Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” will only be available in the US to start


Galaxy S4 Google Edition

We’re sure much of the world was excited to learn that Google would be selling an unlocked, stock Android version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Google Play Store for $650 starting next month, but it looks like much of the world won’t be able to purchase that device (at least not through typical means). Google has confirmed that the dreamy stock Android Galaxy S4 will only be offered in the United States for the time being.

Google’s language leaves room for possible expansion down the line, but the Mountain View company is not interested in confirming anything but a United States launch at this time. We’re sure many of you can’t be feeling too good about that news.

While this version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t carry a Nexus-like price, it will be Nexus-like in everything else. It’s amazingly speced, of course, with completely stock Android, an unlocked bootloader, and updates coming straight from Google as soon as they’re available. That was enough to get folks excited for its eventual arrival next month.

If you’re outside the US and want to get one of your own you’ll have to do so via other means. Pray that an eBay seller will ship worldwide, have a friend or family member living in the US purchase one for you, or just sit tight and keep your fingers crossed that Google might eventually let others (particularly those in Europe and Canada) get a crack of their own.

[via Cnet]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I can almost assure you it won’t receives updates like a real Nexus. Especially on at&t!!! Whatcha think about that Chris?

    1. What makes you think so?

    2. LOLWUT?!

      Seriously… I don’t even know how you are drawing your conclusion. AT&T has NOTHING to do with this phone. No carrier has any control over it. It WILL receive it’s system updates directly from Google.

    3. How can you assure that when it’s directly from Google? Sold by Google, updated by Google. Att is just being used for signal.

    4. It’s being sold independent of carrier, so I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t receive updates in line with the Nexus program.

    5. I don’t think that matters, you can probably just update the phone from Google over Wi-Fi.

    6. Google said it themselves, the S4 GE will get updates straight from them, like their Nexus devices. This is an off-contract, so when it comes to updates, carriers don’t have a say in update timeliness.

    7. I see you like to talk out of your ass.

    8. I didn’t read that part….my baad people……I feel like a dumbass!!!!! Anyhow at&t still sucks!

    9. Uhh.. It’s unlocked like a normal Nexus device..?

  2. I am wondering if Google Wallet will work with an AT&T sim used in the phone… Google Wallet worked flawlessly on the unlocked Galaxy Nexus I used to own.

    1. Google Wallet has nothing to do with the SIM. Regardless, this isn’t SIM or carrier locked to begin with so it shouldn’t be blocked for any reason.

  3. I’m just waiting for someone to port that perfectly running stock Android over to the AT&T SGS4. No more hacking together drivers on CM when they come straight off a Google supported device.

    1. Gonna need that bootloader unlock released first. ;-)

      1. Dan Rosenberg has already done it a couple weeks ago but said he wouldn’t release until he cracked the Verizon bootloader which he achieved last night.

        Edit: Dan was just waiting for the Verizon phone to be released so the method wouldn’t be patched.

        1. they all have been hacked in one attempt but he was holding out until verizon RELEASED their phone so they wouldn’t have a chance of patching it before release

          1. Oh oops got that a little messed up. Well I was sort of right. He cracked the AT&T one (because he already had it) ad he wouldn’t release the crack until he cracked the Verizon one (that he didn’t have). Lol. I put in an edit.

  4. The rest of the world? You mean like the 5 countries that have acces to Google Play Store hardware products?

    Yeh, never really expected many countries to be able to buy it…..I just hope by the time the new nexus phone is announced that I can buy it straight from Google Play Store and have it shipped to me here in the Netherlands.

    1. This.
      If the nexus 4 was available in Belgium, I would have bought it, instead of my S3. It’s a shame really.

  5. This is a first1 This is a first time the US gets a Galaxy gadget first. It’s usually Europe and Japan who gets first crack. Yes!

    1. Lol, finally! Right?

  6. Do you know what’d be hilarious? Some dumbass buys this to root and put touchwiz on it. I would LOL so hard.

    1. lol!!!!!

    2. Maybe if he wants an unlocked GS4 right off the bait? lol
      Rather than buying from a carrier, he buys unlocked and then port Touchwiz back into it lol!
      Or maybe he has an extreme love for Google.

      1. That might well be a valid reason. I haven’t bought the T-Mobile version because I don’t want to have to use my Sensation when travelling for the next couple of months while the S4 sits idly by waiting for T-Mobile to deem me to have waited long enough before they wave their magic wand and grant me an unlock code. Not saying I’d personally want Touch-Wiz, but I DO want a functional infra-red transmitter.

  7. They better not screw up the color calibration.

    1. +1000000

      I don’t know who is doing their color calibration at google but I feel like all the recent Nexus devices have been off unnecessarily. Any why pick stock wallpapers that make the screen look as bland and washed out as possible ?!

    2. It’s amoled, what are you expecting?

  8. T-T WHYYYYY? I want it so bad! I live in Mexico and I hate it when I have to unlock a phone to my carrier..

  9. If there was a combo S4 Active w/ Google Edition software with Verizon LTE support, I’d forgo my wait for the next Moto device, and purchase that S4 immediately

  10. I never thought about this, but the updates are coming straight from Google and not your carrier. So you’d be getting updates way faster. I’m also assuming that porting AOSP ROMs to this will be easier than carrier GS4s.

    I’m a little confused though. Wouldn’t the release of this device make porting AOSP ROMs easy? Well, for the GSM variants at least. But then you have to remember special features from other carrier variants like WiFi-Calling on Tmo.

    Hmm… I can see the challenges now.

    1. really ? ROMs? :/

  11. it maybe time to start saving up!

  12. If THIS was the GS4 sold on ALL US carriers for $199 i’d be excited. Unfortunately I use my companies Verizon account (so i don’t pay for service) so I’ll stick with my current phone.

    Google GS4 looks perfect – pure Android and it’ll receive updates, no interest in a touchwiz device. No interest in a $650 phone either. I’d rather do $199 on contract.

  13. I was able to send 11
    Nexus4 phones to India.

  14. Does the 16GB version come with microSD expansion slot?

  15. Bummer I have a feeling not many people in the US will get it since phones are usually cheaper there due to network subsidy, this would sell better in countries that don’t have network subsidies where people are used to drop $600+ for a phone.

    1. Which countries would those be??

  16. HA! Take that Canada!

  17. A Galaxy S phone that is Nexus like. A Galaxy Nexus, if you will…

  18. I wonder if google wallet will work on this thing.

  19. A friend of mine just stated a valid point. The S4 has a Quad-core. Will the Google Edition have the Quad-Core of the Octo-Core? Was this stated?

  20. Hoping for a 4G LTE Verizon edition, though Verizon would probably F it up. I love my 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus but Verizon’s insistence on meddling with it has likely ensured no more pure Android devices will grace the carrier. It’s very love/hate. Love the speed and coverage, hate pretty much everything else…

  21. About time we had a phone with updates straight from google. That’s how it should have been in the first place and we wouldn’t have had this frag mess.

  22. Come on Verizon, get with the program!

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