Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 priced, launches sometime in July



Many folks waiting on the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 have been left in the dark in regards to a date (and even pricing) up to this point. We knew not to expect it sometime this quarter, but without any more details from Samsung we were left to guess for ourselves. Well, we at least now know not to expect this device at any point this month or next month, but Clove has gotten some updated info for those over in the UK.

According to them, the device will be shipping at some point this July. Unfortunately that doesn’t give us an exact release date to look forward to, but at least we can rest easy knowing the wait from now won’t be unbearably long. We also have an early price: £459.99 including VAT.

The “6.3” in its name comes from its screen size, of course, but some might be disappointed to find out that this phone will only have 720p resolution. It still seems to be a very solid device, though, with its 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, Android 4.2.2, 16GB of internal storage, 8 megapixel rear camera with a 1.9 megapixel front camera, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth and more.

It’s hard to imagine anyone would be gushing over this device compared to, say, the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a bit more affordable, though, and if bigger phones are your thing we might see where some would be pleased to own one. We’ll be on the lookout for a more pointed release date, but in the meantime let us know if this is something you’ll be looking to get your hands on once it’s finally available.

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  1. TOO BIG! Its like holding a nexus 7 to your head.

    1. So don’t buy one… Simple…


        1. So whats the problem then??

          1. Yall have a problem not me. My opinion has sparked a lot of comments, this is a great way to pass the day at work so by all means lets keep it goin! You dont have to convince me this phone isnt stupid cause you like it. You couldnt change my mind anyway but hell its worth a shot if it means that much to you. I personally dont see the need for this with the devices I already have, so no I will not be purchasing.

          2. Well at least ya stopped yellin’. :)

          3. lol! i use all caps at work to do instructions and answer 8d’s so i didnt feel like turning it off yesterday as i was workin

          4. I get it. My wife does the same thing. (I’m still gonna give you crap about it, though.) *grin*

    2. Luckily there is this new invention called Speaker Phone. Its Awesome.

      1. There’s this other invention…came a bit after the speakerphone; They call it “BlueTooth”.

        It’s really amazing stuff! *grin*


          1. Sheet…that’s nothing man. I’ve heard they sell ones that can be removed from your ear. They’ve even tried to tell me that some of them can indeed be quite comfortable.

            Shocking, I know, but keep those CAPS coming, man. It lets everyone know you are SO cool!

            (edited to properly place roaming apostrophes)

          2. so your in the market for 2 devices are you? i was too it was a nexus phone and a nexus 7. I get more function out of these 2 devices than you will out of those.

          3. Uh-oh…dude thinks he knows sh*t…watch out…

            So is it the size you don’t like, or do you have something against accessories as well?

            Sorry man. Hate to break it to you, but I am the proud owner of an HTC One and a Nexus 10.


            …and these bluetooth headphones work great with both of ’em (and are virtually invisible when not in use).


    3. Headphones with the inline mic, get over yourself.

      1. now y would i do that!

  2. Kinda sucks they didn’t at least match the Note 2 specs (or improve on them). I guess we will get that with the Note 3. I think most people don’t care about price since they usually get their phones on contract so that’s not really an issue imo.

    1. another point made. you probably have a phone with better specs already. now throw on top of that the fact that you probably already have a tablet.

  3. if you complain about this phone being too big, it isn’t meant for you.

    1. Shh…David think’s it’s too big. And he’s got no compunction about yelling on forums, man. Keep it on the down-low, eh…?

      1. lmao!

    2. Thats exactly what my statement says, its not for me!

  4. I can imagine some homosapiens would want this phone

  5. There’s an invention that came out way before speaker and Bluetooth. Its called ear buds.

    1. Okay guys we get it…you don’t need to hold a HUGE smartphone up to your face unless you want to.

      1. There’s an invention called chicken sammich

  6. I get clowned enough with my Note 2. Can’t imagine the endless jokes about this phone. However, most change their minds when they see the usefulness of a large screen and that it does fit comfortably in the front pocket.

    1. Haters gonna hate. They’re just jealous. :D

    2. I’ve actually been asked a few times by people on the street or in the metro. Usually they will ask me if it’s a phone, when I tell them it is, they look at the screen and seem impressed.

      1. Ditto on my experience with the Note 2. Best phone I’ve ever owned hands down.

    3. The note 2 its actually around my limit. Im thinking of getting the note 3, just have to wait and see. But im comfortable with this size phone.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF65ONDupaA the soon deminons of the Galaxy mega line

  8. I would be willing to downgrade to somewhat lower specs from my Note II in order to get the 6.3″ display but the killer is the 1.5GB RAM, I will never go back to anything lower than 2GB.

  9. I’ve got the Galaxy Note 2 and I love this but I really want to get my hands on the Mega. Don’t care how much or big it is.

  10. no one i know talk on mobile phones anymore. it is all done through text, email, etc… i myself only talk maybe 5 mins a wk so…research shows most folks watch vids / tv, play games, and text. also big screens are more popular outside of US. remember no one cares what we think, its all about Europe, Asia, and India.

  11. A phone bigger than texas

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