Samsung Galaxy S4 Active gets shown on video

Yesterday, we were afforded our first look at what many believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Now, another source has given the mobile world a look at the as-yet announced device on video. This quick look at the device doesn’t go into much detail at all, but seeing it working in living color is enough to get us to believe its legitimacy.

There’s nothing new to note on the surface phone itself compared to the images we’ve seen yesterday, but Lisa — the host in the video — told us to expect a dual-core S4 Pro processor instead of a quad-core chip. The only dual-core S4 Pro we know of is the Krait-based┬áMSM8960T which can be clocked up to 1.7GHz.

If true, we’re a tad disappointed that this won’t share similar specs to the original Samsung Galaxy S4. We expected at least a quad-core Pro chipset if anything, but Lisa maintains her source was adamant that this was, in fact, outfitted with dual-core silicon. Of course, without anything being official yet we can’t put too much stock into any one rumor, so we’re still holding out hope that source was wrong.

The video above is only 41 seconds long and is rather uneventful, but hit the play button anyway if you want to see how this thing looks in motion.

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  • veccster

    Would a “rugged” phone have a removable battery?

    Also…what makes it “rugged”?

    • boyakasha

      It would be awesome if it could withstand an EMP shock

      • TheOtherGuy

        That would be totally cool!

  • Albert Naranjo

    Why even call it an “S4″ at all if it isn’t the same hardware? Lame.

    • guitarist5122

      Sales. Sales will be boosted by name association.

    • ASW

      That is definitely a drawback. My next phone must be at least a quadcore

  • TadeoNYC

    Dopey video. why not take an extra 20 seconds to actually show the features that make it “rugged”.

  • Mr smalls

    Where can you buy the charger!?

  • Mr smalls

    Where can I buy that charger!?

    • Ross

      Have you not seen that before? it’s in all UK phone shops.. its a security charger you cannot unplug it

  • scoter man1

    “dual-core S4 Pro”

    That just ruined it for probably everyone on this website.

    • Maximillion82

      Ya did for me. The red is also not my thing though.

  • Trent

    Ehh don’t be fooled. Its not a real S4, I could tell right away when I seen the hard keys. If you only concern is a rugged phone then its probably pretty nice, but I’ll stick with a real S4 with a case.