Sense 6.0 leaked and ported the HTC One, gets quickly taken down


Sense 6.0 HTC One

We’re less than 3 days away from the official reveal of the all new HTC One 2014 and if you’re anything like us, you’re already moist just thinking about the new software features set to be introduced in Sense 6.0. But before HTC could even do the honors of debuting Sense 6.0 on the all new HTC One, some users on XDA are leaking out all the goods (as they so often do).

The leaked Sense 6.0 ROM, which has been successfully ported to the original HTC One, is said to be running great. According to the developer — which released the ROM early because of other leaks — the only issues with the ROM are the new motion gestures which aren’t working due to an incompatible kernel. Well, that and Zoe captures. The good news? Both of these features should be working perfectly in a more final build scheduled to leak on the 25th (the day the One 2014 is revealed and probably available).

If you’re looking to try this on your HTC One (2013), unfortunately it looks like HTC was too quick to respond and the ROM has already been removed on XDA. Of course there are always mirrors, and with a little searching, you should be able to find it with no problem.

[XDA Developers]

Chris Chavez
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  1. “If you’re anything like us, you’re already moist”

    Too much phandroid….too much

  2. that’s dope…

  3. There’s nothing quight like stock.

  4. Loving the HTC train, one max is great!

    1. But its pastic

      1. Uhhh… what

  5. Hahaaaaaa, I like that, MOIST ….. LOL, I’m not moist but I’m excited…. I’m sitting next to my girl trying to make her moist but she acting stubborn today

    1. OP’s girlfriend:

      1. When did phandroid fill up with roody-poos?

        1. When that lame David joined

      2. Son , bruh, you don’t wanna mess with me, I could probably take yo woman son and do things you can’t do. You don’t want it this way brotha

        1. Watch out guys

  6. “If you’re anything like us, you’re already moist”

    Lol, didn’t realize Chris was short for Christina!

    1. Tough words…

    2. Homophobic much?

      1. Lol what? Its a joke. Lighten up.

        1. I’m pretty laid back. I just have little patience for lazy “jokes” like that. I apologize if you are truly not a bigot. I’m sure you can come up with a better non-homobic side-splitter. ;)

          1. Sorry if I offended you. Perhaps I misunderstood the statement in the article, as I understand the idea of “being moist” in reference to personal excitement as a biologically female characteristic. I am not sure how that applies to sexual orientation in this situation and did not intend to imply some sort of bigotry. I intended no disrespect.
            Looks like a great update to sense.

          2. Moist can also be taken as having dibbled down ones shirt due to thy tongue hanging out in eager anticipation – why do you have to make this sexual?

          3. I wish I could thumbs down you… I’m tapping down the down vote vigorously but nothing is happening :-(

          4. We all have problems. ;)

      2. A perpetually offended liberal huh? Your life is sad…

        1. Oh no sir, not at all. I don’t mind sharing a bit about myself. I’m quite conservative in many ways. Mainly in the middle though. I’m a ten-year Navy vet, I have a wonderful family and I’m commenting on a site I really love: Phandroid. Life’s good!

        2. So, what if the person is Liberal? It’s not a bad thing. Just like being a Conservative. We need both worlds. Geesh, People these days using points of views as weapons. Doggy paddle away from the shallow end of the Human Gene pool for once in your life.

          1. I suppose it’s an easy go-to. *shrugs*

          2. Republicans and liberals don’t exist. It is made to seperate the American Sheeple.

      3. Any joke anywhere is now homophobic. Homophobia is being afraid of homosexuals. Where in his statement do you see anything like that? You should take a break from the Internet.

        1. Cheers for that.

  7. I concur…
    Chris I have held and used the new one and I can’t even describe it.
    full wraparound metal body to prevent all the uneven nonsense from the og one.
    the camera is insane.. all of the leaks are close ish but no one has nailed it yet.
    The camera software is god tier. The things you can do are just insane.
    a lot of people are commenting that this was essentially the gs4-gs5 small step upgrade but they couldn’t be more wrong. It is amazing

    1. Yes.

      1. Awesome!

    2. What uneven stuff? Do you mean where the speakers meet the screen edge?

      1. Yeah the lines that push up and out and snag pockets etc. if anyone has one and has dropped it knows that it gets all kinds of wonky afterwards.
        It was an amazing design but they figured out all the weak spots. the are removing all the gaps and texture changes that it had before. the back wraps fully around to the screen so the plastic filler stuff is gone.

  8. Is anything HTC are going to reveal on its release of all
    new HTC one as most of the features are already leaked. I don’t think anything
    left during its launch. Firstly the images of the phone is leaked then their
    features like dual sense cameras and wireless charging compatible and now the ROM
    features. Nothing new is left now.

    1. Absolutely nothing new… But I don’t care, lol… I wanna see this device anyway

    2. Oh there is… trust me. watch htc’s webpage tomorrow they are streaming the entire even to everyone that wants to watch!
      I know one little tidbit that will have the audiophiles drooling :p

  9. Just saw the 14 German hands on leak. Nothing really impressive with this phone. It’s a HTC OneS . Even has a gimmicky 3d mode

    1. 14 min

      1. It’s not 3D.

        1. Yes there is a 3d mode. Saw it in the German 14 min video. They demonstrated it. Was posted on techno buffalo and other sites. This site will catch up with weekend news today

        2. Yeah it is. The screen isn’t per say. it’s normal but after you take the pic you can rotate the phone around to augment the view of the pic.
          it’s actually really cool.

    2. You’ve used it to know its gimmicky. Just calling it that just because its 3d not even knowing how it functions or works. Good thing your opinion only matters in your mind.

  10. The only way HTC is going to impress at this unveiling is if they announce the phone to be free. We know just about everything about it.

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