HTC One 2014 headed to Verizon and AT&T, contest and marketing materials hint at same-day release


HTC M8 One flip cover leak

The race is on to see which smartphone manufacturer will be the first to release this year’s flagship. We already told you guys about the Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders opening up for AT&T, with T-Mobile’s opening on Monday. Although the all new HTC One 2014 isn’t officially scheduled to be unveiled until Tuesday, March 25th, it looks like we might see the device launch much sooner than we originally thought.

We were left scratching our heads as to why HTC would wait so long into the month of March to announce their HTC One followup. With all the leaks from signage to brochures, we were wondering what exactly could be the hold up. Well, it appears that, similar to its launch in London, HTC could be planning on making the device available the same day as its March 25th unveiling. Why do we think that?

AT&T Share the secret HTC One 2014

AT&T has just begun officially teasing the launch of “an amazing new HTC device,” with a nondescript image of the HTC One 2014 we’ve seen leaked countless times (minus the front facing camera, light sensor). According to the promo, AT&T will be giving away 1 of these new HTC devices (valued at $639.99), every day until March 25th — starting today. All you have to do is enter in your email, and you’ll be entered to win. There’s also the option of posting AT&T’s “secret” on Twitter or Facebook for additional entries. That contest end-time has us wondering if that will be the day the HTC One 2014 will be officially available in stores.

Verizon HTC One 2014 promo box

Earlier this week we saw some marketing materials already make their way to Verizon retail stores, cluing us in on its imminent release. Today, we’re getting a look at some additional signage, this time in a leaked promo box showing a date peeking through the HTC One’s upcoming Lite Brite flip cover. It reads, “Get ready to hit refresh, 3.25 at 1PM ET.” According the leaker, a demo unit is also said to be arriving.

HTC One 2014 Verizon pricing

Pricing and color options for the Verizon Wireless HTC One 2014 were also confirmed from the in-store computer system. Expect the phone to run $200 with a 2-year agreement ($600 full retail) and be available in Amber Gold, Glacier Silver, and Metal Grey (black). Once again, no release date was given, leaving us to wonder if the promo box could, in fact, be hinting at a same-day release.


Thanks, Captain_D!

[AT&T Share the Secret | AC Forums]

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  1. Ugh I hope T-Mobile gets it the same day

    1. This. I already got my “Shut Up and Take My Money” slingshot loaded, just waiting for a target.

      1. Lol I like the wording of that haha

      2. You too!? LoL!!

        I’m making space on my computer to clean out my phone and return it for a Jump upgrade.

  2. That’s pretty sweet, show it, then sell it lol, aye I hope they will do that for at&t plus have like a free case or some type of accessory to go with it

  3. I love this phone but I need swappable batteries. I wish I could get away without it but I can’t.

    1. Have you tried portable chargers? They completely winged me off days of charging and swapping multiple batteries…

      1. I haven’t found the need for a portable charger, but, was curious if you have any recommendations.

        I’ve tried a couple of no-name ones in the past & got what I paid for……

        1. I’m currently using the Limefuel Blast L130X and from my limited usage thus far, it works very well. It offers a good capacity for the price and the included cable includes connections for both microUSB and Lightning.

      2. I have 2 and they just seem to get in the way. I have a galaxy nexus now and have 2 batteries as well as a dock that will charge a battery on its own. This setup is so great for me now and unfortunately I don’t like using my backup charger nearly as much.

      3. I have a portable charger but it’s nothing like having swappable batteries. I can go from 0 to 100% within a matter of seconds by swapping batteries as opposed to lugging around a bulky setup to charge my phone.

        1. The more you swapp the batteries the more you damage connector.

        2. It’s not that big of a hassle to carry a portable battery charger. I was afraid of that before I got one. I can leave it in my car. My normal commutes usually take about 20 minutes, and that gave me at least 20-40% charge. Depending on how low it was

          So I’m always good. And now I’m taking the bus since I’ve been in an accident and I have my backpack with me. So it’s definitely not a hassle at all.

          The only thing is making sure I remember to charge it since I’m doing 3+ hours of high brightness Netflix streaming daily now. LoL!!

        3. If you want that get a mophie pack… Give it a few months and they will make it. And if you are an out door persons that hike and what not, just get a portable solar powered charger.

      4. Why swap, when you can buy larger batteries?

  4. Definitely excited for this… I can’t wait for the plethora of impressions/reviews on this device… I’m probably gonna watch all of the on YouTube.

  5. Did we really have to surpass the $600 mark for phones? Maybe I’m just spoiled from Nexus prices, but I hope T-Mobile offers a lower price point

    1. Full retail on my Galaxy Note 2 was $699, $649 for my Sony Xperia Z Ultra, same for my iPhone 5. This is nothing new. Good equipment is expensive!

    2. Most flagship phones in Australia cost about $700 up to $1000 depending on the phones internal storage.

    3. they’ve been about $600 even back when i got my palm treo back in like 2007

      1. I have been paying 6 to 6+ when I was in the US. A lot of great phone then were not picpicked up by us carriers soi had to get them from europe and Asia. In fact I remember paying 750 for a Motorola a388. Which wad the first touchscreen at the time. It was never picked up by any if the US carriers.

  6. is this the famouse HTC One M8 or HTC One 2?


  8. Check out #forbestresults

  9. Google play edition and I’m all over it

  10. Go to Verizon’s website before 1pm on 3/25. Hit refresh at 1pm. Be able to buy the One (2014)?

  11. So nothing for tmobile or sprint? Come on!!!!

    1. There is something for T-Mobile US. A video leaked 3 or 4 weeks ago. It was two minute long.

  12. Ah…and in true HTC form, not a single television ad or other mass marketing attempt. Ew…that would be too expensive! The only people who know about this phone are us phone geeks, and that ain’t gonna cut it. I love my One, but HTC just can’t compete with Samsung’s marketing appeal to the average consumer.

    1. We don’t know if there will or won’t be tv spots or other ads. It’s too early to call foul unless u work for HTC.

    2. No reason to assume that as last year the One was advertised pretty heavily on TV.

    3. All of these details are leaks and completely unintentional from HTC’s view. They have not even unveiled the phone, so there realistically isn’t any reason to suspect they won’t do advertising on the TV. HTC advertised tons last year – TV, movie theater ads, Application Ads, etc, that I think assuming the reverse of your assumption would be true. HTC will have a very large portion of their budget on advertising this year and hope that it does help them.

      Of course, we will need to wait till after Tuesday to know more.

      1. The problem with HTC was not that they didn’t advertise, but they advertised poorly, first with weak HTC One spots and then with RDJ spots that made little sense…..and worse off, didn’t help sell the phone.

    4. It’s a crying shame how HTC gets buried in Samsung and Apple’s Godzilla sized marketing budgets.

  13. When will the mini be released and will it be on Verizon this time? Still hating that HTC only sent the One mini to AT&T. Boooo.

  14. That color thing seems far fethced as much as i want to believe it. I heard gold was for bestbuy, and blue usually is bestbuy. Who knows… so soon can be soon enough. Can’t wait to see it :)

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