 a month or enjoy a free trial if you’re a Chromebook owner.

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  • supremekizzle

    Does anyone know what ‘I’m feeling lucky’ is based off of? Whenever I type in an artist and play their top 15 songs, it never shows up in listening history. However, if I play a specific song from a specific album it will.

    • Derek Ross

      Possibly songs that you’ve starred / given thumbs up or have in your library?

    • A Better Place LLC

      It sticks with one Genre though. It won’t play music based on your history as stated. It might use one song from it then stay in that genre. This is why I wish El Goog would purchase Pandora. Pandora and Play Music would be awesome!

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Sweet. That worked nicely. Played some Skillrex! Couldn’t possibly be that I listen to Dub Step on Slacker a lot

  • Delmar

    Doesnt work on the note 3 ….it opens the stock app

    • Jay

      Works fine for me.

    • New_Guy777

      Check three things. One, that you have installed Google Music. Two, that you’re using Google Now and not S Voice. Three, if all of that fails, go to Settings>Applications, and make sure that the default music app to launch is Google Music and not Samsung’s Music app.

      • Delmar

        1) obviously do have play music installed
        2 ) obviously using Google now
        3) play music is the default music app and is my music app of choice

        • Fodografes

          What carrier? Just tried on my Sprint Note 3 and worked flawless.

        • Peter_

          Sorry they couldn’t be more helpful in solving your problem, douche.

  • Ryan O’Neill

    I wish Google Now was better at interpreting what I’m saying. Sometimes I feel like I have to say a specific “code word” to get it to do what I want.

  • Amreet Mukherjee

    cool! that worked perfectly :)

  • TechSwagg

    Still going to the Stock app for Note 3

  • Mike Kister

    Works Perfectly! ^__^

  • Fodografes

    Pretty sure this was there when you guys ran the last article about taking pictures/videos from Google Now. Slow news day?