Mar 21st, 2014

google_play_music_all_access Google is constantly adding more voice actions to Google Voice Search and increasing Google Now’s functionality by expanding their Knowledge Graph on the back-end. The latest edition will please music lovers out there, specifically those of you that use Google Play Music. Simply launch Google Search by saying  “OK Google” in your Google Search app, tapping the mic icon from your home screen, or if you own a certain Motorola phone, say “Okay Google Now”. Then, tell Google that you want to “play some music”. Google Play Music will then launch and start an “I’m feeling lucky” radio station based on your listening habits.


The larger your library, the better experience you’ll have with an “I’m feeling lucky” radio station. If your Google Play Music library isn’t that extensive, you can sign up for All Access for $9.99 a month or enjoy a free trial if you’re a Chromebook owner.