Mar 19th, 2014

Ok Google take a picture and record a video

It’s one of the most handy features in Google Glass, being able to speak the command “Ok Google, take a picture” to snap some quick photos. Today, your Android phone is about to get 1 step closer to this functionality, thanks to the newly added picture and video voice commands in the Google Search app.

The best part? You don’t even need to update. Simply speak the phrase, “Ok Google, record a video,” and your phone will automatically take you to the appropriate app (you’ll need to select which camera app if you have more than 1 installed). The problem? Well, once opened the camera app wont actually record or take a picture, leaving us to scratch our heads and wonder if Google has other plans for the feature, like bringing additional functionality in Android Wear, or a future version of Android. We certainly hope so.

Try it out for yourself via the link below.

Download on Google Play: Google Search

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